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Toenails growing upwards

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  • Posted By: JNiedjaco
  • March 3, 2009
  • 07:55 PM

I have been unsuccessful in researching on my own, or obtaining a diagosis for my daughters condition.

Her toes (all 10) seem to grow fine until they reach the point where the "white" part of the nail should start, and then they grow upwards.

This has been since birth. I have requested bloodwork to see if she is anemic, and she is not. We have seen one foot doctor who told me there is nothing wrong with her nails. And we are scheduled for a second opinion next week.

She is 13 and now concious of how her feet look. She does have the common "barney rebel feet" as do I (her mom). No one in the family has this issue with their nails.

If anyone knows what could be causing the tips of her nails to grow upwards, i would appreciate the comments.



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  • Hello, I don't know the cause of why your daughters toe nails are growing upwards but, I will let you know that she is not alone. My finger nails and my toe nails grow that way. Other than being completely annoyed by it, I have never really given any thought as to why it has happened. It doesn't cause me any pain or anything. I just figured that it was the way that my body is and thats that. I really don't think you have anything to be concerned about.I hope that you can get some answers. Please post if you do.Best of Luck!Jennifer
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  • I was a little skeptical at first, but I now believe that Blaze is a full blown nutcase! Who on earth is going to believe that "signals" from cell phone towers are being sent to this persons toes and making them grow upwards??? You are out of your mind Blaze. Good lord, next you are going to say that Aliens are going to come from outter space because of your precious antenna's and cell phone towers. GET A LIFE!
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  • Since she showed signs of this at birth, maybe its genetic. If your not facing any other symptoms, I would talk to a geneticists. Based on the description of your daughters nails I'm not so sure its koilonychia or spoon-shaped nails. Especially since she isn't suffering from either anemia, or Plummer-Vinson syndrome(I am not a doctor so I don't know much.)
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  • Dearest Joan,I know this post was a long LONG time ago, but i really hope you read my message.I have the same case as your daughter, i've had it since i was a kid myself.No one was able to help me, no doctor, no pedicurist...So i kinda made up my own 'cure' sort of speakfor the past 3 years, i've been filing fake plastic nails, and gluing them on my toes.. i trim the toenail until no 'white" is showing, and glue the already filed fake nails. if filed properly, they look like beautiful healthy toenails.. aesthetically, it's amazing, it will give your daughter a great self confidence just like it gave me.. i could wear sandals 5 minutes after i glued them on, it was the first time i've worn sandals ever!now here's the good part: i used to glue all 10 toenails, now, 3 years later, i only need to glue 2, sometimes 3 of them. The 'white' parts grow straight when the fake nails are pushing them down. and the nail bed seems to grow bigger, so i'm guessing in another year, i won't need to glue any more fake nails. my other 7 nails have healed completely, and i apply nail polish on them without gluing anything to them anymore. i'm feeling better than ever, and i hope i will be of some assistance to your daughter. give it a try, it does need time, but i can guarantee it works. Good Luck.
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    • August 20, 2009
    • 01:50 PM
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  • Any chance you have before and after pictures. I'm dying to know if this might work for me. It's only my second toe that is very small and upturned, but I am SO self-conscious about it. I'm 38 now, but remember never wearing open toe shoes in high school or college. So if our conditions are similar, I would definately be willing to try that for 3 years!
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  • "Since she showed signs of this at birth, maybe its genetic. If your not facing any other symptoms, I would talk to a geneticists."I totally agree, maybe it is genetics since that you are not facing any symptoms.
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    • January 5, 2011
    • 04:26 AM
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  • "Since she showed signs of this at birth, maybe its genetic. If your not facing any other symptoms, I would talk to a geneticists."I totally agree, maybe it is genetics since that you are not facing any symptoms.-----------Best boots for you
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    • January 18, 2011
    • 05:03 AM
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  • I have many problems with my toes, they are thick and have many layers. But one toenail in particular grows upward and is loose like it wants to fall off. I use a dremmel tool to grind it down for cosmetic reasons and I also apply fake nails. The cause of the problem on toenail that grows up is a wart under the nail bed. My podiatrist is an idiot who told me that it is very rare to have a wart on the toe, well it might be but I guess I am very rare. I have been applying Dr. Scholls wart remover to the toe myself daily and the pain seems to be getting better.
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  • Can the person who wrote that she trained her toenails with the fake nails, please give me more info on this. I have this same problem and I am curious about this. I bought the fake nails but I am afraid that the fake nails will go upward as well? And they are so expensive, so to do it for three years is a lot of money, did you reuse them?
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  • I am a male and I have that same problem with the exception that my little toe on each foot splits down the middle. Half grows normal and the other half grows up and in layers and if left untrimmed grow like claws....literally...sharp and pointed. They aren't painful just ugly to look at
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