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type of diaper rash

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  • Posted By: edgymom
  • May 27, 2008
  • 04:48 PM

changed dipers and wipe type and used silverdene cream he did clear up some but he would still have some bleeding from his butt hole for months. My doctor said he has sensitive skin dont give him fruits or juices for a week and this is the results still. This all started when I stopped breastfeeding and put him on milk. She said that is not it. We occasionally give him a break I leave him diaperless and bath after changing. It being this bad is something that happens in hours not days. He will be fine on the first changing but this is what happens on the next when he poops. Also when we do get rid of all those bumps and things he still bleeds from his anus. HELP?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Aaaaah poor wee man.....My own daughter was very sensitive also & if i didn't get her nappy off straight away this would happen but not just as bad as ur baby, it is very destressing. My daughter is now 27 so it was a long time ago. I wish i could give u the name of the cream i used but alas it was one that was made up by a local chemist who was fantastic, but it was better than anything any doctor give for it. Can u go to ur own chemist and ask him if he can mix up something for u that would treat this ? The mixture of stuff that i got had a very strong smell, was very thick & felt a bit gritty, it had no name but it worked with out fail. I had to keep on top of it all the time as it would continually flare, her skin would have burnt & bleeding in miniutes of her doing anything in her nappy. The up side of this she was out of nappies by 9mths old, she done it herself, in the mornings when i'd go into her she would have her nappy off, then through-out the day if she was to do anything she would struggle the nappy off, everytime, so i put her in pants & from then on that was her out of nappies. Anyway hun i hope u can get something like this cream that will help u & baby or maybe some of the other members will come up with something else that will help. Best wishes to u both :)
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  • http://www.epinions.com/review/Boudreaux_S_Butt_Paste_Diaper_Rash_Ointment_with_Zinc_Oxide_2oz_Tube/content_423319408260 Try Boudreaux's; you can get it at Walmart or drug stores, I believe. He could have food allergies, too, and be constipated. Pear juice or a little prune juice (very little) might help with the constipation.
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  • First of all, I want to commend you for bf'ing..its the very best thing youcan give your baby.... If the rashes started when you swiched to formula, it's likely that it's the cause. You may want to try a soy-based lacto free formula for a week and see if that helps. you may also want to try desitin mixed with a tiny bit of anti-fungla cream containing myconisole (sp?) in case it's yeast related...also, have you changed brands of diapers? if your babyis really sensitive, that could trigger it. Drs know a lot, but mothers usually know thier own babies better, so if you think it happened withthe formula, then it probably did. At 4mo, my Dr. wanted me to stop BFing because my infant had small amts of blood in the stool. After lots of research and a trip to the specialist, we found out it was because I was making more milk than he could digest! (poor gy was 17 lbs at 4 mos!) I slowed the feedings, and the problem went away!Trust your gut, you are the mommy:o
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  • i too are wondering if some constipation could be making him bleed from the butt esp.. since that trouble has been since you stopped breastfeeding him. My sisters baby had nappy rash as bad and at times a lot worst than that (her babes butt used to go into a mass of bleeding flesh). She ended up trying cream after cream (the creams doctors were recommending werent working).. and finaly found one which as long as she always uses, her babe dont get the issue. Sorry thou.. as I myself dont know the name of the cream. (I think it was a form of zinc cream.. but the first kind of zinc cream she used didnt help.. paw paw ointment was no good either).
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