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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 28, 2007
  • 09:16 PM

It all started in Oct 06. One day I wake up with shortness of breath (feels like I didn't take a full breath with normal breathing). I was really scared because I've never had any major illnesses in my life. But it went away after 2 or 3 days. A couple of months later, it also started suddenly after I wake up, I had urge to take deep breath, it feels like a different type of shortness of breath from before. I went to the doctor and he send me to do a regular physical exam, heart ultrasound, and a heart stress test and circulation test (inject tracer into bloodstream to see how blood is flowing).

During the time to wait for the result, I got really stressed out over what could possibly be happening to me. I thought of all the possible diseases/condition I could be having

The only thing the doctor said was that my cholesterol is a little high for my age (26 yrs old) and my blood pressure is a little above normal range.

The shortness of breath problem eventually went away. Then I start to notice a problem I had for a while now, I use to have pretty high body temperature, when I shake people's hands, it's uncommon for me to feel other people's hands warmer than mine. Now it's the other way around, and my feet are cold too. I didn't notice it until recently because I thought that's probably because of the winter. I will say though, if I drink a little bit of wine, it'd warm up my hand and feet.

Since then, my health is constantly on my mind. It was pretty much the last thing before all this happened.

2 weeks ago, I made another visit to the doctor because I had abdominal pain all over, left side and mainly right side, I lost my appetite, had constipation, irregular stool, some back pain etc... I was scared again because last year my Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I was worried I may have colon cancer, gallstone, etc.. all the stuff that fit my sympton. I went and did abdominal sonogram and blood test. I got the result just now, and everything is normal, I don't know what the ***l is wrong with me now..

The abdominal pain have occur less often and with less intensity. But I still have no appetite, and the minor weight loss (3 lbs over this period of time) doctor said is not cause for concern. and just two days ago, I start to get a little bit of muscle twitch happening all over my body from shoulder down. Happens quite often, but each time it last for less than a second, I just feel the muscle contract once or twice, then it's gone.

I have no clue what the ***l is wrong with me, I am frustrated because I am beginning to suspect some of the symptom are due to the stress from dealing with all these problems.

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  • I'd also like to add that I've had a few episode of night sweat. What happen is I'd feel like it got warm really quickly (I'd touch myself in different places and they don't feel particularly hot) so I had to shuffle my blanket to let some cold air in to make myself feel better again, but it keeps getting hotter when I try to get into sleep so I'd usually have to get out of bed for about 1 hr then go back and the hot flash thing would go away.
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  • I think anxiety is causing a lot of your symptoms. The breathing issue may very well have been a panic attack (they can just start, unfortunately), and the muscle tension, abdominal pain, and weight loss sound like symptoms of anxiety as well. All your other testing is fine which rules out anything major, but you can push for CT scanning, MRI, or even a PET scan to rule out cancer or tumors.Part of the problem with the internet is that people can diagnose themselves with all kinds of conditions but, unfortunately, lack the experience a doctor has. So many diseases and illnesses have vague symptoms that, once you begin looking into it, you find yourself "having" them all.
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  • I think you are right. It sounds like you are very anxious and worried about your health and these days you are your best advocate for good health care. I think you need to address the anxiey part of the picture so that you can root out what is anxiety related and what is not. NEVER let anyone tell you that it is all in your mind. Many times anxiety is in itself a symptom. The good news is that treating that symptom is relatively easy with a combination of meds and counseling. Once you get the anxiety calmed down you will be able to really hone in on the other, main problem. Good Luck and God Speed
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  • it's not stress...you have some sx of ME. Please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com all your sx are there and many more. I've been sick for years and just found this info. Good luck...mommy cat
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