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Transparent skin/pallor - not getting answers

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 26, 2007
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This is a long story. I'm 29, had a baby nearly 5 months ago. I had a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy normal birth. Up to 4 weeks after the birth I was fine, 6 weeks after I was fine, but got a tooth infection as was put on metronidazole which I then developed a sensitivity to (having been on it over 4 times in my pregnancy for the same thing), then 8 weeks after I got a vaginal infection.

I had a swab taken and it tested positive for group c hemolytic strep (apparently a common vag infection), got antibiotics, and then had another swab and the test was all clear.

But I was feeling unwell generally, and very anxious because I had read bad things about Strep. I was starting to get panic attacks very severely and I lost my appetite. I then got a furry tongue and was told I had thrush caused by the antibiotics so I took Natural Yoghurt. I was still feeling tingling, pins and needles and blotching to my skin so my GP sent me for full blood screens and cultures - results were perfectly normal.

I then caught a cold and got an irritating cough that wouldn't go (just an itchy cough). I noticed that one side of my soft palate was very red and also noticed a dark vein at the top of it that wasn't there before so I sought medical help, the verdict was it was irritation caused by thrush, so more yoghurt. Meanwhile I had no actual thrush symptoms, but I did get occaisional coldness and tingling in my mouth.

Then the other side of my soft palate went red and the rest of it was veiny, so I sought help again, and was told "It's something viral".

I went for a second opinion.

A swab of my throat was taken as the GP noticed a spot on my tonsil and gave me antibiotics as a precaution of strep throat.

I then got a sore in my mouth and my mouth was drying out, I was also getting sinus pain and loss of balance and heaviness in my ear, I went back for help - this time when they took my pulse and blood pressure, both were very high and I was sent up to the Med Investigation Unit for assessment. My lips had turned dark and I could see a dark vein in my top lip. I had a full blood screen, chest x ray and blood cultures done. Results again were normal but the white cells were very slightly elevated, the verdict was - "possibly viral infection". Well I was getting a runny nose with my sinus trouble so I put it down to that.

The results came back from my throat swab as all clear also, so I stopped taking the antibiotics. My cold symptoms were getting stronger even on the antibiotics so when I went to see my GP again they confirmed it had to be viral.

But then I noticed inside my mouth that the inside of my cheeks were going transparent and you could see dark red veins everywhere - also under my tongue the veins were prominent. 2 days later my face veins were prominent and I was also getting very dark circles and spider veins. Then 2 days later I could see the veins in my hands and arms, and so on, it continues. I am very very pale and quite transparent.

I have a persistent cough from the cold which i have now had for nearly 2 weeks, but the cold though it lingers SEEMS to be calming down. Just got a lot of muck, but still getting the odd bit of sinus trouble.

I can feel pretty good in myself yet I get moments of fatigue, weakness and I am getting rapidly transparent.

I have not been eating properly, I admit that, I lost my appetite for the past few weeks and went some days without food, I have chain smoked because of panic attacks, I have been in constant panic about my health and very sad and wound up.

The GP has referred me to a counsellor but my physical symptoms are still there.

I now daren't look in the mirror, I caught sight of myself this afternoon and scared myself because of how pale and veiny I look. my nail beds are also a funny colour, I have red bands at the tops of them, pale in the centre and dark near the moons. (nails have been like this for about 4-5 weeks). My toenails on my big toes are falling off too.

I get frequent sweaty palms whether cold or warm, they sweat profusely.

What I need to know is... recently I have developed high blood pressure and tachycardia (past 2 weeks, before then my pulse etc... was normal).

I have been referred for assessment by another GP because of the tachycardia.

I am really scared. Have I done this to myself by not eating properly and panic attacks or is there something really going on?


