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Unusual Symptoms all over the body HELP !

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  • Posted By: jaron23
  • August 17, 2013
  • 01:04 PM

hi all,

I'm a 20 year old male living in Australia and most recently have been feeling unwell. I'm a generally healthy person who was very active in the gym or on the running track afew times a week, never had any major health issues before, and not overweight, i smoked around 5-10 ciggaretes per week, i dont do drugs, and drink once every 2 months(but have stopped both for the last 1-2 months).

About 3 weeks ago my bladder became sore and it started to cause a bit of discomfort, the discomfort then was in my scrodum and would alternate between each of my testicles, i went to the doctor and he ordered a urine test, x-ray and ultrasound on the abs, bladder and scrodum (thought it was a possible hernia, or UTI) which came back all clear. My appetite is was gone for a while but now is back.

The pain the left this area, it was troubling me for about 4-5 days, and was constantly on my mind. Then the discomfort went to my stomach and middle of my chest, the discomfort was sharp pains in the middle of my chest then to my right pec then to my left. i then experienced a tingling sensation in my left arm, i panicked and i immediatly went to the emergency room at the hospital and they took x rays of the chest as well as blood tests and ECG. The blood tests were fine, x ray didn't show any negative signs and the ECG initially showed a minor defect but then another one later conducted showed it was fine, see cardiologist later this month to confirm heart health is ok. They suggested it was more of an Aniexty/Panic Attack, she said i more then likely have aniexty and need to take measures to keep it under control. i was scared for the next week or so and was in constant fear and anxious. Now currently the pain is in my throat which is inflamed which i am on antibiotics for and back of my neck is very slightly stiff, i feel dizzy/nauseous in patches of the day and don't feel myself for the past 3 weeks.

Leading up to these events a very close relative was sick and died in hospital and was very very stressful, i was also fasting so my diet was very different (not eating then eating junk food at nights, which i never usually eat) and i was worrying alot about my bladder while it was in pain, im generally an over thinker. I was very emotional through this period. Currently my chest is a bit tight that is on and off at the moment and my throat is sore but improving and i feel dizzy/weak in patches in the day. Most recently my face tingles very slightly as well, i have a bruise in my veins on my foot which i have showed 2 doctors and they say it looks like something punctured me which i dont recall so maybe in my sleep? but it might not be related to the symptoms im experience as if it was a deadly spider bite i wouldve fainted when i first noticed it.

Has anyone else experienced any similar symptoms ?

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