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uneplained foot problem desperate for help

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  • Posted By: audreyr
  • October 31, 2006
  • 04:37 AM

have been experience this undeniable foot pain for over a year now. It started when I fell from a few steps on my stairs...on any normal day it would of been a mild thing just some ice and a rolled ankle and everything would be fine. But I was limping which is common when you roll your ankle but I couldn't even stand on the foot...a month has passed and I'm still limping after 3 months the limping has passed and my doctor tells me that the area that I complain about takes a long time to heal because there is no blood circulating much over there. The pain is located underneath the ankle not on the ankle bone at all its a little bone sticking out below the ankle my doctor has explained its a tarsel of some sort. A few months later I fell again as I was stepping off a walking machine and then injured the other foot
this time the left foot, this fall I believed was less serious than the the other foot but I again could not even limp my way to a seat. I had to crawl back. Fastforward to a year later both feet have a swollen little pocket underneath the ankle in the tarsel that I have mentioned. This pain is now causing me to limp after more than 10 minutes of walking, I can't stand for more 10 minutes without feeling pain. Everything I walk it feels as if I am walking on sharp stones, it feels like I'm carrying an elephant (mind you I'm not overweight and I'm only 22 years old). I had a bone scanning test and the technician diagnosed that I might have arthritis but he was unclear. The foot doctor that I had consulted said I had tendonitis. I really don't know what to do can you please help me. All these different diagnosis' are making me confused!!!:confused:

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  • I had issues in my feet such as this, it was due to misaligned back. Although many users here may disagree with me, seeing a reputable and CERTIFED DOCTOR chiropractor got rid of these issues for me. I wish you luck.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • October 31, 2006
    • 06:03 AM
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  • there are any number of conditions that can cause similar symptoms, you're going to have to eliminate them one by one. there are a number of ligaments beneath the lateral maleolus (ankle bone), it could be that yours for whatever reason are weak or you're body is not moving biomechanically as efficient as it could which loads other joints in the body and causes other injuries or strains. You may have torn a ligament that holds the peroneal tendon in place, common with people who use "treadmills" and walk or run, as recommended, chiropractors and/or osteopaths may be of assistance, to be sure request an mri if you can afford it, and perhaps try a sports medicine specilist, or podiatrist. you may have to alter your exercise regime in the meantime as continuous plantar flexion, which is "toe pointing" can aggravate these conditions. if you have swelling and pain with heat you have to seek help, this suggests inflammation and needs to be diagnosed correctly.
    katrina 7 Replies
    • October 31, 2006
    • 00:16 PM
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  • I know it's been awhile since you posted BUT I thought I'd reply anyways. It's scary and interesting that your Dr. just told you to sort of wait it out, that your injury will take awhile to heal. MANY E.R. doctors and my own Primary care doctor told me the same. Then after fractured and sprained my left ankle 5-7 times in 5 years.......the orth/podiatrist told me that in fact I had caused so much more unnecessary injury to my ankle the first time I rolled it and decided to "walk it off" . He pointed out that the minute I walked into the E.R. I was in fact just supposed to get the urgent care required to stabilize my ankle and make an appt. to see an ortho a.s.a.p.. He told me that who ever gave me the idea that I should walk it off was a fool. That being said...I was the fool.Here's what IT boiled down to: when I rolled my ankle I twisted and strained my tendons,cartilage, and muscle. As well as cracking my ankle bone. I had severe swelling under my ankle bone (as you described) as well as a huge black bruise. So I thought I'd be o.k., maybe just a little limping for a few weeks .........apparently my get up and go idea tore lots of swollen tissue from my bones. I had no idea, nor did the wise old m.d.., then a few more falls, trips to the E.R. and family practice...they finally referred me to the Ortho who GASP to hear the tale of my endless abuse of my ankle. He all but called me ( and the E.R. Dr.s and my family practice Dr.) an idiot. He had to remove a tendon from my left calf and split it...putting half back in my calf then taking the other half and screwing it down in a zig zag pattern across the front of my foot to try to stabilize my weak ankle. I had swelling in my ankle (under bone)n for 2 years. And as he pointed out so many times at appt's...."THIS ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED BY GOING TO SEE AN ORTHO OR PODIATRIST."SO HEAL WELL AND GET YOUR SELF TO THE DR.
    hollyb 8 Replies
    • January 29, 2007
    • 08:34 AM
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  • Have you been checked for MS? This is a frequent begining. Hopefully the other poster is right, but I would have it looked at just to be sure. Myofacial/fibro can do it as well. I cant walk for more than about an hour because of the foot pain I have with fibro. Good luck and I hope its just weak ankles.
    jackrorabbit 113 Replies
    • January 29, 2007
    • 10:58 PM
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