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Unexplained Leg Pain

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  • Posted By: MissAlyss2U
  • August 17, 2007
  • 06:08 PM

In March of this year (2007) I had gastric bypass surgery and have had what I call "sore spots" on various spots on my body. These "sore spots" never black and blued, never turned red or swelled, they were just sore and within a day they went away.

For the past 3 almost 4 weeks now, I've had pain in my legs that started off as these "sore spots" in my shins, but has now moved to the insides of my calves and hasn't shown signs of letting up. The pain is pretty much a dull constant pain, but makes me see stars if you so much as run your hand across my legs. My poor cat is a nervous wreck now because evrytime he would try to rub himself against me I'd shreek in terror. There is no swelling, redness, black & blue or anything else to indicate a problem.
I have noticed that when walking, it almost feels as if the flesh is trying to separate from the bone. When I sneeze it shoots pain across the front of my shins and to elevate my legs is agony too, it feels like someone put 1K weights on my calves. Sleeping at night is unrestful because if I turn over the wrong way, the pain wakes me up. I have to carefully position myself so as not to put any type of pressure on them when I settle in for the night.

My primary care doctor has sent me for blood work and x-rays with no results. My bariatric surgeon hasn't had anyone else have this type of problem either. It got so bad I went to the ER (I was worried about DVT)the doctor there said DVT wouldn't be painful and they suggested a neurologist but didn't give me much else to go on.

I'm not sure what type of doctor I should see. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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