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  • June 30, 2010
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I am a 26 year old woman with a history of not being able to concentrate or focus without distracting myself with something--there is always an anxiety and my mind races. i feel calm when i am with my boyfriend, but when I am on my own it gets very bad and all i want to do is sit around and be catatonic and do nothing but keep my mind occupied until the next meal. i already see a doctor on an ongoing basis for an eating disorder, but it is so hard to concentrate and focus. i just want to be a contributing adult. please please help.

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  • I am a 26 year old woman with a history of not being able to concentrate or focus without distracting myself with something--there is always an anxiety and my mind races. i feel calm when i am with my boyfriend, but when I am on my own it gets very bad and all i want to do is sit around and be catatonic and do nothing but keep my mind occupied until the next meal. i already see a doctor on an ongoing basis for an eating disorder, but it is so hard to concentrate and focus. i just want to be a contributing adult. please please help.Ditch the aspartame or sucralose/splenda and have you had the gardasil shots? ( another poison) If yes to the latter then search a support group on yahoo- or google and ask them for help- doctors cannot really help with this- moms of victims know more about this I am afraid-
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  • Iodine — Dr. Flechas’ Radio BroadcastMonday, June 21st, 2010From: http://www.fertilethoughts.com/forums/resources-faqs/522794-iodine-dr-flechas-radio-broadcast.html Iodine deficiency is being linked to many diseases/disorders. A group of medical doctors have been studying the effects of iodine supplementation for the last few years and have had some interesting results with fibrocystic breast disease, PCOS, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism. What has me the most excited is that it helps hormone receptors work better — so for those of us with insulin resistance, it helps the cells utilize the insulin that is there. http://www.iodine4health.com/overviews/audiovisual/flechas_audiovisual.htm A disclaimer: With the following information, I am not claiming that supplementing iodine will cure anything, nor am I prepared to defend/debate the studies presented by the doctors. I am posting this in hopes that it encourages others to research iodine deficiency since the anecdotal information from the doctor’s own patients shows some favorable health benefits to iodine supplementation. On with the show: I took notes on what interested me the most from the 2-hr. interview with Dr. Jorge D. Flechas (see link in above post), which I thought I’d share with you to further encourage you to listen to the interviews yourself. On his website, (www.helpmythyroid.com) the doctor is described as follows: “Jorge D. Flechas, M.D., M.P.H., is the Medical Director of Flechas Family Practice in Hendersonville, NC, specializing in hormonal therapy for treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) since the late 1980s. He also specializes in Iodine Therapy for Hypothyroidism and Fibrocystic Breast Disease.” A brief introduction to iodine deficiency (including links to medical studies involving iodine) can be found at his website: http://www.helpmythyroid.com/iodine.htm The radio interviews are at www.iodine4health.com, a website maintained by The Iodine Group, which was created in 2006, and describes themselves as follows: “The Iodine Group already has over 1000 members interested in understanding how to use iodine for the health of the body. The members include medical practitioners, researchers, people with various health challenges, and people interested in improving total body health.” OK, enough credentials (don’t want people thinking I’m just making this stuff up!), on with my notes. Though first, a quick science lesson – on the periodic table of elements, you’ll see a row that looks like this: F (Fluorine) Cl (Chlorine) Br (Bromine) I (Iodine) These are the halogens. Dr. Flechas will mention Bromine/bromide, Chlorine/chloride and Fluorine/fluoride in his discussion of iodine. The following will help you understand the connection. From http://www.doctorvickery.com/IODINE.cfm: “…There are four halogens: iodine, bromine, fluorine and chlorine. Only iodine and chlorine are necessary to the body. We need iodine in all the aforementioned tissues ( Probably all tissues but it is concentrated here). We need chlorine in the stomach for secretion of hydrochloric acid. Chloride is also an important part of the blood’s regulation of its acid-base balance. You need chlorine to breathe. “All these halogens use the same receptors in the body. Therefore if a person’s diet is deficient in iodine the iodine receptors in the thyroid and stomach, for example, may fill up with bromine which is common in grains, bleached flour, sodas, nuts and oils as well as several plant foods. Then the person’s thyroid function is deficient and the