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Unexplained dizzyness / drowsiness, extreme hunger

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  • Posted By: madbrain
  • July 22, 2007
  • 02:04 AM


Since mid-may, 2 to 4 times a week, I become suddenly extremely tired, to the point that my eyelids have to close within minutes and I need to rest. I feel extremely light-headed, as if there was a void inside my head. I usually feel like I am about to faint, but I don't actually go unconscious until I go to rest voluntarily.
This seems to pretty closely match the symptoms of dizziness here at http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/sym/dizziness.htm .

Most of the time (9 out of 10 times), I also become very hungry, as if I am starved. Eating sometimes relieves it, sometimes not.

Once I had the sweats. Once, I was not starved and physically exhausted - I was able to go to the gym and pedal at the exercise bike on the exercise bike at 20mph, but I could not keep my eyes open to look at the TV screen in the gym.

The dizziness has happened at random times of the day, during random activities, such as working, pushing the cart at the grocery, playing the piano, driving. Whenever it happens, I have to interrupt whatever I am doing pretty quickly and doze off from 30 minutes to about 2 hours.

I get plenty of sleep, between 7 and 10 hours each night, 9 on average. I also eat sufficiently, more than 2000 calories/day, and I'm fairly inactive.

I am recently HIV positive - I tested positive on 10/27/2006, but this is a recent infection as I was negative on 6/25/2006. My most recent HIV viral load as of 4/30/2007 is 1992 copies/mL . My CD4 cells are 738 copies/uL, and the percentage is 32%. My primary doctor is an HIV specialist, and he has told me to hold off HIV medication at this level until now, because my body has been controlling it. If nothing else is found, I may go on HIV medication, but it's not a decision to be taken lightly since I can't go off it once I start. I would rather have a better idea of what the cause of the dizzy spells is before I try the HIV meds.

I also have a bipolar disorder diagnosed at 18. I have been taking regular medications for it. It's never caused me to be suddenly weak throughout my medical history, so I have ruled that out as the cause of my weakness as well.

I am running out of ideas as to what to check next.

I have been tested for the following so far :

- liver test (AST) 14U/L, normal 10-40
- liver test (ALT) 7U/L , normal <36
- HIV load 1992 copies/mL, normal <75
- HIV log10 RNA 3.30

Blood cell count
- white blood cells 5.9K/uL, normal 3.5 - 12.5
- red blood cells 4.75M/uL, normal 4.10 - 5.70
- hemoglobin 15.8g/dL , normal 13.0 - 17.0
- hematocrit 44.3% , normal 39.0 - 51.0
- MCV 93 fL , normal 80-100
- platelet count 232K/uL, normal 140 - 400

Blood cell review
- neutrophils 51%, normal 41-79
- lymphocytes 38% , normal 13-44
- monocyte 8%, normal 5-14
- eosinophil 2%, normal 0-6
- basophil 0%, normal 0-2

- CD4 (ABS) 738/uL , normal 446-1721
- CD8(ABS) 1066/uL, normal 167-989 . This was high
- CD3(ABS) 1845/uL , normal 761-2553
- Help/supp ratio 0.69 , normal 0.74-5.30 . This was low
- CD4% 32%, normal 30-60
- CD8% 47%, normal 11-37 . This was high

- Glucose, random 94 mg/dL . normal is 60-159 mg/dL
- Glucose testing at home has been between 83 and 122
- Creatinine 0.85 - normal < 1.3 mg/dL
- Calcium, serum 8.9 - normal 8.5-10.3 mg/dL

- Alkaline Phos 71U/L, normal 37-117
- Kidney (BUN) 6mg/dL, normal 10-20 . This was low
- Liver (bilirubin) 0.6mg/dL, normal 0.2 - 1.2
Creat with GFR
- kidney (creatinine) 0.80mg/dL, normal <1.30
- glucose random 75 mg/dl . normal 60-159
- potassium 4.3mEq/L, normal 3.5-5.3
- liver test (AST) 17U/L, normal 10-40
- liver test (ALT) 10U/L, normal <36
- TSH 2.3uIU/mL, normal 0.2-5.5
- inf mono screen negative
- diabetes (A1c) HGBA1c 5.1%, normal 4.6-6.0
Blood cell count
- White blood cells 5.8K/uL, normal 3.5-12.5
- Red Blood cells 5.01M/uL, normal 4.1-5.7
- Hemoglobin 16.3g/dL 13.0-17.0
- Hematocrit 46.7% 39.0-51.0
- MCV 93fL , normal 80-100
- platelet count 191K/uL, normal 140-400
Blood cell review
-Neutrophils 57%, normal 41-79
-Lymphocytes 33%, normal 13-44
-Monocyte 8%, normal 5-14
-Eosinophil 2%, normal 0-6
-Basophil 0%, normal 0-2

