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  • Posted By: DustinJones
  • December 27, 2007
  • 02:17 PM

Ok where to start...... I guess symptoms hmm..... & History... Please Read....
Im at a complete loss and ***n near ready to just give up and call it Quits.

Infant: lung isues and hepatitis mom says couple times a week at night I would cry untill put in warm bath . Once old enough to be mobile with hand dexterity the crying coincided with me holding rubing my knees , warm bath apperantly stoped it most times she tells me.
Was allways diagnosed as growing pains......
Adolecent: Knee pain persited untill mid teens , where it didnt go away but was simply added to......

Teens: OOOO Boy.... Was very ******n my self to say the least....
I played VERY HARD was willing to try anything, a couple low speed bike accidents hit by a car twice lucky for me both at low spead just pulling out both times.... Fall from trees few times just rough and tumble type boy stuff.... Amazingly nothing more then a few stiches once in a while and some good deep bruises ..... never a broken bone till later...

Young adult : Ejectied from vehicle in car accident , amazingly pretty much walked away with some road rash and a broken coxis " tail bone " from when I hit the ground,I remember coming in for my landing flying thru the air as if I was still siting in the drivers seat hands at the well and all...
Tuck and Roll man... Tuck and Roll.... a tactic well developed from my teen years :).

Adult: Well apperntly I would expect to be a bit sore from my youth that goes without saying . At this point I run a whole gambit of symptoms.
That explains some of my isues .. fine but not enough of them.

1:Neck pain at the base of the skull radiating bown the neck , sound of sand grinding when moving head . Causes head pain severe enough to vomit from pain not nasuea.

2:Shoulder pain both sides keeps me awake at night can not sleep without waking from pain and having to readjust my position. Arms are COLD and numb when I awake can not move them for 10 -15 seconds. If I sleep with my arms at my side on my back I only get tingling in my arms hands but that position causes pain with my neck.

3:Entire muscle system trembles sometimes minor sometimes just involantary jerking of a single muscle. Most commonly left lower eyelid right thumb and both upper thighs. But at times its simply an entire body Vibration....I think is the best word to describe it. Every muscle group is allways sore and tender. My neck especialy.

4:Joint Pain:Pick one any one I have an isue with it. When I sit for say 30 minutes in a chair when I stand my entire body goes POP. Toe ankles kness hips back neck elbows fingers it all just goes stiff from not moving. Hands wrist and ankles all pop in a regular fashion when I move.

5:Neurlogical:- Tremors loss of ballance floaters in my vision random color flashes yellow blue and silver allways in my peripharal vision. Geting lost for a minute when I know ***n well where I am lasts just a few seconds usauly, sometimes longer. Confused at times when im looking at a word that I know full well how to say it and what it means, but ill be damned if I can tell you.. And there words I use reguraly. Strange smells once in a while cant make my hands do what im telling them to do on ocasion.
And when using my hands they will cramp up so bad I have to stop what im doing for a couple of minutes then try again.

6:Frequent urination up 4 to 5 times a night most nights to take a leak and usauly every hour or so during the day some times just comes on and I gotta go right then and there.

7:This Damned Tinitus...... Ive got three types... Ringing, Pullsating , and the whoshing form. The ringing is constant, the pullsating and whoshing are only when I lay down to sleep.....
Ive tried the Lipo Vlavinoid suplements with no results.

8:***n lumps and shooting pain in the neck on the left side center the neck bellow the ear, at a nodule there. Ive got a second nodule on the right side just below the jaw next to the carotid and lymphnod . Lymphnods semm to swell on a regular basis. not bad but a bit sore.

Ive had multiple doctors tell me there is nothing diagnosable wrong with me.
By there tests im a healthy youg man of 33 at this point.
Ive had it /// I CALL BULLSH:T\\.
My last GP was also a rhumetologist he ran all kinds of test says im fine.
I saw a nerologist a few years back and he says all seems well. Ive seen an orthopedist and he says all seems to be in place with no odd wear on my joints or other obvious conditions. I even saw a ***n psycologist just to make sure it wasnt in my head she said nope your pretty good too...
So it aint in my head ***n it.... Even telling my last doctor this from the psycologist sugested antidepresents just to see.....
Nope non for me doc....... I smile enough without help thanks..

