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Unusual symtoms that may stem from tooth problems?

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  • Posted By: Isadore
  • July 5, 2011
  • 11:52 PM

Things that come and go as they please:

- Back pain, within her joints (mostly right arm), to hip, rib and finally chest pain (not always in pain, sometimes burning or tingling), abdominal pain.

- Pain in the sinus and behind the eye (mainly right)

- Numbness / tingling in the upper neck area. From the larynx upwards along the inside of the jaw bone

- Slight pressure in the jaw, right, always under 47, in my opinion there is also a small increase, but at the bone, at least compared with the left
(Under load it throbs and moves easily in the field, often it then radiates down the neck)

Current or new symptoms (2-4 days)
- Constant headaches, which migrate and convert. Sometimes within the forehead, sometimes it burns along the back of my head and others the top of my cranium pains me, or sometimes all together, something hurts for several days but there is always pain.

- Pain around the atlas vertabre.

- She's always warm to the touch, she's very prone to sweating even though in the past, even when participating in sports rather vigourously she would take along time to sweat. Both of these come and go in hot flashes.

- Easy to feel anxiety, seems as though she's not getting enough air, somewhat comparible to breathing hot air.

- She's getting a feeling akin to being 'tipsy', but not so strong, just that the general jist of her body feels out of place.

- For a few hours her heart rate increases (90 - 115), her blood pressure continues to be stable, however we will keep monitoring

- General condition is modest, she can't handle some simple situations she could prior without getting emotional ortired, not sleeping very well, symptoms are only slightly diminished after awakening and only a short time later they're back to 'normal' she feels pretty old given all of these facts and she's only 23.

- Feeling as if the right ear is tight, underpressure or is contracting

- Slight pressure in the right nasal cavity? (Directly on the cheek bones).

According to conventional medicine, she is healthy, her dental work is all working fine according to the dentists, all of her teeth are fine, I'll provide x-rays to this also.

The dental surgeon and dentist both assume it's the wisdom teeth that is causing the problem, she will be visiting them within the next month. She has various fillings and so on, but nothing too major.

She may have forgot a few things, but she can't think too well currently, thank you for taking the time to read this and I'm hoping some of you guys can help us out!



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  • If her condition continues for a while.Someone should check the fibromyalgia trigger points and see if she has fibro. Those who have fibro tend to have more issues with anxiety and anxiety could be causing many of her other symptoms. Fibro patients get pain over over their bodies which varies all the time.. eg pain somewhere one day but not the next. Also different kinds of pain can be happening. Fibro patients commonly get headaches, they suffer from tiredness and also have "fibro fog" (harder to think and concentrate). Fibromyalgia sounds like her issue.
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