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Treatments for Vitamin B6 - adverse effects

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  • Posted By: MrsWinters
  • June 13, 2008
  • 09:55 PM

I was really sick during my pregnancy and had to take B6 the whole time. About two months after I gave birth I began to experince problems like tingling in my hands and feet and pain in my left breast. I've gone to the doctors and nothing has come of it. While researching online I came across this website and after reading I believe that I may have adverse effects from all the B6 I took while pregnant. I can't find anything on treatment though and I was wonder if anyone else has suffered from this and if so what are some treatments to help. I've been suffering with this for a year now and would really appreciate some help.

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  • I have never heard of any reaction to B6 ... I have been taking for a very long time. The only thing I could think of is that by taking some b's you could be depleting other stores of the remaining b complex family. Some think that it is a good idea to supplement with all the b family. I have read that a deficiency of b12 (and/or folic acid) could create some tingling sensations. Generally it is best to take a liquid b12 under the tongue for best absorption.
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  • doing a quick google (b12 deficiency tingling) I came up with this statement:::: Numbness and Tingling in the Fingers and Toes: Because of vitamin B-12’s importance in the nervous system, a prolonged deficiency could ultimately cause feelings of numbness or tingling in your extremities. Because this can also be a sign of neuropathy due to many different causes such as diabetes, it is important that you immediately notify your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms.
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  • Get your B12 levels checked - much more common and underdiagnosed. If your serum levels are under 400, then ask for injections or use sublingual supplements. DON'T USE CYANOCOBALAMIN...it is not used by the body and has possible side effects. Unfortunately, this is usually the form of B12 that is out there. The best choices are METHYLCOBALAMIN OR ADENOSYLCOBALAMIN (sp?). These the body doesn't have to convert and are more easily assimilated. Follow the B12 misdiagnosis thread on this site. Jarrows Methyl B12 sublingual 5000 lozenges are the best rated and can be found online. I don't see how you can have adverse lingering effects from B6, this is a water soluble vitamin. I feel it is much more likely a B12 issue, and should at least be ruled out. One last thing - don't take any supplements UNTIL you get tested, or they will skew the results. Best wishesDOM
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  • Classic B6 toxicity symptom--numbness (or stocking glove effect). There are more symptoms. A B6 blood lab will show, but it must be handled/processed properly by the lab tech. (Google for details about how it should be done.)

    Unfortunately, most people, including doctors incorrectly believe B vitamins are water soluble. However B6 is stored in the muscle and tissues.

    It can take 2-3 years to recover from B6 toxicity, if ever. There can be permanent nerve damage.

    I wish I never used B-complex or P5P. There is way too much B6 in these supplements! It's more foods than people realize.
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