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Unrelenting Ankle Injury/Pain

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  • Posted By: BWhite
  • August 17, 2011
  • 11:13 AM

So for the sake of time:

- In mid-April (4 months ago) I injured my ankle by indulging in a few too many adult beverages and deciding it would be a good idea to jump down a flight of about 10-12 stairs. I obviously landed on it wrong, and when I woke up the next morning, I couldn't put any pressure on it.

- While I probably should have gone to the hospital then and there, I had sprained my ankle before and was convinced that's all it was. I went the RICE route and it seemed to progress like a sprain; I was on crutches for 2-3 days, then I could walk very slowly, and after about a week I could walk without much of a visible limp. It was about 6+ weeks before I could run again though.

- Cut to four months later, the ***n thing is still very stiff when I wake up in the morning/go to bed, it hurts if I walk up or down stairs too fast, hurts when I run, and gets very stiff and painful after any running. Even after 4 months I still don't have the confidence to even jump more than an inch or two off the ground. "Resting" is something of a non-option for me, and I've tried using an excercise band and doing the various rehab exercise from the first time I sprained my ankle, but with little to no success.

Most of the pain in the front and inside of the ankle, occasionally resonating to the achilles, but mainly staying in the area right around the round bone on the inside of the ankle (sorry, I don't know the ankle well at all) and the big tendon in the front of the ankle.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm between jobs so I have no insurance right now and this certainly isn't life threatening, so any help or advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  • No ideas? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    BWhite 1 Replies
    • August 18, 2011
    • 10:00 PM
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  • Ohhkaay! You probably have no isdea which way the injury went. But there could be a few options. You could have really hurt the ligaments and tendons. They aren't elastic like muscle and don't come back once stretched out. So if you didn't completely separate them, you may have stretched them to a point where they can no longer offer you stabilization and strength. Stay with ankle exercises and strtengthening. You have to make up for the loss of support. The other thing that may be possible, but would have other symptoms-like color change, temperature change, hypersensitivity, swelling. It may be RSD-reflex sympathetic Dystrophy. The sympathetic nervous system overloads. RSD usually come saround following a relatively benign injury. You want to get whatever it is under control. As you leave it alone, the worse time you'll have as you get older. Trust me. Good luck.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 19, 2011
    • 10:38 PM
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  • I broke ny ankle in two places two years ago and still have pain and swelling...I know its atleast arthritis. And tendinitis very painful...the foot takes a long time to heal. See a do tor as soon as you can! Good luck!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 21, 2011
    • 09:59 AM
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