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Uncomfortable leg pains

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  • Posted By: Naughtyforty
  • November 20, 2006
  • 01:39 PM

After almost a year of chest pain, I was diagnosed with Tietzes syndrome which was in turn treated and reduced considerably. I however still found very strange uncomfortable burning pains all over my upper body. I would frequently become so struck with anxiety that I felt I was about to have a heart attack. A little longer than a week ago I could no longer stand the pain and had a friend rush me to hospital. The hospital carried out numerous tests and they found that I had an infection in the chest that was causing some of the pain and the burning sensation around the heart. It was also discovered that I had an inactive thyroid, and also stomach ulcers. I have been on the various medications prescribed for the symptoms, which thankfully are helping so far. Needless to say, I am completely run down and need to build myself up again. The doctors said it would take some time and that I just need to take each day slowly untill I am back to normal energy levels.
What puzzles me though, are the leg pains I started experiencing whilst in the hospital. I mentioned it to the doc and more blood tests were done, but they found nothing I should be concerned about. The pains have however been getting worse and I am finding it difficult to cope now. If I am sitting still in a certain position, or lying down, I have minimal pain. If I am on my feet, I have pain. The pain is mostly in the legs and feet, but I have felt the same sensations occasionally in my arms and hands. I can only describe the pain as either a dull numbness, sometimes pins and needles like, sometimes short sharp bursts, sometimes deep pin ****k sensations, and just generally very uncomfortable and worrying.
Could this be the result of bad circulation that has occured after all the illness, or is it because of acidity in my body............. or am I just barking up the wrong tree. I would really like to know so that I can see what I need to do to get help. Can anyone help with info?

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  • i have heart disease.i had my first heart attack 5 days after my 38th birthday and had stents put in.i had my second heart attack at 40 years old.this april 2,2006.it damaged my heart and i have 27 % heart function left.ever since i have experence the same pains exactly as you have written.they said i had to much acid in my blood and said i had gout.3 months later i told my dr the pain pills and gout medicine wasnt working.he said stop gout medicine that gout isnt a everyday pain that you have attacks of gout.now they are testing for arthritis and nueropathy.i feel for you and hope you find out.i,m not dealing well with it i dont sleep and have gained 30 pounds this year.i'm sure due to not being able to walk or exercise.please let me know if you do get diagnosed.good luck...
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 7, 2006
    • 11:48 AM
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  • Thank you so much for your reply. My thoughts are with you. I cannot begin to imagine how you feel after the 2 heart attacks. I too do not think that the pains have anything to do with acidity in the blood. Where it may be possible. it is more likely as a result of the attacks you had, and in my case the illness. I think the tests you are about to have will probably clarify things or hopefully put them in the right direction. It has been suggested to me that I see a neurologist and undergo all the required tests and scans. I hope to do this in the new year. I do advise you to try and keep your stress levels as low as possible. It is difficult I know, but I have experienced that stress does not make matters any easier. Perhaps you would like to do a google search on Cayenne Pepper and read as much as possible as to how you could benefit by taking the cayenne for a heart condition, and many other ailments. Good luck with everything and let me know if there is any improvement. Regards.
    Naughtyforty 2 Replies
    • December 8, 2006
    • 09:58 AM
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