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tooth/gum problem

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  • Posted By: paris401
  • April 23, 2010
  • 04:01 PM

Help.. i have implants in my upper front teeth, except the eye/canine teeth (which are posts + caps) from middle 07. no problems.. in dec 08 i started having a constant dull ache on my upper rite side..it was not localized. xrays of the area all looked ok. thinking the pain mite be in a rear molar, my dentist looking for a crack removed the cap from the 2nd to last tooth. all looked good.. still in pain, we removed the cap from next tooth .all looked ok. in feb 09, the pain seemed to localize at the front of the eye tooth (next to one of the implants). next i had oral surg from the molar to the front of the eye tooth, looking for a crack. none was found. still in pain thinking maybe sinuses, had a catscan- all ok. in march i went to a root canal doc, who removed the post+cap looking inside for a crack. none was found. still in pain, i went to a neurologist, had an mri, all ok. finally in april, i had the eye tooth pulled and bone put in for an eventual implant.. i still had the same pain. finally in may 09 i was sent to a facial pain dentist, who advised no more dental work, too much was already done, and gave me a trigger point injection.. on the 20min ride home the pain started to go away.. after 6months.. no pain.. had one add. treatment and all was ok...till feb of this year , 9months later... the pain returned about 10days before i was sch to have the implant put in. i had the implant put in, and still in contant pain. i went for 5 acupunture treatments... no help... i went back to the orig doc for trigger point injections, and had 3 so far... but no relief.. he has put me on nortriptyline, and this week clonazepam , but this seems tobe useless

at this mom i am not wearing my flipper, so have a space .. and this is where the discomfort is, the gum nearto the front implant is tender. every dentist/doc i go to says the gum tissue looks 'great' ... yet the gum tissue is tender...

i have asked numerous times if maybe it is the front implant- everyone says they are fine... HELP

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  • They need to check more than just the gum where your implant sits. Have them do an x-ray to check and see it the implant didn't take correctly by your jawbone or you could have an infection. If you have anm infection of the jawbone I feel for you as I have read to many horror stories on unsuccessful surgies of the jawbone and TMJ joint themselves.
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  • thanks reply.. they have taken numerous xrays, implant took real well, no infection, but if i take a cuetip and lightly press the gum at the base of the implant it is def tender..very tender... and all the dentists i see make the same comment... nice pink gums... i am at my wits end...
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  • I'm not sure if the implant has taken properly and there is no doubt of this. Maybe allergic to the implant? Maybe you are thinking its the implant being the cause possible and its actually your sinuses? Maybe you have gum disease(but wouldn't think your dentists would comment on how well your gums look). I hope someone can give you an answer.
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  • hey chad... last year after having caps cuts off, oral surg, etc, i went to a ENT, had a cat scan of my sinuses.. his reply...wish all my patients had sinuses as clean as yours... also went to a neugolist n had an mri.. nothing showing... i've narrowed the pain center to the gum/base of the implant... seeing the oral surg this morn.. and going to suggest/tell him open it up or take it out... i need relief...
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  • well had one of the front implants removed 4 weeks ago, and it did not have to be drilled out, so it never fully intergrated into the bone... however while the area is feeling better, the gum is still senstive , and still have the constant dull ache, tho not as bad... i would think after 4 weeks the area should be healed...
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