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Tongue infection/fatigue--please help

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  • Posted By: paniikd
  • December 24, 2010
  • 05:04 AM

I have had an infection under my tongue for about a month now that will not go away.

About a month ago I had a cold, that while was bad enough to put me in bed for a few days, I was still "functional". However, suddenly about a weak later my mouth started to hurt. I began to have really sore gums and an outbreak of canker sores in various spots in my mouth. I've had canker sores before so i know that is what they were. However, on the right side of my upper gum I noticed that the area was very red, inflamed, and purple veins were showing (almost as if a layer of skin was ripped off). That part was very swollen and tingled constantly and hurt when anything (drinks/food/tongue,etc) were to touch it. Also my gums would bleed by the slightest touch of a toothbrush for about a week. I went to the doctor and they said it was just perhaps a cold sore of a sort and sent me home with the idea it would get better on its own. The side of my gum started to heal naturally but I dealt with very sensitive gums that bled very easily for about two weeks. Luckily, my canker sores (while periodically switching up and changing places through out this time) did clear up.

Finally my tongue started to produce terrible symptoms-- I noticed that when I moved my tongue it was very sore underneath it. It almost felt like I had strained it. Then I noticed that the gums behind my front bottom teeth (directly infront of the bottom of my tongue) felt like sandpaper when I touched it. The next day white pus like stuff (that didnt come off very easily) appeared underneath my tongue. It is not bright white and based off of my internet research it is not: Leukoplakia, trush, Lichen Planus, or geographic tongue (I could be wrong though I might have a version of these that internet searches do not show, of course). This does not look like any of those things however from what I can tell. It is ONLY under my tongue and no other symptoms appear anywhere else.

However, I do have other symptoms of possibly unrelated things. I have been VERY fatigued lately, reoccurring headaches, and a need to sleep for an excessive amount. I have had unexplained weightloss (which is abnormal for me since i have trouble losing weight normally and I am overweight by about 20lbs). I have also had very dry skin.

The doctor cant figure out what I have. I have tried nylastin mouth rinse for about 3 weeks to cure my oral problems, no luck. I had a full metabolic blood test done---nothing wrong. I have elevated liver counts and am getting an ultra-sound soon to check out my liver. I had my thyroid checked---good, I had an HIV test done and I'm clean but I know I may need to get another test done in 3 months since I have had unprotected sex recently. I checked for diabetes--no, I dont have mono or strep.

I do not smoke cigs ( i did very irregularly for a few months prior to all this)l but I do smoke weed daily but after these symptoms continued I stopped for almost a month now and havent touched the stuff. I rarely drink alcohol (maybe 2x a month) but when I do, I do it to party and get drunk (lol, to be frank).

I am a 23 year-old female, decent diet, 5' 5"--165lbs.

If anyone had any idea what is going wrong, and how to get rid of this terrible mouth infection I would greatly appreciate it.

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