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  • Posted By: Michaelx2
  • July 29, 2009
  • 06:14 PM

I'm a 36 year old male with some sort of health problem(s). I think I have identified (in the following list) several clues to identifying the underlying condition (as well as many clues that I believe are not related to the condion), but not the source of my health problem. Perhaps someone out there can contribute their help to my task. I know that I would appreciate any assistance.


(I can ellaborate on any of the listed factors upon request)

I have severe autonomic failure causing syncope.
My mother died from A.L.S.
I am taking Adderall for ADD (not ADHD).
I may have POTS.
I have a family presence of bipolar, but I have not been diagnosed as being bipolar.
I have bruxism.
I have been depressed.
I suspect that I may have an inhibited dopamine production. I think my Adderall is doing what my natural dopamine production is supposed to be doing, but may possibly be playing into the problem.
I am a Down Syndrome carrier.
My symptoms somewhat resemble Parkinsonism and Parkinson's.
My Grandfather was diagnosed (or perhaps misdiagnosed) with atypical Parkinson's Disease (no trembling) (eventually died by choking).
I have lower back soreness (lumbar reagion).
Some symptoms resemble Phynalketanuria.
I live in a high nitrates ground-water area.
I have a LOT of stress in my life.
There is a family history of stroke.
I have been diagnosed with severe Orthostatic Hypotension.
I have a stress-induced tic.
I have been diagnosed with adjustment reaction w/ depressed mood.
I have episodal stress induced tremors on both sides.
I have episodal dehydration-induced tremors.
I crave vitamin C foods, but they don't seem to relieve my symptoms.
I have muscle cramps.
Many of my symptoms temporarily go away after getting accidentally shocked by an electric cattle fense.
I have a mild factor five deficiency in my blood causing thin blood (I was not a bleeder as a child).
I have had a high exposure to pesticides.
I was on too many antibiotics for too long before my first sinus surgery.
I was anethatized twice for sinus surgery, then for knee orthoscopy surgery.
I have slightly increased frequency of urination.
My thyroid checks out fine.
Episodic lethargy.
Episodic balance problems.
I have cold feet, but my hands are good.
I possibly respond positively to PH drinks, like cranberry juices - I am currently further exploring this.
I traced my symptoms to Methyl-blue, but my blood oxygen level was 99%.
Possible increaed susceptability to canker sores.
Lack of regular muscle recovery after exercise - takes about a week.
Vertigo (right benign)
Possible SAD - (family history of reversed SAD pattern)
Episodal mental slowing
Atypical memory (short term appears typical, middle term appears almost non-existant & long-term appears very enhanced)
Uncle diagnosed with Alzheimer's in his 40's that appeared atypical (he was a welder)
Hypersensitivity to touch
Hypersensitivity to sounds and noises
Hypersensitivity to light and visual stimuli
Hypersensitivity to blood sugar changes
Hypersensitivity to temperature changes
Episodic mild to extremely severe fatigue
Possible sleep disorder - family history of sleep apnea
Possible non restorative sleep
Possible lack of dreaming
Episodic tinnitus
Intolerance to multiple sounds
Difficulty swallowing
Decreased blood clotting
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
Mother needed b 12 supplement
Family history of autism (nephew)
Developementally delayed speech

My blood work has been coming back fine and I'm getting frustrated.

Any ideas?

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  • hi.. i too have autonomic (SNS) dysfunction.. along with POTS as well due to another condition i have which i'll mention below. i strongly suggest you try to treat the POTS with drinking generous amounts sports drinks, (watch out thou as many of them have many additives which may cause reactions). In summer i myself need to drink 5-7 Litres (4 cups equals 1 L) per day to relieve many of my symptoms. Maybe just try increasing your fluids by an extra 4-6 glasses of sports drinks a day and see if it helps. Lack of regular muscle recovery after exercise - takes about a week. The above was the one big thing which really stood out to me as not many things have that symptom. Due to that symptom (along with your others) . You may have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS also called CFIDS). CFIDS is being found to be an issue with the mitochondria eg energy production in the body hence we get delayed recovery after exercise which is a hallmark symptom of CFS. i suggest you check out the following list and you will see based on studies.. many of your symptoms listed with this illness http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx/html POTS and orthostatic hypotension is very common in CFIDS patients, its an overlapping illness. (86% of ones with CFIDS have low BP)
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