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  • Posted By: jb35401
  • June 30, 2009
  • 04:33 PM

6 months ago I had a tingling very intense feeling in my neck all the way to the top of my head.It was like somebody really scares you. That kind of feeling. Since then I started getting muscle twitches. They startedd in my right calf ankle area then progressed to my left leg. After about a month they got less noticable.Then they started again in my legs,arms,back,cheek,feet,hands basically everywhere.Went to neurologist and had blood work done as well as emg and nerve conduction study performed.All normal. Had MRI of head and back and only thing was a bulging disc in neck which was causing nerve pain in left arm only. Went trrough 2 weeks of physical therapy and pain in left arm went away not the twitching. After an episode of twitching the muscle gets slightly sore and then feels weak. Typically after a week or two the weak feeling goes away for the most part. I also have periods of sweating in a cool room,constipation,knee joint pain,pins and needles feelings in feet and toes and sometimes burning sensations in feet and toes sometimes in lower calf area. My Neoro said it may be some type of viral infection but could be BFS.Basically he doesn't know.It has been over 6 months since this started and am looking for answers. Ocasional nausea and upper right abdominal pain. Yes lyme tested negative as well as west nile.

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  • Rather than list the diagnostic tests I think should be considered, would you please do me the kind favor and list all of the specific tests conducted. If you have a copy of the actual lab reports, I would ask that you post the actual results and the lab's posted reference values which are lab-dependent. With regard to the initial symptom, was the sensation constant or intermittent in nature? Also describe the muscle twitches in greater detail if you don't mind. I'd like to know more about their characteristics. Are these twitches felt and observed to be on the outer layer of your skin or are they felt more deeply within the muscles? How long do the episodes typically last and does stretching the affected muscle group induce any type of change afterward? A viral infection, or even post-viral syndrome, would be somewhat unlikely due to the length of time that the symptoms have persisted. It's not altogether impossible, but simply unlikely. Also tell me whether you have noticed any other unfamiliar occurrences, regardless of whether you believe them to be related. For instance, have you become heat-intolerent and if so, what are the characteristics? Has there been any change in voice or vision (optics and/or extraocular muscles) and if so, please describe the changes. Any difficulty with saliva secretions, such as coughing or choking episodes? Difficulties when eating or drinking? Any difficulty walking or infrequent episodes of tripping on low-lying objects such as a carpet ridge or threshold? Do you tire easily under exertion and if so, describe the fatigue. I realize that it's a fairly exhaustive list and task, but if you can provide further information, I can offer a better opinion. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • I will try to get the test info from the Neorologist.The initial symptoms was intermittent. The muscle twitching started on the exterior as they were highly visible.A month or so later they were still felt but barely visible indicating they were deeper in the muscle. Now they are outside again.Sometimes it felt like worms crawling under the skin other times it is like getting finger poked or thumped.The episodes generally are worst at beginning and taper off within 2 weeks to practically non existant within 3 to 4 weeks.they then repeat the cycle.As far as swallowing I have no problems.I do have excessive saliva present after eating and have to clear my throat for about 10 minutes after eating.Vision has been decreasing over the last 3 years. Generally eyes somewhat bloodshot in a.m.
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  • Yes there is a cell tower 1 1/4 miles from my house,yes i use cordless,and cell phones as well as linc radio. have a router in home
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  • I have been tested for the following:visual acuity normal both eyes, chest and lungs normal, eye gaze normal, light tough intact globally, vibration intact,muscles bulk and contour normal, tone normal strength arms and legs normal, reflexes dermatomes 1/2 decreased all, plantar reflexes left flexion rt flexion coordination finger to nose, Romberg sign negative, gait normal, NCV/EMG negative for concerning findings,Bloodwork:ANTI-SSA/ANTI SSBcopper 61 normal is 70-140 this was lower than normalANA IgG screen reflex to IFA titer ELISA none detectedC-reactive protein 1.7 normal E SR-F sed rate Eythrocyte normalheavy metal screen none detectedcreatine kinase total 81 normal 30-223rpr rapid plasma reagin non reactiveTT4 thyroxine total 7.4 normal 4.5-10.9TSH 1.304 normal .35-5.50vitamin b-12 cyanocobalamin 620 normal 193-140NCV left upperNCV bilateral lowerNeedle EMGWSR 3 0-15 normalGLU 141BUN 19CRE 1.13NA 141K 4.7cl 102anion gap 10ca 9.5corrected ca 8.8tp 7.1alb 4.4bilt .8alp 66sgot ast 41sgpt alt 121west nile virus antibody negativeMRI RESULTS:C5-C6large right sided uncinate hypertrophy and superimposed disc,abnormality present causing significant narrowing of right lateral recess and right neural foramen,infringing on exiting right c6 nerve root likely this was for C6 -C7 central and left paracentral broad based disc protrusion is present filling the left lateral recess and left neural foramen with impingement on exiting left C7 nerve root not excludedlarge osteophytes and superimposed disc bulge at C5-C6 L5-S1 mild central and left paracentral disc bulge present does not contact exiting left L5 or proximel left S1 nerve,minimun facet hypertrophy lower lumbar spine and central left paracontrol disc bulge L5-S1 no evidence of impingement.some things going on are fatty liver, no cause could be found. I do not use recreational drugs or drink alcohol. 6'1" tall and 225 pounds.gained 12 pounds since november and can't seem to ge it off.I do have upper right abdominal pain which doc suspected ulcer. Am currently taking prilosec and stabbing pain is going away.Other problems are sweating episodes,burning tingling in toes and feet,sometimes insomnia,back pain upper and lower,some recent headaches( I normally do not have headaches) light headed feeling, sometimes forget certain words,can't see close up anymore, eyes itch or sometimes burn.Words sometimes don't come out right(not often).MRI of brain showed scattered areas of increased signal intensity in periventricular deep white matter suggesting small vessel cerebrovascular disease or sequela of hypertensive episodes from migraine headaches.No acute hemorrage or infarct seen. You now know what I do. I have a follow up next week to determine why my ALT is 121, in january it was 86 and last year it was in acceptable parameters.
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  • I think you should get more testing done for Lyme. Apparently, ELISA test is hit and miss...A lot of your symptoms I have experienced too and I think I know what you mean by the "tingling very intense feeling". I had a similar episode that I described as something fluid suddenly propagating from my head to my left arm and leg. My complete story on symptoms and how I figured out it was Lyme is available here: http://www.discover.uottawa.ca/_wiki/doku.php/public/user/frank/lyme_diseaseI got ELISA test done but didn't get the results yet - even if negative, I am convinced this is Lyme I have.
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  • I am still having problems with twitching,constipation,insomnia,eye irritation ,weakness which gets better over time and other issues. Any ideas?
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    • January 4, 2010
    • 01:25 AM
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