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Tired of being tired.

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  • Posted By: Grizraz
  • March 15, 2007
  • 00:14 PM

Just going to try asking here, since I can't seem to get too many answers from the Doctors in my area.

For a few years now, my energy levels have taken a nosedive. It's gotten to the point where I can't go out and hold down a job. The last time I tried, just from a part time job, I was so exhausted when I returned home that I could barely wake up to eat dinner. Accomplishing any housework was out of the question. I ended up breaking my left femur, riding my bike home from the job and wrecking because I was so tired. I worked there for 3 days. (I don't drive.)

I ache badly in my joints, and my back. I get migraines. (And for the sake of completion, something else I worry about-) very frequent urination, I can't get through a night without heading to the bathroom at least a couple times. I get gnawing hunger pangs, they make me feel weak and shaky and I *have* to eat to make them go away. Oftentimes my energy will crash afterwards, necessitating a nap. I don't starve myself, I'd just eat if they were normal hunger pangs too- the weird sensations and the energy crash are worrisome. I don't sleep well for another reason as well- it's like my brain won't shut off. (Just rattling stuff off, never know what might be important.)

The thing is, I've had bloodwork done for everything the Doctors can think of for my energy problems. I supposedly don't have diabetes or problems with my thyroid, or even parathyroid. Everything checks out normal. My cholesterol is a little high, because I'm overweight from the lack of energy and the gnawing hunger problem, but that's about it.

I really want to be able to do things again, like hold down a job or just be able to go out if I feel like it. At this point I can't even consider having children, because I simply don't have the energy for it. I just want to go back to having a normal life.

Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Oh, and I don't have the pressure points of fibromyalgia. So Doc says it's not that either.
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  • ""I supposedly don't have diabetes or problems with my thyroid, or even parathyroid. Everything checks out normal."" It still could be your thyroid, what is "normal " for one person, dosen't mean all bodies can function at that rate. Did they test you for Lyme disease and co infections?? They don't normally test for that. And the test aren't always accurate. Here are two great sites to check out, hopefully you can get some answers there.. stopthethyroidmaddness.com and lymenet.org Hope you feel better soon
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  • sounds like a food allergy....get an IgE and an IgG. Also, get tested for celiac disease (gluten intolerance).
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  • I did get tested for Lyme, Lupus, and a few other things, everything came back negative. I was kind of wondering that myself, if maybe my "normal" readings are actually my low? What are the chances of that happening, and how can I ask my Dr without sounding like a complete hypochondriac? Because I used to have a *lot* of energy, and it's frustrating to be like this now.The allergy thing is something I've recently considered, but I don't think I can afford to see a nutritionist (or any specialist) without health care. Currently I'm going to a free clinic in my area, since for some reason I cannot get health care from the government. Something I just tried yesterday, is a Rapid Energy gum from Life Fitness. (Does that count as advertising? Just trying to share information.) Anyway, I wasn't expecting much but it actually had an effect on me. I didn't exactly get energy, but a lot of my aches melted away and I actually felt really happy. It didn't last long, but I was floored that this actually had an effect on me. The ingedients are in order:Xylitol, gum base, maltitol syrup, natural spearmint oil, Vitamin B12, gum arabic, carnuba wax, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, and calcium hydroxide. If anyone can tell me what's in there that might have given me this reaction, then maybe I can narrow down what my problem is.Oh, and some basic details I forgot to put in originally:29 year old caucasian femaleno childrenheight 5'3" weight 200
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