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Tiny flat red dots--HELP!

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  • Posted By: Dionarap
  • September 3, 2011
  • 03:51 AM

Similar questions have been asked, though no thread has produced a satisfactory answer. Very small, flat red dots have appeared on my skin, mostly on my arms but elsewhere too. These dots are not in clusters and are usually well-spaced. There are about five or six on each arm and a few scattered over the rest of my body, on exposed and unexposed skin alike (because they are so small I cannot be sure of quantity).I will feel a pricking or pinching sensation somewhere then watch as the red dot appears. After emerging it does not itch or annoy at all. Pressing down on it does not make it fade then reappear. It disappears after two days or so. At first I thought it might be bed bugs, though no evidence supports this and that they appear at anytime, anywhere, suggests otherwise. Then I thought it mights be fleas, yet I have zero visible marks on ankles and lower legs, which is strange considering that last time I had a flea infestation this is where the majority of bites were. Last summer my house was infested with fleas and I ate very little, slept erratically, and had a nervous breakdown. This summer since I again began feeling that familiar pinch and see the red dots I have fallen into that same pattern. Perhaps stress has brought about these dots? Or is it surely a bug or mite infestation again?

Additional Information: Prior to the appearance of the red dots I experienced a general itching, below the belt and on the back of the head more than anywhere else. There were hardly any marks on my legs to explain the itching (if there are marks, and they are few, they are small pinkish patches on the skin). Though the itchiness is still present it is not as vicious and now occurs mostly on my thighs and groin. At least one other family member has similar red dots on there skin, so the source being external seems likely. It should be noted that about week or two before the outbreak of itching and red dots I saw a single flea in the bathroom. I used anti-flea spray on my room afterwards and took other precautions, though did not attempt to eradicate the problem. Since then I have not seen one flea, or any other bug, having only marks on skin and piching sensations to go on. My brother does have a dog that is outside often. It does not come upstairs, where I lodge, and my brother claims it does not have fleas. The red dots are very similar to the bite marks I had on my ankles during the last flea infestation, which involved a cat. I've been to the doctor and was told that these marks do not resemble flea bites, though my experience proves different. I will be seeing a dermatologist in a few days. Please reply quickly and help me solve this problem.

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