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unusual Symptoms all over the body HELP !

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  • Posted By: jaron23
  • August 18, 2013
  • 02:58 AM

I'm a 20 Year old male who is living in Australia, I have had no major health issue and am generally healthy, not overweight, exercise regularly, drink alcohol once every couple months and have quit smoking but only had about 10 a week socially whilst smoking, i dont do drugs.

Before leading to these events my grandma died in hospital and it was a very stressful period for me, i also was fasting and my diet was thrown off for a couple of weeks.

About 3 weeks ago i had a uncomfortable feeling in my bladder which was not a painful but was there. This discomfort then moved into my testicle on the left side then to my right side, then my bladder started to become painful this lasted about 4-5 days. I went to the doctor and he ordered at x ray of the abs, ultrasound (bladder and scrodum) and urine test. They all came back clear and it was thought initially that it may have been a hernia or a UTI but it was not. During this period which lasted 4-5 days i wasnt feeling myself i was dizzy and nauseous in patches of the day.

The pain then was no longer in these areas it went to my stomach and my chest, it was in the middle of my chest and then moved to my right pectorial then to my left pectorial, then my arm started to tingle and thats when i panicked and went to Emergancy Room with my dad. I was in the hospital for about 7-8 hours i had a chest x ray, ECG, and blood test as well as monitoring my blood pressure constantly over this period. They all came back fine except the ECG which was slightly off, but then a later ECG confirmed that it wasnt a heart attack and more likely a Anxiety/Panic attack. I will admit that i did panic when my arm started to tingle, the sharp pains lasted about 3-4 days after i was released from hospital but not have gone for the moment.

I current have a throat infection and have been put on antibiotics for them which are helping it, its getting better day by day, i have been spitting very thick, very green mucus in the mornings, but each day its improving.

I have a slightly stiff back of the neck at the moment and the back of my head isn't numb but feels like its very very slightly numbing, with very very slight tingles. I have found it hard to relax my brain and stay calm during this period which i have been feeling ill, i havent had a CT scan or anything. I just dont quite feel myself at the moment ive been to the doctors many times which no real diagnosis. I have no family history of heart issues, or brain issues(1st cousin with epilepsy, but has had it since birth) and no major health issues before.

Doctors are saying most likely anxiety but could it been something else worth checking ?

Help Please. thanks.

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