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Undiagnosed neurological symptoms

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  • Posted By: chillypepper
  • June 17, 2009
  • 01:17 AM

Hello everyone. Here is my story....sorry it is long...

About 3 years ago I had a bad dizzy spell in the heat, felt the blackness coming in and started to fall. Caught myself and did not pass out completely.

3 months later was having the odd bought of dizziness and loss of balance. GP ran bloods and found I was folate deficiant and my B12 was borderline low. Have been taking supplements since and bloods are all normal.

About 4 months after that severe spinning vertigo - episodic BPPV thought to be the cause but I had episodes almost daily for 2 years. Seems to have finally corrected itself :)

After the vertigo started things got a little crazy....started having numbness in my foot that lasted months (during the summer) I had foot drop that seems to have about 80% recovered.

I muscle twitiching developed slowly spread from feet and legs into arms, trunk and face...not all at the same time though.

I now have episodes of what appears to be TN bilaterally, muscles spasms, muscle twitching, numbness in foot and right side of face, major fatigue, burning, tingling and this weird sensation in my spine that feels like a shiver that travels into my head. Makes it feel like my brain is shaking for a few seconds. I get disoriented when that happens.

Almost all of my testing has been normal except the NCV (no EMG preformed). demyelinating polyneuropathy confirmed. They thought CMT but my footdrop has recovered for the most part and I have clear patterns of relapses. I have had 1 MRI w/o contrast that did show 3 very small lesions between the white and grey matter that could be microangiopatic in nature. ENG/VNG severely reduces caloric responses bilaterally but swivel chair test was normal.

Thanks for reading. :)


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