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  • March 16, 2010
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Current Symptoms
1) My palms gets always red and I see that there are some red spots it seems that the blood is clotted. it seems like a RASH
2) I get red marks and itching near the collar bone area which disappears after I apply any cool powder like dermicool which we get in India.
3) Also when ever I am exposed to heat I get redness all over the body and itchin after some timed I get itching without and redness since 2003.
4) I have consulted many doctors in the last 7 years which included MD doctors in Dermatology, rhumatology, general medicine with more than 20 years of expericene. They gave a lot of Anti allergic medicine like lorfast but got only temporary relief as long as the medicine taken.
7) Also taken homeopathic treatment for 3 years there is still no relief
8) Also I could hear the Pulse rate in my ears and feel in the brain.

Treatment History

Treatment date Symptoms Description Medicines After treatment
May 2003 to September 2003 Taken Allopathic medicine for Skin Allergy(as Diagnosed) and cough and throat pain for 5 months from Family Physician MBBS and BAMS. There was no relief for Cough and Skin. He refered to a specialist.
Cough Syrup No relief in Skin allergy and Cough
2) October 2003 to Dec 2004
Refered to a Deramtologist MD .Given Allegra and cetzine for 1.5 months 3 times a day as directed. Got temporary relief, symptoms got aggravated after medicine stopped. She Diagnosed as utricaria gave some tablets..
Allegra, cream given by doctor Cetzine for 1.5 months, 3 times a day But no relief. Palms dry and red . Itching on the body with redness. And tiredness and fatigue when exposed to heat.
Jan 2004 2005 to June 2006 Taken treatment for Dr Batra MD for 2 full year, got relief after 1 year again the symptoms started. Palms became red and redness on the skin any where in the body. There was not peeling on the skin, only redness anywhere in the body.
Homeptathic Medicine given by Dr Batra’s Clinic they refred to a Dermatologist Redness on hands, palms dry and itching on the whole body
August 2006 to Jan 2007 Consulted a MD Sr dermatologist with 15 years of Exp. He diagnosed as scabies, given tablet and 2 cream to be mixed and applied all over the body and told to take Hot water bath and wash all the clothes in hot water. There is no relief
Lorfast for 3 months and cream to apply Temporary relief as long as medicine taken, again the symptoms came back with more intensity. So stopped completely
March 2007 to Septermber 2008 Taken Ayurvedic treatment for 18 months with a Sr physician, Ms Ashwini in Mumbai.
She gave liquid medicine from Arya Vidya shala and Oil to be applied. No relief
14 june 2009 to 06 july 2009 1) Gudoochyadi Kashyam 7.5 ml = 1 ½ cap

2) Gandharvahasthadi Kashyam 7.5 ml = 1 ½ cap
1 and 2 above mixed with 45ml warm water to be taken twice at 06 am and 12 noon Empty Stomach for 15 days
Sometimes there is redness or some times spots some times cross red lines or some times straight red lines any where is the body after the treatment. 5% relief
09 july 2009 to Dec 2010 Kokilakshakam Kashayam for 1 month 7.5 ml

Also i was having mild fever and i went to a Allopathic doctor, he checked my BP, he told that the pulse rate and BP is high. BP was 150/96.
as you know i am practising yoga and meditation and also some times i feel very week and some times ok. The hands becomes red sometimes i feel it is hot and dry and red. I do not eat anything from out.
the itching starts on day 1 and it becomes worst on day 7 specially at night. In the past before visiting you i used to take lorfast metalab and i used to get relief for 4-5 days and again the problem starts.

Appetite Normal

Bowels Clear

Sleep Normal

Mituration Normal

Diet Pure Vegeterain(sattvic diet)

Food avoided in last 5 years Brinjal, Besan, Sour fruit like Mango and Pineapple
Curd, urad dal,

Other details No Dandruff as all doctors have checked and Avoiding pollution and going out in Sun.

Recent Treatment

I am 31 years old. I am having the problem since 2003. The ECG was normal when checked on 04 jan 2010 by a cardiologist but the PR was 106 tachicardia. Also my PR is usually between 100 and 120. this is intermittent and some times in the range of 80 to 90, also in the urine test there was a detection of RBC’S 1-2 and I was told to repeat the urine test again after 15 days and I did there was no detection of blood. It was all in range. After 3 months again I was told by my doc so again there was presence of blood 1-2 rbcs.
Though I do not look or feel sick because of yoga but I have the symptoms. Also I do not have family history of heart disease. My mother is 61 years old she is also a yoga teacher and she has never been to doctor in the last 40 years.

