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Tired of being sick and tired!!!! Please help!!!

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  • Posted By: Dana77535
  • October 31, 2006
  • 04:09 PM

I am 34 year old female. When I was a child I had alot of ear problems. When I reached 12 they diagnosed me with arthritis in my jaw. But the confusing part is that I would lose all feeling below waste and hit the ground. Sometimes 1 leg sometimes both. Doctors always said it was my equalibrium was thrown off. Well I took that diagnosis and believed it. Well after getting past ear problems,no infections. I got pregnant and would get out of bed and have no feeling,no strength in legs. Sometimes got a tingling sensation in back of head. My mother-in-law (at the time) told me it was probably because I slept wrong. Sometimes I would crawl around with my arms for up to a couple of hours because I was like paralyzed for that long. I took it that she had that happen and never mentioned it to doctors. Then after having daughter I started getting glands that swell under my arms,groin,neck. Severe pain right under left rib that would be considered upper quadren I guess that went all around my side and into my back. I didn't have insurance so couldn't see a doctor. Did go to er a couple of times due to swollen gland in groin,...but just told him about that because didn't feel any of it was linked. However my sister found out not long after that she had Hodgkin's Disease. I recently found out that 2 other sister's have MS. One of them also has MD. Diabetes runs in my family bad. But so Does cancer. For the past several years I am having pain in leg,feels heavy. Loss of feeling in legs like I have since I was a child. Spasms in upper thigh when I am resting. Swollen glands still. And several other things that are strange. I have had loss of appetite. I am so tired I feel like ending it all. :confused: I know that isn't the answer but I am so tired of what few times I have been to doctor I get the run around. I want to mention that I had a EGD and Colonoscopy due to passing blood and vommitting blood. On one of the test the gastroenterologist told the surgeon that she suspected I had a rare form of lymphoma. (they found lymphoid hyperplasia in my colon) Also several other things were wrong. But do you know she never would tell me personally even though I heard her tell him when I was about to go under to have the 2nd EGD? !?!?!
All she told me was I needed to keep an eye on it. (lymphoid hyperplasia)
So I did,....I went to a charity hospital,...took the medical records with me that showed the findings,....not once did they do blood test,even though I had swollen glands,...they just told me that it was normal to have all of this. I know I sound like a hypochondriac,...but believe me I am not. I was an honor student in school and have worked up to 3 jobs to support my children. Now I am unable to work due to being in so much pain. I can't stand or sit for too long. Anyone ever experienced anything like this? Any clue what could cause this? Any help would be much appreciated. I don't have insurance right now but know that I am going to end up having to go to ER and hopefully they will listen.

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