Ive read and searched for years at this point.... Im at a loss ladys and gentlemen...
Im asking for any help or sugestions I can get......
I take tramodal in the morning just get me moving and deal with the rest on my own all day.. Its the only thing that seems to help my body get moving.

Are there any autoimune disease disorders or anything MS Park anything that might explain this or a reason my docs have never figured it out ??

Asking for Help
From a desperate Man & Dad

With a daughter that seems to be following my progresion thru-out her youth shes almost 14 and shes really starting to complain about joint pain as well.... And shes doesnt play anything like I did. Dolls and dress's are pretty low impact stuff..

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  • Have you had 24 hour heavy metals test?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 28, 2007
    • 03:29 PM
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  • I Have Had What You Describe--- Doctors Never Helped--- 15 Years Later Found Help--- Go To Google And Search Miracle Mineral Supplement And Download E-book ---read It--- And Take Mms
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 30, 2007
    • 06:50 AM
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  • Thank you for reading and replying..... lymnet you say?? Should give it a try over there .Last night was one of my BAD nights Woke up at around 1:00am with my head and neck in excrutiating type pain . By 10 after 1:00 I was vomiting in the shower trying to make my head neck relax by standing under my shower massager... To no avail unfortanetly. Wound up waking up every one in my house . Scared the ***l out of my wife again as I get entire body spasms and completly incoheriant at times, and others I seem to just pass out for short 3 too 6 second intervals. One minute im crying like a baby drooling on my self the next im silent and compleltly limp , then awake mumbling crying and drooling some more and then out again. But I look foward to that part as I eventualy just go out and stay out...And wake up hours later still in pain but nothing like it was.This am my head and neck are still sore but I can live with this as its normal for my day to day pain. But the mental conffusion today is a killer takes me so much longer to get out what im trying to say or type. I use the wrong words in the wrong order sometimes even backwards when im talking, not so much typing as I can go back and fix it, so it makes sence but try and have an intelegent conversation oraly with me.... good luck...Last night is the reason I dont keep my guns loaded .... yes its that bad... and I couldnt load one no matter how hard I tried when im like this. All resason goes out the window for me when im in that much pain...And thats before I self medicate into oblivion. Usauly 4 flexeral and an opite of some kind. Once im medicated I melt into the couch and become one dont move...... Thats providing my body doesnt simply vomit the pain meds back out. It gets bad enough that when Ive got insurance theres a standing order at the local Emegency Room from my doc when I come in like this they give my IV, Hydromorphine, Valium, and an anti Nasue meds. But im without insurance at this time so deal with the pain was my only option.If I dont do this the head neck pain come back full tilt sometimes even worse , but it doesnt get much worse then last night was. Lost and confused dosnt even begin to explain it ,, this morning..But lymenet sounds like I should be reading some over there.. If I could just loose my head and neck pain my quality of life would go up 10 fold easly.. The rest I can tolerate but not the way it was last night....
    DustinJones 3 Replies
    • December 30, 2007
    • 02:45 PM
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  • And after doing some checking No ive never had a 24 hour heavy metals test done..Ive allways worked in some industrial field of one type another. Plating metals machine shops injection molding printing wood shops and auto carages. Been exposed to all kinds of crap.... Do you think it would be worth it?? How expencive are the tests ?
    DustinJones 3 Replies
    • December 31, 2007
    • 06:02 PM
