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Trouble Swallowing

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  • Posted By: HeatherTaylor523
  • May 6, 2007
  • 08:08 PM

For the past two years I have had difficulty with swallowing. It has progressively been getting worse. For about a week now, I cannot swallow anything except liquids. Anything that is not a liquid literally gets "stuck" in my throat. It just "sits" there and I can't seem to bring it up or down. Eventually it goes down after repeated swallowing....by then I am usually broken out in a cold sweat and shaking badly. It is so scary that I am just surviving on Ensure and other liquids because I'm so terrified of choking. I have had a couple of MRI's. They told me that I had "multiple cysts" in my brain that may or may not be normal for me. I have a follow up MRI (it's been a year since my first) to compare the two and see if there are changes in the cysts. I am also scheduled for a barium swallow. I have done the whole endoscopy "thing" twice. They found minimum reflux issues and I take Nexium daily. Has anyone else been through anything like this? I am so scared and it would be so helpful if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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  • I had trouble swallowing, osteoporosis and just plain tired and aching all of the time. I felt old and looked young. It turned out to be hyperparathryoidism - disease of the parathryoid which allows our bodies to absorb calcium. I had too much blood calcium or you can have too little.Too much or too little affects the muscles function in our bodies. It is very rare (but not really) and it affects many more woman than men. For any problem like this, you need to see a "GREAT" endocrinologist and ask for a parathyroid workup. If it comes back just slightly out of whack, then insist on a second workup to see if it continues to be consistent. Too much parathyroid hormone (HPT) can cause terrible destruction to your body. This is a terrible disease that will take you down over the years and you won't know it until you're body has been destroyed. After going through the surgery and the rehab of having too low blood calcium now, I am out to preach about this disease. It is not well understood and Doctors on the whole don't seem to want to admit they don't see it often, but it is real and not a good thing. It also cause digestive problems.Check out www.parathyroid.com and read about the symptoms. I don't think it states swallowing problems, but I definitely had swallowing problems.See an Endocrinologist and tell them what you are experiencing.Good luck and take care.
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  • You may want to go to a speech therapist (i am one myself). Once the swallow study is complete and results are given, a speech therapist can then work with you on strategies to help your swallow. This could be happening for a variety of reasons and hopefully it will not be a long enduring process for you. good luck
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  • Yes I get this often. It is called "dysphagia" (trouble swallowing) usually caused by hiatus hernia, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiatus_hernia - the operation can be most uncomfortable and easily rips again later, so best is just to live with it, IF it is only hiatus hernia.Observe that after the pain and mucus of a bad swallow, you may break some wind, as if the wind caused an air lock. So before (and during) eating, drink some milk or apple juice and do exercises, try to burp yourself. Be aware of post nasal drip, don't eat with a throat full of mucus, blow your nose etc. Take small bites, chew well, and be sure the swallowing worked before taking another bite.However severe the experience, I'm so used to swallowing that I tend to forget the problem until it is too late. If it went wrong, don't keep swallowing. Go to the loo and vomit. Jump or turn your upper body side to side, to burp. Usually only the problem food and mucus will come out, thereby allowing the wind to pass.Try standing upright to eat, perhaps leaning against a wall with your back. First try eating cooked butternut, somewhat mashed with real butter. Also real potato (cooked in water and mashed) with plenty unheated olive oil. Most difficult is chicken breast and tuna, try them well mixed with mayonnaise. In between bites take fluids, to make sure.If you have to stay on fluids, add chicken stock (soup) as well as veggie broth: Overcook baby marrows and cabbage in water, then save the water and discard the rest. Flavour with Trocomare salt if needed. This brew can be kept in the fridge for a day. It is very nutritious, makes one feel great.
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  • Heather...please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com I am currently being tested...Remember...you don't have to have every symptom...and there are many...you could have 1 or 100 and still have this...there are mild, mod and severe cases....several people on this site with symptoms...please read where I have posted...you will see.mommy cat
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