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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 24, 2010
  • 07:32 AM

Okay I have a question for myself and a family member. I will start with myself.

I have been having sever neck and jaw pain with swollen lymphnodes in my neck due to believe caused by tooth infection and maloclussion. I am curious if swollen and painful lympnodes on the neck is common after a tooth extraction and also if trying to avoid the extraction sites(left side of mouth) with tongue and food and trying to keep from clenching could cause these symptms as well?

Now for my other question I have a family member that I will do a quick rundown on symptoms that has had this illness which is debilating for 20+ years and seen mutiple doctors which all seem to misdiagnosis it and last thing that was came to a "conclusion" was panic attacks. Anyhow she was also at first believed to have epiliepsy. Anyways here are the symptoms.

tremors(started in limbs, then one side of the body and then whole body) says it feel like eletricity running through her
memory loss/cognitive problems
Vision problems
Loss of Balance

Says tremors seem to reduce or stop when resting or sleeping.

Anyhow any help on it would be appreciated. I myself have studied on it some and got my own beliefs. I believe it is possibly one of two things Parkison's disease or MS.

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  • You`re wright about you and about your relative,indeed M.S should be strongly considered
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  • You`re wright about you and about your relative,indeed M.S should be strongly consideredThanks for the reply. My illness of late goes into considerable detail as well. First I started out in pain with a tooth, it became abcessed then spread into my jaw to my neck and caused "strep" or so the ER said. I got the tooth extracted and started to feel better for two days. Then symptoms came back in the neck. Went to the ER several times as well as a family doctor. They said strep, some ilness they gave no name to, and somethingelse without doing thorough tests. They only checked in my mouth, checked my glands, and ears and thats about it. Put me on antibiotics(pencillian and doxycycline), prednisone, and pain killers. I got a tad better but never went away so went to an ER doctor again as I got worse. He told me had no clue go see a dentist. So while in pain wrote a post to dentist on a site and he gave me the response it sounded like malocclusion. So went to an ER dentist told them of my symptons and was told I hasd to many symptons for them to take care of in the ER dentistry part. To schedule a screening appointment. So I did and was told I wouldn't get in for months as they were backed up. Being in all this pain and feeling like I am going to die and getting in months didn't cut it with me. So I went to another dentist where I orginally had all my upper teeth pulled except two and they pulled the last two upper teeth. Well was feeling a tad better and the through pain came back full force again and ended up in the ER again where this time doctor ran blood tests and also swab in the back of the throat for bacteria. Both came out fine so he believes I have viral pharyngitis caused by a weird strain. So has anyone ever heard of this lasting over a month?Here are my current symptomsswollen neck glands that are tenderfeel like I get something stuck in my throat or its swelling upheavy saliva feeling almost like mucuspain on lower jaw at connecting point when touchedsometimes little bit of pain in jaw itselfrinnging or slight discomfort in earsnasal dripdiscoloration near upper jaw bonetrouble swallowing at timesClearing of throatSymptoms I did have besides theseClicking in jawJaw pain(pain from lower all the way to upper to a certain point on my head)tiny bit of swelling in jawNow could this all be due to recent tooth extractions as I have had 3 extractions? None of those 3 extractions were wisdom teethCould this be after viral pharyngitis? Could it be LPR(have suffered from GERDS and ulcers)?Could this be impacted wisdom tooth?(asked a dentist and he said he didn't see any impacted but could have one underneath the gums), TMJ or malocclusion?(have no upper teeth have to wait four weeks for healing before they will fit me, before that only had two upper teeth)Or is there something else that seems more logical. My father keeps claiming check out cervical vertabrae and they could have possibly cracked your jaw when pulling that lower tooth.Last tooth I did have pulled I know the dentist broke a piece of bone off with it as he told me so and said it should be fine and also a tiny small root tip left in as he was afraid it would psuh into my sinus cavity if he kept trying to get it out and said it should be fine as well as bone should cover over it. I been ill for over a month about 5 weeks approx and just feel like I won't make it through all this as I don't know for sure what I have. I also thought about viral pharyngitis and was thinking well if I had that why hasn't it spread, why have I had it over a month(doc said weird strain). Anyhow please any help on figuring this out would be greatly appreciated. I been looking all over the place and trying to find what I could have. I am greatly worried as well as I have a 2 year old daughter and don't want to leave her behind but I literally feel as I won't make it much longer.
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