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  • Posted By: DCMONEY
  • June 16, 2007
  • 11:49 AM

I learned that I had a high fasting Glucose reading on a Dr's visit. 140 I was told to come back and do it again. Well I came back it was 120. I corrected some things in my eating. Eventually through cuting back simple sugars my glucose readings came down to the normal range. This was in late April. In about the 2nd week of May 2007, I had an acute Gout attack. That week, I basically ate nothing but whole grain cereals, and salads to kinda flush my system. I drank mostly water that week. Well it seems as if that week along with the life style change I did something to my body. My legs, chest and buttocks look like they've been drained somehow. The gout episode sped up what I wanted to slowly do. I weighed about 292 pounds when this all began. I'm now wround 266 pounds. Initially My goal was just to get my glucose level normal. I did, but I can't stop the weight loss. I've always been one who worked out also. I cut back tremendously and still the weight is coming off. Its been about a month since all of this and now its hard for me to maintain. The things I'm eating now used to at least put weight on me but they barely sustain me now. I'm eating more complex carbs and protein. I mean did cutting out simple sugars change my metabolism or something? I've even included them some simple sugars back into my eating. When I wake up in the morning my body looks so drained. I've been to my internal medicine Dr. and he tells me all my labs look normal, so he sent me to an endocrinologist. These Docs and people are blowing me off, but everyone knows when they're body isn't reacting normally. I'm eating full meals now but weight is steadily dropping off me. They're telling me for my height I should weight wround 180 to 200 pounds but they don't take into account someone's frame. I'm around 5'11' I'm not a really fat. I've been forcing down meals to maintain and still I'm losing. I mean if I was trying to lose weight it would be one thing but to eat full meals and still be dropping is mystifying. Its taking a toll on me and my marriage. I sit around depressed wondering whats going on. It consumes me daily to keep jumping on the scale. If I miss a meal I'll drop 2 or 3 pounds daily. This was never the case before. What is going on with me? The last time I went to the Endocrinologist, he told me that he wanted me to comein fasting. Take a glucose reading, then eat and they do another reading 2 hours later. I mean will this find out why I'm losing weight unexplained. I've taken my own glucose readings in the morning asnd through out the day. They've been normal. I know some on this forum will probably say man be happy like my docs have been saying, do you want something to be wrong? No but to steadily lose weight, and not be trying to, is really scaring me. This has only been a problem with me for about 2 months but if there is something going on, I want to know early.

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  • It sounds as if your docs think that you have type 2 diabetes, with you being a little overweight and your sugar high. I am not sure that you would lose weight this quickly with type 2, but I am not a doc. Maybe somehow you sped up your metabolism. Does your heart race? Do you get heat flashes? Do you sweat more lately? Don't let your losing weight break up your marriage, that is silly. Don't worry about this so much. I think that you will be okay. Just keep seeing the doc every two months while you are losing weight, so that he can monitor you. If something is there, eventually the doc will find it.
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  • Diabetes can be caused by other endocrine issues. You need to talk to an endocrinologist about the weight thing. Also you should make a note of any pain, weakness, dizzyness or nausea attacks that you might have. Good luck
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