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Unsure, TMJ/TMD Perhaps?

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  • Posted By: bunnymoomoo
  • November 2, 2012
  • 07:30 AM

30 y/o female, good health, average weight - workout daily, a creature of habit - i.e. wake up early, eat breakfast, workout, and start my work day. I work at home, on a computer. About 2 months ago I had a general feeling of unwellness, I felt weak, dizzy, thought perhaps I had been stressed by my work load or perhaps working out too strenuously. Some rest and food, I still felt dizzy, weak and then I thought perhaps it's my sinusues - I've had sinus problems off and on, but since getting rid of my cat a few years ago, my allergies generally were morning sniffles and that was it. So I took some Mucinex, and that seemed to make me feel better. Then it came back - and I noticed my allergies were often exacerbated by the consumption of dairy, so I stopped that.

Still had symtoms - basically it was on and off and I switched b/w Mucinex and decongestants, and tried to take allergy pills and neti pot. Mind you - I was not sneezing or having a runny nose, I just felt congested, pressure. Finally it just didn't seem to be getting better, a trip to the Dr.'s office and I was given a steroid shot and a fluticasone nasal spray which I used for a week. Still not better, went to an ENT who looked in my nose with a scope and told me my sinuses looked healthy. Waited for a week til I went back to my general practitioner, and she gave me a Z-Pak in case I had an infection I was fighting off. At this point my only symptom was a constant, dull "headache." More like an ache in my head though I did start to have aches in other areas of my head, which I don't doubt was due to stress and tension from wondering what was/is wrong. Finally I got a CT scan - the CT scan clinic called back and said results showed nothing abnormal; my doctor called and said there's some slight inflammation in the sinues and a slight deviated septum - probably acute sinusitis.

Well - I don't know anymore. As I think back on it - I have also had a sore neck and shoulders this entire time - which I attributed to my vigrous workouts. As well as perhaps bad posture at working on my computer everyday. Having some difficulty opening my mouth, and an uncomfortable feeling when I yawn or stretch in the area where I am having this "ache" in my head, which I can only describe as above the roof of my mouth, behind the bridge of my nose. I did go get a massage a couple of times where the masseuse helped the alignment of my jaw. But I am still not 100% - and though I can function, it is very tiring and difficult to concentrate. And I don't know where to go, who to see... I am wondering if this could be some kind of TMJ/TMD - though it doesn't necessarily seem like the jaw joint, but perhaps muscles that work with the jaw and head area, that also connects with neck and shoulders.

So currently I:
- have an ache in my "head" that feels like a sore muscle, it feels tight - I would almost describe it as a pressure
- I feel uncomfortable when I bend forward, as if something is pulling from the center (behind bridge of nose, above roof of mouth)
- sore neck and shoulder area, can turn my head no problem
- difficulty concentrating, but I can workout (cardio, yoga, no weights, would be too scared of hurting myself to lift anything) - and I feel generally good after my workout though all my symptoms are still there (I probably just feel less depressed after a good workout)
- I do not, as far as I know, grind my teeth; I DO often catch myself making awkward faces when I concentrate .. which I have been trying to be mindful of

Any thoughts would be appreciated, especially if you've had any experience with similar symmptoms and/or diagnosed with TMJ/TMD.

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