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  • You sound to me to be suffering from chemical allergy. I am female and had many of your symptoms all my life from 20's to late 40's with the addition of totally debilitating fatigue which I don't think you mention but I would hazard a guess you suffer from. The worse for me was a combination of blurred vision, crippling head pain, total mental malfunction (had to write down my own address if the telephone rang as I wouldn't have known it if anyone asked) and a strange dizziness all of which were diagnosed as disequilibrium. Walking around was terrible as I couldn't make sense of visual imput in a moving environment. Scanning supermarket shelves was impossible. My symptoms were utterly debilitating and my life completely ruled by them. I turned out to have an autoimmune allergy to my own oestrogen. But any chemical can have this devastatingly dramatic effect if you are allergic to it. The problem is that we try and alleviate the symptoms by pumping ourselves full of medication to numb everything and exist in a zombie world, but then the meds end up causing the same symptoms as our immune system then goes into overload. I am now 53 and still only just making sense of what has been wrong with me all my life. You have to get off all the medication you are on which will be really hard and if you still have the symptoms then try to get to the trigger - apparently it could even be a tooth filling. Interestingly the endless list of symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome is identical to that of chemical allergy so I reckon all those poor folks with that diagnosis are suffering the affects of some chemical either in their own body as an autoimmune response or an external chemical. My mum has a friend with all these symptoms who can now barely do anything yet has been told there is nothing wrong - she is now taking 19 different tablets a day so being pumped full of chemicals which I feel sure is now the cause of her worsening symptoms!! Remember the biggest effect chemicals have is on the brain so in cases of chemical allergy there will be multi neurological symptoms including tinnitus, blurred vision, mental malfunction and disturbances of smell. I was completely engulfed in a strong smell that did not match any smell in the real world and no one else could smell it. My brain was registering the chemical internally as a smell. Once you are taking a cocktail of medications you will ache all over as your immune system (and liver) tries to process it all. Have a look at this website and see if you recognise any of the symptoms: http://www.healthy-house.co.uk/allergy/multiple_chemical_sensitivity.php Good luck
    lindle 2 Replies
    • January 1, 2008
    • 00:25 AM
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  • I had a lot of similar symptoms, except for the really bad joint pain- mine was only mild and fleeting.It took me 8 years to get diagnosed. My illness at times looked like MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, hereditary ataxia, spastic paraparesis, etc etc.Finally, my 8th neurologist decided to check my thyroid antibodies. After they came back elevated, she diagnosed me with a rare complication of Hashimoto's autimmune thyrioiditis called Hashimoto's Encephalopathy. It responds quite well to steroids in most cases.Though i had some thyroid symptoms over the years, my doctors had told me repeatedly that my thyroid was okay since my hormone levels were always normal.An ultrasound of my thyroid gland showed that it was full of tiny nodules from the autoimmune destruction, however. I was quite angry and am only recently getting over my anger- I was diagnosed in April and the nodules were found in May. I went on steroids in June and got better, but have recently found out that if the HE isn't caught early enough, it can be prone to relapses. By and large, though, my profound fatigue, somnolence and use of a cane for balance are gone.It might be worthwhile checking into. Also perhaps check into the other autoimmune diseases such as lupus, sjogren's. Maybe also ask to get checked for syphillis.I am sorry you are going through this. I hope you find your answer soon. In any event, please do not let the doctors blow off these symptoms.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 2, 2008
    • 08:52 AM
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  • Ok so what tests would I ask my doctor for ? I hopeing to have my insurance coverage again here shortly. 1:Thyroid Antibody test.2:An effective lime test.3:An effective chemical alergy test ? 4:24 hour heavy metals test ?5:Is there a test panel that covers all autoimmune diseases?6:Doing my reading on Mms suplement cleanser.... ill make my own...7:EMF honestly not to concearned with. No towers even close to me. only fields would have to come from my home/ no wifi or anything of that nature... yet.... And I live in a home with metal roof and sideing.... So im a bit shieldid. Could someone sugest a list of tests and why?Would make it much simpler to deal with my doctorso I know what to ask for.. As he says hes at a loss.And im in rural Upstate NY Malone area. My choice of Docs is pretty Limited....Thanks again... Dustin.
    DustinJones 3 Replies
    • January 2, 2008
    • 00:48 PM
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  • The aphasia (not being able to speak), getting lost and the weird smells make me think epilepsy. Have you had an EEG?
    rad-skw 1605 Replies
    • January 3, 2008
    • 00:49 PM
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