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Unexplained dizziness etc... please help

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  • Posted By: sjones
  • April 29, 2008
  • 05:07 PM

I am a 25 year old female. I am not on any medications and otherwise in good health. For a few years I have had spells of dizziness. Not lightheadness, but swirling.. my heart pounds, my stomach gets upset from the swirling, sometimes it feels like I am sitting back in my head and watching everything as if my eyes are a television that is too far away. It seems to come out of nowhere and last for only a few moments. Sometimes it is once a week others a few times a day. I had blood tests years ago for thyroid, sugar levels ... evrything under the sun. Again last July I had the tests again...nothing.. everything is fine my doctor says. Well it hit a whole new level this past weekend. Over the past few weeks I have been getting the spells off and on more frequently and stronger. This past Friday it was happening quite a bit, that evening I got a HORRIBLE headache (whether it is linked I do not know, I do tend to get very bad headaches every so often). The next morning I woke up and it felt as though I was drunk off and on. At points I could not stand from the dizziness. Over the next 2 days off and on things would look sideways, like I was in a fun house. In between these spells I still was not feeling normal.. although I sound normal speaking in my head I feel like I am having trouble turning my thought into words. I visited my doctor this morning and he says he does not know that maybe it is just a virus that if it happens again we will do more blood tests but i have done lots of blood tests for the same things over and over. I dont know what is wrong with me but I know I dont feel right and it has been happening for many years off and on... does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

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  • Lots of possibilities. Do you eat regularly (i.e. anorexia or bulemia an issue? Sorry to ask but...!)? Get enough sleep? If yes to both, has your doctor looked at your heart? Ask about it.
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  • Hi thanks so much for responding! I do eat regularily and if anything I think I have been sleeping more than usual. When I went into my doctors the other day he looked in my eyes and checked my blood pressure but I dont think he listened top my heart this time. Could my heart cause the vertigo or headaches?
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  • Actually as per the eating .. he had tested me for thyroid and a few things because I do eat a lot of food but do not put on any weight or very little wieght. Not sure if that makes a difference
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  • I know this sound simple but have they checked your inner ear??this is the most common cause of dizziness. Lyme disease is also a major cause most doc's don't look for and is not that rare.have you had your Hormones checked?Just some ideas...Good luck. 00Mailgirl
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  • a blood test i dont think is likely to pick up that issue as the problem is probably based elsewhere... the swirling kind of dizziness is called vertigo. (The room can start spinning).... the headaches may be related.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertigo_%28medical%29
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  • It sounds like you need your case evaluated by a neurologist so they can examine you and get to the bottom of your symptoms. The neuro exams done in primary care aren't typically as thorough as those done by the neurologist.Best Wishes
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  • I've been going through the exact same symptoms and I finally had a tilt table test done with my cardiologist. I have a type of POTS called vasovagal syncope. You should look at potsplace.com and see if the symptoms fit you, and then get a tilt table test. They put me on a beta blocker and it has helped tremendously.Good luck
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  • Hi, Just would like to put my 2 cents in. The tilt table test is good but kind of costly. Have you checked an ent DR? I think is sounds like vertigo to me (I am no expert) Maybe to the less costly first, then if need be go the next step.. good luck....:)
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  • my sister in law had similar symptoms for a year before she was properly diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. This is an inner ear virus and she will mostl likely have to deal with it now and again. She takes anithistimine and anti nausea medication to ease its symptoms. Good luck and hope this helps.
    ali kelley 1 Replies
    • December 15, 2008
    • 05:58 PM
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  • I just saw something on mystery diagnosis about disembarkment syndrome, though I think Menieres is more likely I'll post a link for both... https://ssl.search.live.com/health/article.aspx?id=articles%2fmlp%2fpages%2f1%2fMeniere's_Disease.htm&qu=Menieres http://www.healpastlives.com/pastlf/karmdict/kdmdds.htm disembarkment syndrome is a balance disorder
    qwertyuiop123 453 Replies
    • December 25, 2008
    • 01:41 AM
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