My height is 178 cms and wt 75 kgs and I eat as well balanced diet as per my dietitian
I have never taken alcohol or smoking and I am a Pure vegeterain. And I have a control over salt intake as it whoul be taken moderately in BP.

I have taken Treatment in Allopathic, Ayurveda , homeopathy, but still the redness and itching persists.

On 04 jan -2010, the cardiologist prescribed beta blocker Star press XL 50 to control the BP. I started maintaining the BP after the medicine intake ie after 21 jan 2010

Here are the Details of BP now it shows the last readings

Date BP Systolic Diastolic
03 Jan 2010 07 00 pm 170 90 Before Treatment
04 jan 2010 10 00 am 170 100 Before Treatment
24 Jan 2010 4:45 Pm IST 140 90 After Treatment
09 Feb 2010 11:30 am IST 130 80 After Treatment
16 Feb 2010 10:30 am IST 130 90 After Treatment
20 Feb 2010 09 30 am IST 150 90 After Treatment
23 feb 2010 9 45 Am IST 150 90 After Treatment

The cardiologist prescribed Star press XL 50 for 15 days beta blocker I took. Last day I took the medicine was 21 jan 2010 then stopped as told by the cardiologist. He gave to bring down the BP. Medicine was given on 04 jan 2010.

I have attached the complete treatment history in the next file.

I have done the flowing test last year
HIV 1 and 2 Elisa antibody and PCR 3 times Negative all the time So Ruled out
Hep b 2 times Negative SO Ruled out
Hep c Negative So Ruled Out Reports attached
VDRl Negative Ruled out
Diabetes In range Ruled out
T3 In range Ruled out
T4 In range Ruled out
TSH In range Ruled out
Urine Blood detected 1-2 needs researchRBC
Cholestrol In range Ruled out
Ultra sound Normal only shows mild fatty liver
SGOT /SGAT In range Ruled out
Fever No some times warm which is not captured in the Thermometer
Lipid profile In range ruled out
ESR 2 In range reports attached
Ultrasound All organs are normal except the report shows mild fatty liver
Herpes 1 and Herpes 2 Negative so Rules out

I got married in 2007 and my wife was very healthy before ,she did not have any health issues
Now she has the following symptoms after 1 year of marriage
1) Diagnosed with Blepharitis MGD chronic dry eyes and Scarring on the eyes by a leading cornea surgean doc gave restasis and ZAHA eyedrop
2) She was also operated for Chalazion in 2008
3) Her BP 150/90 4 times in different months ( she is only 27 years old with no family history of heart disease)
4) PR 100 to 110 5 times in five different months
5) Warm temperature always and feeling weakness and fatigued her CBC is normal with all the components in range
6) White discharge from both the nipples when squessed she got her periods last month she is not yet conceived and also Prolcation is in range 5.80 which is normal
9) her CBC is normal all in range and ESR is normal which is 6 in range
10) Also she gets that same type of itching on her body only when exposed to mild heat
11) She gets redness on the nose area and on cheeks many ointment are used but there is no relief

As I told you that I had a sexual contact with a girl in may 2003 for 4 different days
I noticed something about that girl

1) Her eyes were radioactive it used to glow/Shine in dark and she used to bring her eyes in front of my eyes and also touched here eyeball to mine with a ***k. Also I noticed that sometime I could only see the white portion of her eyes. (Cornea)

2) She had visible discharge from both her breast which I sucked many times and she was deliberately telling me to do so

Doctors do you know in which disease the eyes glows in dark and only the white portion is seen?

3 ) We had a lot of deep kissing and breast sucking several times and she was stranger to me.
Doctor do you know what king of infection or disease can be passed ?

Research to be done

Question 1 Many doctors have told me that I have an allergy and allergy cannot be contagious
My comments So how me and my wife has the same redness as she also gets a lot of itching. Can it be concluded that it is not an allergy.
Your Comments needed

Question 2 Some doctors told that blepharitis is not contagious some told it is
My comments So if I assume that it is not then why we both got blepharitis my wife also got MGD and Scarring on the eyes also she is operated to Chalazion
Your Comments needed

Question 3 As Blepharitis MGD chronic dry eyes and Scarring on the eyes are only condition how do I diagnose the disease as that has to be treated first to relieve that condition.
Your Comments needed

Question 4 In which condition both the eyes becomes radioactive and shines and only white portion of the eyes are seen what is the blood test for the same.
Doctor can u let me know what could be the possible disease associated with such a symptoms so that we can rule that out
Your Comments needed

Question 5 What kind of testing needs to be done in My case
Your Comments needed

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