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Tiredness, dizziness, heat intollerant and more

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  • Posted By: taniaaust1
  • May 8, 2010
  • 04:15 AM

Can you guess this condition i have?

Went out to dinner with a very large group, inside a cafe. Temp inside the cafe was nice thou i felt a little warm so had to take my jumper off. i ate dinner and no sooner had i finished, i suddenly felt extremely exhausted. i also had like a hot flush.

i went to leave due to being so tired, only to find myself extremely dizzy on standing. i grabbed the table for support. After a few moments to allow the dizziness a chance to try to settle i headed for the door only to find when i went to move, the dizziness was worst then i thought and i ended up falling onto the floor.

After a minute or so, I got up off the floor and tried again to leave the place only to find my legs all wobbly/shaky and i was struggling to walk (and very lightheaded). I ended up on floor of cafe again even thou by this time my partner was trying to help me get to the door. (At this point the cafe manager came over to make sure i didnt need an ambulance).

i crawled to a seat and sat there and waited for my partner to go and get the car to pick me up (in the no parking zone right outside the cafe) as i just couldnt walk.

Do you have problems when standing?? Do you get dizzy when it's warm??

In the following episode i had above, what triggered the condition off was eatting, being warm and standing (and i the fact i hadnt had a drink in about 4 hrs before the meal thou i had a drink with meal..people with my condition need to drink a lot)..common triggers for it. This actually is what happens to me about a third of the time i go and eat at this place due to POTS.

A lot of people who are unable to get a diagnoses have a fairly common condition (but most doctors arent aware of this condition!!) called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome (POTS). If you find yourself unable to tolerate heat and feeling lightheaded to heat. You may have this condition (some very good monitoring of heart rate, laying to standing or a tilt table test is necessary for diagnoses).

POTS in some can actually cause unconsciousness and collapsing. This condition thou can really affect ones life, is not usualy a life threatening condition (unless you do something like pass out while doing dinner and fall on the vegatable knife!!)... so a fairly benign illness.

Dysautonomina info network http://www.dinet.org/symptoms.htm has a lot of good info on POTS, it can cause a lot of symptoms or someone may just have a few with the diagnostic criteria.

With any condition in which is worst when upright or standing and heat intollance.. consider POTS.

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