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Unexplained Loss of Sensation

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  • Posted By: Anubeon
  • March 28, 2009
  • 04:05 PM

Greetings All!

Just over a year ago I experienced a loss of sensation which progressed rapidly from the area around my anus to encompass my entire body. This eventually subsided, however it has since returned and I'm at a loss to explain its origins.

The original episode started with a loss of sensation (not numbness per se) around my anus, within a week this had spread to my buttocks, scrotum, penis and, oddly enough, my lower lip and nipples. This progressed further still to encompass my left arm and leg, then my torso and finally my right arm and leg. This episode coincided with a bout of constipation and an inflamed hemorrhoids. This, coupled with my high resting pulse (100-110) and blood pressure led me to assume that poor circulation was the culprit.

I eventually arranged an appointment with my GP and he prescribed a stool softener (Movicol) and a Beta-Blocker (Atenolol), the latter of which I still use. He also arranged for a thorough blood work-up which came back negative on all fronts, though he did mention that my potassium levels were on the high side of normal. Anyway the symptoms soon subsided and I forgot all about it, until that is I started experienced precisely the same progressive symptoms.

This latest episode however does not coincide with any obvious circulatory problems; the Atenolol is working its magic, I'm regular as clockwork and the hemorrhoids is under control. I've already visited my GP who was rather nonchalant about the loss of sensation, he did however authorise a thyroid function test in relation to another, unrelated matter (excessive sweating).

I would really like to know what the ***l is causing this; could it be a trapped nerve, perhaps in the region of my haemorrhoid? Could it be poor circulation? Am I worrying over nothing as my GP's general disinterest would seem to suggest?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Hi Blaze, Thank you for taking the time to respond to my concerns. In answer to your question, yes I do routinely make use of RF emitting devices such as mobile telephones and wireless routers. I am however more than a little sceptical that EHS could be the root cause of my symptoms.I am an avid technophile and for the last 10 years have come into routine contact with RF devices including mobile telephones, wireless routers, microwave ovens, UV-Vis spectrometers, IR spectrometers, NMR spectrometers, and so on. Surely given such routine and prolonged exposure to RF radiation a genuine case of EHS would have presented far sooner and, more to the point, would present with chronic and not episodic symptoms? Furthermore, from what little I have been able to glean from reputable sources (peer reviewed journals) it is far from certain that EHS is even a bona fide medical condition. The list of symptoms attributed to EHS is so broad that any diagnosis made on such a basis is effectively un-falsifiable. Making the current case for EHS resemble paranoid superstition more than rational and objective science. I can't entirely discount the possibility that EHS is a genuine medical condition however as a scientist by training I tend to take the sceptics position on such things. The case for EHS as it is presently presented appears flawed to me.Kind Regards,Anubeon.
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