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Toddler Speech confused HELP

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  • Posted By: Guardian4her
  • March 18, 2008
  • 00:59 AM

I am a deseparte mom who's 4 yr old daughter had no problem speaking and then with in 1 1/2 weeks she is having difficulty getting her words to come out. She will say; Can Can Can Can Can Can Can I have and then she goes on to repeat the next word over and over. She said, mommy I wish my brain would work again. I called her doctor and she said, "it is probably normal". I see my daughter get so upset she says I am not going to talk anymore. This is truly hurting her and it is killing me because of the pain in her eyes. She said her brain isn't working anymore. I am so worried.

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  • I started to stutter when i was 4 yrs old (im fine nowdays with only very rare occurances if i have to do a stressful public speech). My mother says my stuttering started after I went throu a very stressful time, (I was psychologically abused, singled out by those at kindergarten who were supposed to take care of me). Ask yourself, has anything stressful happened in your daughters life which could of triggered stuttering?
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  • You qualify for free services with your local school district. They will give her a speech evaluation and the team will decide if she needs a speech therapist or a structured play group. From the time you contact them to the time they provide service should be no more than 60 days; some states 45 days. You may have to get on their case to do it in a time manner. I don't know if she will begin kindergarten, but you should not wait until them. A speech therapist will also work with the parents when the child is a stutterer because it's very important that everyone in the family learns how to properly respond instead of reinforcing it. If you school district gives you a hard time, let me know and we'll take it to the next level. It's a federal program and they get funds for it. They will need to test her hearing/vision, too, to rule out any problems there. They may also want to do a comprehensive evaluation to rule out a learning disability. The state of Arizona requires the comprehensive eval for all preschoolers. Shame on your doctor for not knowing about "Child Find". He should have not hesitated to refer you to the Child Find program. It is the fault of the local district for not informing the doctors in the area about the federal program. Please tell him about it for future moms.
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  • My Nephew also started to stutter at an early age. The good news is "He did grow out of it". He lived deep in the country, no cell phones, no microwave, no computer, no moblie phone ariels near either, not even an electric cooker, they had an Aga oil burning stove. And of course they had electricity. Oh and television ! Try not to worry, hopefully he too will grow out of it, but in the mean time Monsterlove has given u sound advise. Try not to let ur child know ur so worried, as he will pick up on it & he will worry more about it ! Good Luck :) Oh....... also when my daughter could talk she still kept up her strange little language, only known to her....she also grew out of it ! although it was funny !:D
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  • Just in one chat room about stuttering children, about half the people said their kids grew out of it. Others got speeech therapy. Just slow down your talking and relax.
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  • does she have any other physical symptoms? Does she feel tired, or do her eyes hurt or does she have a headache or stomachache..is her coordination ok? Just trying to rule out something more physical....if she does not have any other symptoms it may be a phase as others have stated. At 4 my daughter also started to stutter...at the time we were living in a different country and she was dealing with two languages so i guess that was to be expected.....it was stress and nerves and in a few months she "grew" out of it.
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  • Hi,My 3-year-old son sounds just like your daughter. Almost overnight, he has developed a stutter (not the normal disfluency that I keep reading about). His occurs mostly on "W" and "C" words especially at the beginning of a sentence. I completely understand the advice to just relax and let it work itself out, BUT my son get so upset about it. Today, on several occasions, he would get so frustrated that he would stop before he got the question out and scream, "I can't do it!!! I can't say the word!!!" Really breaks my heart. He, too, has always been quite verbal and outgoing, and I don't want to see his enthusiasm squelched.I am going to get an evaluation done regardless, but what i really need advice on is knowing how to respond to his frustration and simply giving up on the word. He even asks me for help in talking right again.Thanks,Tricia
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