-CMV AB IgM negative

- Hep B Sur ag , negative
- Hep B Sur Ab, positive
- Hep B Core Ab, negative
- Anti-Hep C Ab negative
- Syphilis RPR Non reactive, normal Non reactive
- Amp GC & Chlam, negative
- Alkaline Phos 65U/L, normal 36-117
- Liver (bilirubin) 0.5mg/dL, normal 0.2-1.2
- Liver (AST) 12U/L, normal 10-40
- Liver (ALT), 5U/L, normal <36
Blood cell coun
- White blood cells 5.2K/uL, normal 3.5-12.5
- Red blood cells 4.84M/uL, normal 4.10-5.70
- hemoglobin 15.1g/dL normal 13.0-17.0
- hematocrit 43.4%, normal 39.0-51.0
- MCV 90fL, normal 80-100
- Platelet count 224K/uL, normal 140-400
Blood cell review
- neutrophils 43%, normal 50-70. This was low
- Lymphocytes 44%, normal 20-50
- Monocyte 10% , normal 1-14
- Eosinophil 3%, normal 0-4
- Basophil 0%, normal 0-2
- Carbamazepine 7.5ug/mL, normal 4.0-12.0

- Culture per ? , not req
- Microscopic? , not ind.
- pH, 8.0, normal 4.5-8.0
- Sp. gravity 1.01, normal 1.009-1.031
- sugar in urine, negative, normal negative
- blood in urine, negative, normal negative
- nitrites negative, normal negative
- ketones negative, normal negative
- leuk esterase negative, normal negative
- protein in urine negative, normal negative
- bilirubin negative, normal negative
- urobilinogen <1 EU/dL, normal =<2.0
- urine source clean

- testosterone 383ng/dL, normal >245

- Amp Gc & Chlam, negative
- Culture per ? , not req
- Microscopic? , not ind.
- pH, 9.0, normal 4.5-8.0 . This was high
- Sp. gravity 1.015, normal 1.009-1.031
- sugar in urine, negative, normal negative
- blood in urine, negative, normal negative
- nitrites negative, normal negative
- ketones negative, normal negative
- leuk esterase negative, normal negative
- protein in urine negative, normal negative
- bilirubin negative, normal negative
- urobilinogen <1 EU/dL, normal =<2.0
- urine source clean
- RPR non reac, normal non reac

- liver test (ALT) 11U/L , normal <36
- TSH 2.9uIU/mL, normal 0.2-5.5
- albumin, serum 4.6, normal 3.3-4.7g/dL
- uric acid 3.2, normal 2.0-8.5mg/dL
- phosphorus 3.0, normal 2.7-4.5mg/dL
- magnesium, serum 1.8 - normal 1.7-2.3mg/dL
- calcium, serum 8.9 - normal 8.5-103mg/dL
- Creatinine 0.85 - normal < 1.3 mg/dL
- glucose, random 94 - normal 60-159mg/dL
- Kidney (BUN) 11mg/dL, normal 10-20 .

I take a total of 21 pills/day right now between meds and supplements, all under doctor supervision.

Meds :
- tegretol 600 mg/day for bipolar . I have been on this for years at varying doses
- celexa 60 mg/day for depression. I have been on this since November 2006 at varying doses.
- prilosec 40mg/day for acid reflux. I have been on this for years. I get stomach upset easily.
- elmiron 400mg/day for interstitial cystitis . I have been on this since June 2007.
- restoril 15mg/day. This is to help with sleep . I take this as-needed since November 2006.

Supplements :
- centrum multi-vitamin daily as of February 2007
- vitamin D 800 IU daily . I have low levels of vitamin D as measured in February 2007, about 5% of normal.
- selenium 200 micrograms daily as of February 2007. Some studies showed a benefit to HIV/AIDS patients
- calcium 1g daily as of February 2007
- magnesium 300 mg daily as of February 2007
- omega-3 2400 mg daily (two capsules) as of February 2007 for mood and to help with cardiovascular health

My doctor thinks maybe some of the supplements are doing more bad than good. I have stopped the omega-3 temporarily 2 days ago to try to find out if the malaises reccur. I may try to stop others
I am waiting for the result of another recent tcell and HIV level, as well as my current vitamin D level to see if the supplementation is helping. I have also tested positive for CMV and toxoplasmosis anti-bodies last year, but the doctor says at my tcell level that I shouldn't worry about that.

The dizziness is by far the most worrisome of my symptoms. I have also gained a lot of weight since I turned 30, about 25 pounds in one year. I don't know if this can all be explained by aging. But it's not explained by my diet except that since may I eat more with the starving episodes. I have a lot of stomach aches that come and go. I get some diarrhea now that I almost never used to get.
But really the sudden dizziness is what I am trying to figure out and treat. Unfortunately, there are 258 conditions listed as possible causes of dizziness on this site.
I am afraid of doing many activities that I would like to like hiking, etc. And it's cutting my work days short sometimes - even though I am working part-time 3 days a week right now.

Where would you look next if you were my doctor or in my shoes ?

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  • My condition is same like u many symptoms are same but I am suffering from so much weight Loss . I am HIV negative . I have blood test which are same like yours But I am not in any medication . No one is understanding my illness I am not infecting anyone by touching but I can't let anyone can eat the food With my spoon and glass. I just think that doctors can cure hiv and aids in this Condition because the people who get hiv from sex are at high riskThey can spread HIV more than we imagine
    Sam David 1 Replies
    • November 29, 2013
    • 05:35 PM
    • 0
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