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  • I've never heard of an anxiety disorder causing that kind of skin change.
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  • It doesn't, but one explanation I was given was the loss of underlying fat due to not eating properly. But the changes have been rapid. (we're talking a week or so). It seems to worsen day by day, and trips to the GP have been made on a daily basis - then I get sent straight out again with no help.I have been given the following medications:Tooth infection - MetronidazoleSuspected UTI - Ciprofluoxacin (sp?)(stopped them when itching to skin began)Vag infection - ClarithromycinRed throat - suspected strep - swab taken: Clarithromycin (didn't clear it, got cold symptoms instead)Coated tongue - given Nystatin (didn't clear it)Prozac - made me feel crap!Lithium based anti-depressants. - Didn't touch themNow taking: Yasmin (have been on it for a week) - birth controlMultivitaminsProbiotic Yoghurt drinksMetatone TonicHave been eating better too.Had another set of blood tests (Complete Blood Count and Thyroid test)And still getting worse
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  • Lela...go to this site www.ahummingbirdsguide.com go to the symptom page. Write down any sx on that page that you have. Several that you have described already fit...good luck...mommy cat
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  • Without seeing your blood work it's difficult to understand what's going on, if that would even show the problem. In all the cases of eating disorders I've seen I've never noted translucent skin. Usually people who don't eat properly look emaciated and sickly. Is it possible you have some kind of underlying condition that is causing the problem when nutritional intake changes? You should speak with an infectious disease specialist as they might be able to do a more thorough work up on the strep infection. If strep isn't treated quickly (usually within 10 days of the infection), it can surpass a treatable stage and cause major problems including Rheumatic Fever which, based on your symptoms, you might very well have.
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  • Hi there,If it makes you feel any better i know exactly the skin condition that you are talking about. I am 26 years old and I have suffered with it for most of my life and it has become progressively worse with age. i only really became paranoid about it when it started to spread to my fore arms and hands so i could no longer hide it under clothes. I have spent the past few years wearing full clothing even in summer because of my insecurity due to this condition. I believe that it has caused great anxiety for me as a young woman, yet every doctor i have seen has no idea what is is and it has always come back saying that it is at the emotional level, "treat the emotions", maybe this is similar to your case?I have been studying natural medicine now for 3 years and have educated myself alot about anatomy and physiology always seeking to find answers to my condition- the truth is there is no simple diagnosis. and Actually i have never met anyone with this condition or who can explain it, and no one understands how it impacts my life, especially my confidence. As a child i suffered asthma and was recurrently taking antibiotics for infections etc, i also suffered eczema and have managed to control these conditions mostly by diet. I honestly believe that the problem begin at the gut, did you know that 75% of your immune system is in your gut??.. some type of dysbiosis (which can occur from too many antibiotics-search that one) can lead to leaky gut type conditions in which larger than usual molecules are able to enter your blood. Do you suffer allergies? Alot of my blood tests have shown low tolerance to many things including enviromental, food, chemical ie. soaps and having recently quit smoking i can say that it definately makes this problem worse.My advice to you is to try and stop worrying... i know its hard i do it my self but it really does just make things harder for you and the people around you. And do see a counsellor, i am and it helps. If you can i recommend that you find an experienced naturopath or homeopath with a good reputation (there are some not so good ones, but there are pleanty whom im sure can help you).Try taking magnesium for for your nerves ( i take up to 5oo mg per day) this has reduce my anxiety greatly i feel much better when i have it. Also B vitamin are very good to reduce your stress and increase you energy. Try and eat as much fresh food as you can ie. colourful fruits and veg, wholegrains and as an alternative to yogurt try a probiotic power (as dairy can be acidic and creates further problems) increase your fibre to get rid of any toxins and be good to yourself.I hope this is of some light on your darknessgood luckall the best
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    • September 28, 2007
    • 01:28 PM
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  • Hi,I was searching the internet for articles and came across this as well as another article that might be of interest to you...I haven't read it yet but in the case that it might help I"m posting it here (I know I won't remember to do it if I don't do it now)http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1010418/pdf/annrheumd00224-0036.pdf
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  • I saw some research linking osteoporosis with transparent skin. Therefore could be calcium needed and may well be that it is vitamin d needed for calcium foods to work. If u check out vitamin d foods could easily be deficient and in einter no sunlight to make it (also like me mayb u stay out of sun). i think d3 is a good one but don't know much about it.ps could be good to know to make sure in general getting omega oil too as isvessential fatty acid and related to skin (in salmon, walnuts, tofu, flaxseed, spinach. Not so many things though it seems). Good thing is these foods contain a lot of other good things too, vitamins and minerals. Best wishes,
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    • October 25, 2011
    • 01:36 AM
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  • My toenails fell off after I had my baby too. I never looked in my mouth and didn't have thrush. I did however look white as a sheet and my skin seemed to glow white with a blue cast from the veins.Pregnancy can "trigger" auto-immune disease. Please get tested for auto-immune disease, namely Celiac Disease. Keep an eye on the mouth area as I'm not sure what Cellulitus would look like on normally pink tissue.I was too sick to go through all the testing for Celiac but started the gluten free diet and have my health back. It has been 9 years of good health since not eating gluten. My fingernails grew back too!You may always need to supplement some vitamins and minerals but heal your gut so you can get healthy.
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    • November 6, 2011
    • 03:05 PM
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  • Hi, I've had similar problems and wasn't getting answers. It took 3 years and becoming severely disabled to find out I have Chronic Lyme Disease. I travel from Canada to NY to see a specialist there and had the Western Blot test done (about $500) and sent to Florida. That is the only test that came out possible. I am starting to slowly regain my health but my skin is still rather translucent and my mouth is dry as well. I wish you luck, it's a tough process getting diagnosed and treated!
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    • September 10, 2013
    • 05:36 PM
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