iodide-pump in the stomach will not work efficiently either. There has been research also done on the role of insufficient iodine and breast cancer and cysts in the ovaries and uterus. A person whose sweat glands are low in iodine will have dry skin. (It is important to note that the present “low salt” regimes leave us chloride deficient as well) Fluorine from sources such as toothpaste, certain teas, and fluoridated water will also take up receptor space . “Once this receptor space is taken up, my research shows me that it takes a certain level of iodine loading to replace the unwanted halogens with iodine, this seems to be especially so of bromine.” Here are my notes. I’ve added a few comments which are marked this way: * 84% of women have some kind of cyclical breast pain, which is related to fibrocystic breast disease and linked to iodine deficiency. * Dr. Guy Abraham, an OB/GYN and iodine researcher, reports that iodine deficiency in the thyroid = cysts, nodules, scar tissue and goiter. * Also, iodine deficiency in the breasts = cysts, nodules, scar tissue, enlargement and tenderness (fibrocystic breast disease (FBD)). * New England Journal of Medicine, July 24, 2005 – women with FBD have a high rate of cancer. * Breast tissue uses iodine as much or more than thyroid * Iodine deficiency in the ovaries = ovarian cysts, PCOS. * Absence of iodine in a tissue will eventually lead to cancer * A women with hypothyroidism has a 6% chance of developing breast cancer. Once she starts taking thyroid hormone, it doubles her chances. Once she’s been on thyroid hormone replacement for 15 years, it more than triples it – 19.6% chance of developing breast cancer. * Cities/counties/states with high rates of hypothyroidism also have high rates of breast cancer. * Thyroid hormone inhibits the body’s ability to uptake iodine. * RDA of iodine = how much to prevent goiter, not how much our body needs to be healthy. * Iodine in the body is used as follows: 3% by the thyroid, 70% by muscles and fat, 20% by the skin, and 7% by the ovaries. * Absence of iodine in tissue allows cysts to grow. * In his practice, Dr. Flechas has had women with PCOS on iodine supplementation and has seen their cycles return to every 28 days. As someone with PCOS and IR — this had me crying tears of hope. * Absence of iodine in early pregnancy = ADD type symptoms in children * Adequate amounts of iodine in early pregnancy and early childhood improves intelligence. * In China, where there is fluoride in the water and the iodine levels are marginal, many babies born are cretin. * In the U.S., iodine used to be in bread – 160 mcg of iodine per slice of bread. Now they use bromide. Not long after this change occurred, the incidence of breast cancer rose dramatically. * Iodine used to be in milk, but is no longer. * 50% of American women cook with salt that has no iodine. The Journal for the AMA recommends all physicians decrease their patients salt intake by 50%. Where are these patients supposed to get iodine? * 25-30% of those who go senile do so due to lack of thyroid hormone which is due to a lack of iodine. * Bromides are used to make beautiful-looking loaves of bread. * Back in the 20’s, Bromo-Seltzer was used to cure headaches and hangovers. Too much Bromo-Seltzer caused a buildup of bromide which resulted in paranoia and schizophrenia, which the doctors termed “Bromomania”. * New England Journal of Medicine reported that from 1920 to 1960, 20% of the people admitted into psychiatric hospitals had acute paranoid psychosis (Bromomania) because of Bromo-Seltzer. * At the time, physicians would wonder if an alcoholic was going through the DT’s or if the symptoms were from Bromide poisoning. * In 1964, the FDA was concerned, so Bromo-Seltzer left the market. But, that same year, bromide was included in another produce in the form of brominated vegetable oil – Mountain Dew. They use it to disperse the citric acid in citrus- flavored drinks. “Fresca was mentioned, someone else has seen it in Gatorade-type drinks, Dr. Pepper, and AMP, among others” * We’re getting Bromide in bread and soft drinks. Iodine and salt can help your body release the bromide. * Dr. Flechas used his son as one of his research subjects while he was studying iodine supplementation. They were collecting his urine to study what was being released. They noticed ½” of brown sediment at the bottom of the container. It was tested at the lab – it was bromide. They tracked down the source to the Mountain Dew he drinks. * When bromide combines with a liquid oil, it turns it into a solid. Kids/Adults with morbid obesity can’t get rid of fat due to the tremendous amounts of bromide. “I’ve read some experiences of others who are supplementing with iodine who’ve said their stubborn belly fat is getting softer, and in some cases, leaving.” * Bromide depresses the central nervous system. They load Mtn. Dew with caffeine to make up for that effect. > * >> * In 2000, the Brazilian government outlawed bromine in flour. * Bromide is injected into soil and sprayed on some fruits and veggies since it makes a great pesticide. Fluoride is also used as an insecticide and pesticide.
