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Unknown cause of body pain and inflammation

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  • Posted By: NaviRahu
  • September 15, 2009
  • 09:38 PM

We're confused, and so are the doctors.

So far:

Started with pain in the feet, though we didn't think anything of it since he has a genetic foot problem
Pain started in his mid-back. One muscle in the back I could massage and it would relieve a little of the pain, but not much.
Pain spread into shoulders and hips and would wrap around the front of his chest, feeling like it was going through his chest. Pain in feet going upward.
No swelling, heat, or redness in areas of joint pain.
No fever, no preceding illness.
At the dr's, fibromylsia, arthritis, and lupus are ruled out. Primary diagnosis of myofascitis, which is more of a symptom. Blood tests only come back with evidence of inflammation. Given anti-inflammatories as needed for pain.
Anti-inflammatories work well for first few days, though lessen in effectiveness each time.
Emergency appointment called when severe pain occurred with one missed dose, worse than ever before. Ruled out lyme disease, two other viruses, and diabetes. Chest x-ray shows nothing. EKG normal. No changes in blood pressure or weight from last time. Blood tests elevated for inflammation. Bilirubin and protien found in urine, closer microscopy reveals no bilirubin. Stronger anti-inflammatories prescribed. Told to come back in a week to talk with regular doctor.
Once again medication works for a few days then fades in efficiency.
Doctor cannot find a cause, orders blood cultures (no word on those yet) and referred to infectious diseases to see if they can think of anything he has not.
Blood pressure slightly elevated (though constant pain can raise blood pressure, so that's found inconclusive) and had suddenly gained 7 lbs in the last week.
Finding he's craving salt and feeling dehydrated even though he drinks quite a bit.
Kidney and liver function tests normal.
Currently on another stronger anti-inflammatory and vicodin.

Prior to this, while being overweight, he has been perfectly healthy. Gets sick less often than I do (though I am underweight and working on my calorie intake) and fairly muscular. While he does not lose weight, though he had been trying before this, he now weighs slightly more than he ever had before. Everything done keeps coming back normal or healthy. We have no idea. I've been going through this site time and time again trying to figure things out, but things coming back are like adrenal cancer and diabetes, and every time I go through the symptoms lists nothing seems fitting. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know. I'm a fan of those Mystery Diagnosis kinda shows, but I don't want to be a part of one. kwim?

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  • NaviRahu - I felt like you were writing about me and my symptoms. Altho, the docs where I am at just treat me like I am making this up and nothing is wrong with me. I am not sure what is worse - the pain or feeling like I am losing my mind because there is no medical reason thus far for the pain and what seems like crazy symptoms.Thank you for posting this - it has helped me in knowing I really am not losing my mind.I too just found the info on "adrenal problems." I want to approach my doc with this info but not sure how to bring it up. I kinda match the profile as the only thing showing up on my blood tests is low potassium. I think that coupled with my high blood pressure that remains high even on BP meds, makes the adrenal glands the next place to check.Please post if you do get a diagnosis or more info. Thanks!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 16, 2009
    • 02:44 AM
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