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Unexplained Tiredness, Stiffness, & Fainting - 22 Years Old

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  • Posted By: imosteve
  • January 25, 2008
  • 01:22 AM

1) Since the age of 18, (I am 22 now), I have "fainted" 5 times. Originally people seem to think they are seizures, but further tests indicate they are not (will describe later). They all occurred right in the morning upon standing

2) I also experience extreme tiredness / lack of motivation throughout the day. This has been happening since I was about 15 or 16. I can't concentrate, and even after a couple hours of being awake (no matter how much sleep I get) I could go back to sleep.

3) Along with the tiredness comes extreme lower body stiffness. Of all the doctors I have seen, they often seem amazed and describe me as "inflexible." I never noticed this before because it has been this way my entire life. My legs look like the legs of a runner who runs marathons everyday for many years. However, I have never worked out my legs.

4) Half of the time that I stand up, I feel lightheaded and lose vision. No matter how slow I stand up, this always happens. My vision will go blurry-black, and if I wait a few seconds I will feel fine.

All of these seem to be related. Here are the tests/medications I have gone through with no results:

A) Sleep Deprived EEG: When I was 18 and had fainted (with slight twitching) the first time they did this to check for seizures. Results: possible abnormal result. Took Lamictal as a precaution. However, a year later, nothing felt better and I fainted again. The doctors, after performing other seizure tests, decided that it wasn't this, especially since right after I faint I am aware of where I am and what I am doing.

B) Tilt Table Test: I was tested on a tilt table at Cleveland Clinic and fainted for 10 seconds. They said that I had a form of Syncope. I have tried these medicines for this: Florinef, Staying extremely hydrated, ensuring I have lots of salt, Midodrine, compression socks. None of these - not one of them, helped with the stiffness, dizziness, tiredness, or fainting.

C) Due to constant tiring, doctor prescribed adderral. This is the only medicine that has helped me stay awake. But even after a few hours, I get tired on this as well. The doctor (at Johns Hopkins), did the standard tests and said that my legs are inflexibile and suggested I go to physical therapy to get the circulation flowing better. Legs are essentially hard as a rock, always stiff, always sore. I went to a physical therapist, and no matter how much stretching and healing I did, nothing ever worked, and I am still extremely stiff.

D) Went to an orthopedic surgeon to see if it was a muscoskeletal problem, and he X-Rayed by back to see if I had Stenosis, in which the nerves in my lower back are trapped and are putting my legs in this stiff position. He said everything came back fine.

E) Went to an endocronologist to test thryroid (I currently take 137 mcg of synthroid). Result is that thyroid is working correctly. Also took an adrenal gland test, results were normal, and all vitamin / blood tests were normal, including B12.

Doctors are running out of ideas. This seems to be related to my stiff legs. I got professional massages and stretched them as much as possible, and they never budge. What seems to be my veins/arteries are extremely hard. When people put their hands on them they feel like bones. I am also still constantly tired and cannot concentrate. Its a feeling of apathy, but not depressive or anything.

Also, there is NO pain the in the legs when just doing normal activities. However, there IS pain when stretching and there IS a very sharp pain when I run my finger along my legs. The pain is symmetrical on both sides, and there are certain "points" such as the upper calf, that the pain can be much worse. It almost feels like a very tender bruise that never goes away.

Are Ideas?

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