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  • article continues: * In China they have found that no geniuses come from areas with fluoridated water. Many are of substandard intelligence. * Average American gets 138 mcg (micrograms) of iodine each day. Your body can utilize 9-10 mg (milligrams) per day. 1 mg = 1000 mcg 9 mg = 9000 mcg * PCOS = increased risk for ovarian cancer in your 40s and 50s. * 20% iodine sits in the skin – helps the body sweat. If you don’t sweat, you may be iodine deficient. * Japan has the lowest amount of cancer in the world, even though they’ve been bombed twice with nuclear bombs. Because they eat so much seaweed, they get the highest doses of iodine of any country. Chernobyl also had a nuclear disaster. The people there developed a lot of cancer. * Iodine kicks the bromide out of the cells, and it ends up in the kidneys. Chloride (from salt) pushes it from the kidneys into the urine. * In the 1920s, people were given 50 – 150 mg of iodine each day for goiter. * For those coming to his clinic with PCOS, insulin resistance and diabetes, he’s put them on 50mg of iodine/day in the form of Iodoral. It has both iodine and iodide. Some tissues want only one or the other. Breasts like both iodine and iodide. * One very cool example he gave is of a woman with diabetes. She arrived at the ER with very high blood sugar. They put her on insulin. When she came back 2 weeks later, to the clinic, he also put her on Iodoral because she has fibrocystic breast disease. Within a few weeks, she was complaining of hypoglycemic symptoms, and Dr. Flechas told her to reduce her insulin. Two or three months after that initial ER visit, she came in for her checkup. Her ave. bloodsugar was 98. And she had not injected any insulin for a couple weeks because of the hypoglycemic symptoms – she has slowly weaned off all insulin. * 90% of all diabetics make insulin – they just can’t utilize it. Iodine helps the receptors work better. * FSH/LH receptors are also helped by iodine. He mentioned that patients who aren’t having periods began having regular cycles again. > * The amino acid Histadine is the pre-cursor to Histamine (which triggers allergy symptoms like itchy, runny nose and eyes). Iodine inhibits the conversion from histadine to histamine – so it’s a natural antihistamine. * Those put on thyroid hormone may still suffer with 90% of their symptoms. For many, they have the thyroid hormone already, the problem is with the receptors >. * Neuro-hormones in the brain also benefit from iodine. Within days, some people with depression find relief. * Dr. St. Georgie (discoverer of Vit. C.) reported that based on researchers over 100 years (1850 to 1950), the average human needs 62 mg of iodine/day. * Dr. Flechas has been supplementing with iodine for a number of years now. It took him a year to come off his thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism. * Less than ½ of 1% of the population is allergic to iodine. * You can get an iodine loading test done to determine your level of deficiency.
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  • i'd tell the doc the next time you see him. It sounds very similar to a problem I had where severe depression cause me to just sit and wait for life to happen, but as soon as i tried to do anything, my mind raced so bad I could only go back and sit.Once my just sitting there became not getting out of bed in the morning for work, I was prescribed a new med from my p-doc, and it's worked very well ever since. There are a few similar meds, but I think if you described it to your doc, he or she would be able to give you a good next step.
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  • I have to say, that I feel very similar to the original post. I find myself wondering in conversations, meetings, movies, anything that requires my concentration for longer than about 10 minutes. You can guarantee that if I'm in a meeting for longer than 10 -15 minutes, I'm in Disney World! I can't concentrate or stay concentration, unless it's Math or Legos with my kids....oh or coloring/drawing something. Anything else.....reading, talking, watching movies, listening to meetings......forget it....I'm somewhere else. For instance, by the time I realize that I'm done reading a page or even a paragraph, I don't know what I read, because I wondered off somewhere else, so I have to reread it and even though I don't know what I just read, the thought of having to reread something repulses me; so I have to find something else to do. In fact, the simple fact that you are reading this comment now, only goes to prove my point, because I can't seem to concentrate on getting my collge homework done. I start off good for about a month, then BAM.....I'm done!!! Can't concentrate and focus, so it turns up as a failed grade or withdrawl. I've been trying to get my degree for 17 years and I've been to 5 schools now and had 12 different majors; this has got to stop!!!!! I can't understand what's the problem! I can remember numbers and IP addresses from over 6 years ago(apparently I have a very good memory for numbers), but can't remember someone's name I met 5 minutes ago. I think someone was right with the depression thing.....possibly from me gaining weight, I've put myself into this downward spiral and seem to be slowly swerling around like a terd in a toilet till it finally goes in. I thought I had found a solution, but the FDA decided to screw it all up. I was taking Ripped fuel with Ephedra, before it was changed to the current formula, and I felt extremely happy with my attitude, work ethic and concentration, but now if I take it, I only get high blood pressure, so I don't take it any more. Bad or not, the Ephedra worked! I thought maybe my current state was a side affect of the Ephedra, but this has been going on since I was a kid. This sucks!!!!!!!
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