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touching someone's skin that hums

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  • Posted By: poeticLady
  • March 17, 2007
  • 05:51 PM

I know this sounds crazy, but I have experienced this at least 3 times now...my girlfriend who is on anxiety and seizure medications ( not sure this has anything to do with it) but at times, her skin feels almost rubberized, or static charged...its hard to explain, almost like when your foot goes to sleep, but its me touching her and feeling that in her skin...the last time I felt it I told her how it felt to me, and then while rubbing her cheek, I could hear her skin humming...when I would slide my hand back and forth. she could hear it to, we are rather curious if anyone else has ever experienced this, and has any clue what it could be. any input would be appreciated.

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  • I'm not a doctor, but I had something similar to that happen to me a long time ago. When I would lightly rub my hand over my husband's ear, he said it was like he was hearing a tuning fork. And when I did it to my ear, it sounded likethat also. But when he ran his hand over my ear, that "tuning fork" sound did not happen. It was only when I touched his ear or my ear. We never did figure out what caused that. But I know it for sure happened. !!
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  • are you both lying on an electric blanket when this occurs?
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  • Yap it happens with me also....my husband even gets a mild electric shock from me at times. He says that i am always charged.We too could'nt get any answer for this. Guess it has somethig to do with our electrons and protons....
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  • I found this thread as a result of seeing if I could find an explanation for what used to happen between my husband and I when we were dating (we've been married 20 years now). When I would touch his skin, we felt that same "humming" feeling. We discovered that, in the darkness, we could actually see the sparks coming from my fingertips when I touched his chest. Frankly, it scared him a little and he wasn't too sure I wasn't a Witch! haha. This never happened before with anyone else and after awhile, it stopped happening. The one similarity that I am seeing with people who have experienced this, is that it happens between romantic partners. I once asked a friend who did a lot of energy work what this could possibly be and she told me it was nothing more than sexual energy transference. I have no idea if that is right, but it does make sense - we were so intensely in tune during the first months of dating - and after 20 years of marriage, perhaps the "spark" isn't so strong? Who knows - but I just thought I'd offer up my two cents worth - and glad I'm not the only person this has happened to! :rolleyes:
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