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Tonsillar problem - STD ? Scared Straight...

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  • Posted By: davidm37
  • June 9, 2008
  • 01:08 AM

I am a straight 37 year old. Two years ago got a little bit lucky. Risk status unknown. Later came down with severe tonsillitis with white covering and swelling. Went away but still had lump in throat and white exudate occasionally in crypts. Lately been getting worse with sinus pain, cervical neck pain, and lots of acid reflux. Pain around ears and teeth. Throat appears inflammed and smooth. Tonsills don't seem too big but inflammed a little with constant white crap in crypts.

Had HIV screening blood test at 4, 8, + 12 months - negative. Waiting on new round of tests - this time rna and t-helper count tests as well. Am I crazy to be obsessing over HIV? or is there another usual suspect causing this grief?


Worried Straight...

PS: Antibiotics never seemed to work.

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  • Chronic tonsilitus is certainly a possibility. I had even gotten to the point of coughing up blood before mine came out at 19. Did you have a regular doc look at this or just go to a clinic for aids testing? Anything at the back of the throat can cause all kinds of pressure because of the location, and if your tonsils are infected the infection can spread to your sinuses and onward. Oh yeah--and I could be wrong but I thought anything cervical was a female problem (and not one near the neck)- am I mistake or was that a typo?
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  • I about half dozen different doctors examine me including ENTs (3), and ID doctors. One of the later ones told me that my immune system is fine and that I my depression has subdued my immune system. I had four HIV tests from the time it happened till 12 month period and since they were negative the doctors thought I should see a psychiatrist. One ENT few months ago said I should have my tonsils out. The thing is they don't know whats causing this problem. Is it an Epstein Barr Virus or resistant bacteria. They denied the bacteria theory saying that bacterial infections don't work this way in a low key chronic constant disease state.A friend of the family who is a cardiologist thought it could be H. Pylori infection in the gut but my antibody testing for that was negative. But he thinks they have to do endoscopy to know for sure...So here I am waiting for my fifth round of hiv testing to come back. This time RNA and T-cell count included. This kind of scares me. I should not have to worry though about HIV as my other tests were negative even though they werent RNA tests and the like?I hope really do hope so...Thanks.PS:In anatomy, 'cervical' is an adjective that has two meanings: of or pertaining to any neck.of or pertaining to the female cervix: i.e., the neck of the uterus.As I'm a dude #1.
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  • Thank you on the cervical definition, I'd never heard it that way before-lol. Learn something new everyday :)
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  • I have had the same problem for t5en years! I do not agree with the doctors about not having an underlying chronic bacterial infection. I think this could be the culprit................ let me know how far you get as I have not gotten very far with my unwilling doctors.......Good luck
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  • I forgot to mention before, after I got my tonsils out, haven't had a throat infection since-not even one. So if they recomend that I recomend going for it. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
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  • Really??????????????How exactly did it help?thanks
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  • How did having my tonsils out help? Over years of repeated infections they scar and form pocket which then seem to catch and hold more and you get more infections. Eventually they cause more sickness than they prevent. Out they came, and no more tonsils to get infected and cause all that trouble. No throat trouble since :)
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  • It's not HIV; stop worrying over that and search for the real cause.
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  • It's not HIV; stop worrying over that and search for the real cause.Still fighting this monster tonsil problem as they are infected again and I can't get my sob md to even prescribe me a Z-Pak! Went to another Doc and saw a respiratory specialist today. He thinks its mold messing with my immune system but couple people I have been in contact with either by a kiss or a mixed up wine glass may have come down with this too! Or maybe its just paranoia...Going out of my mind! Want these tonsils out now and I don't care how much its going to hurt post-operative! This sucks!
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