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Tingling, rash, random neuro. They say im fine but things get worse.

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  • Posted By: myalias101
  • January 18, 2007
  • 08:34 PM

They tell me im fine but im getting worse.
Im really at the end of my rope with this.
So basically my latest mri just came back on my neck and its fine.
But I got all this crazy stuff going on and they've done every test in
the world on me and it all comes back fine.
So, there basically to the point where they are telling me its just
aging and I should just deal with it. But im only 33 and a year ago I felt fine. At this rate.. I cant imagine what its going to be like in another 6 months.
As far as i'm concerned things are getting slowly worse.
Its sending me into depression.
Does anyone have any clue on what this could be? What I can even ask my doctors about?
Ive wrttien a journal of sorts.. Ill copy and paste it. Sorry its not
very clear.. And allot of it is probably irrelivant..

Oh, and my main concern is the tingling which is getting worser and lately has been worse with downwards movement of my neck.

Ive been tested for ms, lupas, lyme, and maybe parkinsons... And
everything else under the sun that any rheumatologist, neurologist,
infectious disease, and general practice doctor can think of.

01 - bilateral hernia operation repaired with mesh

developed pericarditis(ill get this about once a year, to a
lesser degree, each year since)

02 - develop tremor in left hand - diagnosed as essential tremor. Sent
for mri. Comes back clean.

04 - have bout of vertigo at work. Followed by 6 month continues
headache w/sensitivity to light. Never goes away. Feel like i'm being
shocked in the head when I try and sleep. See couple doctors. Nobody
knows that it is. Sent for mri. That comes back clean. Eventually just
fades away.

05 - get headache again. Only lasts for about a month though.

Develop essential (?) tremor on face. When I squench my nose it
will shake. I also devlope a tremor when I pucker my lips.

06 - develop pins in needles on thumb and pointer finger of right hand.
Eventually spreads throughout hand. Descending severity from thumb to
pinkie. Can really feel it after I take a shower. After some time
(months) I can now feel it in the tips of my toes on my left foot but that location comes and goes. Although the pinkie toe is becoming more constant.

Diagnosed (right hand) as carpal tunnel(setting up appointment
to get that verified through referral from old doc). (this was ruled
out later on after tests)

develop perciacrdits and pneumonia. Lands me in hospital. Put on high dose of predinisone (60mg for a 4 or 5 months.. Then get down to about 20mg a day for a couple months. Then eventually taper off. About 8 months tottal on the stuff)

also have tingling sensation on random parts of the body for a
few secs here or there.-

also had a constant bloody nose for about 3 months or
so. Not like it was bleeding but id I blew my nose there was always
blood in my mucus. Sometimes it looked fresh sometimes not. This just
went away 2 months ago when I was in the hospital for the pericarditis.

Around march noticed rash on head. Not painful. Gone now.

Tingling in left foot, this week, has subsided as well as
tingling in right hand for the most part. Aside from when I take a
shower. After that the right hand tingles still. Typically its tingling
in the morning no matter what also if I do something with the
hand to 'trigger' it.

Seems the tremors also change in severity over time. Not as bad
this last week.

Had another MRI after i told Neuro about tingiling in hand. MRI came back fine. Although she said there were some 'white spots' but that i had them in my MRI from a couple years ago and then they didnt say anything because it was more or less normal.. and since then they havent changed.

Update as of jan-07

have gotten the rash 3 more times since. Worse each time. The
second time it was on my face under my beard as well as my head (not painful). This
last time was over most of my face up to about eye level and all over
my forehead. Went back to doc, got same nurse I saw the first time for
this and she put me on another 10 days of some antibiotic.

Made appt. With dermatologist for march.

got off the predisone completely around the beginning-mid

Chest/heart area still slightly sore on the deepest inhale but at
the same time it feels the best it has since my original visit to the
hospital in may.

This past week both the joints in each shoulder have been really
sore. The left one really bad. I cant attribute this to anything. I
would consider the left one to be painful to move. I also have soreness
in the neck area. Same as I reported months ago and is listed above. On
second thought maybe this is from getting off the prednisone.

I quite smoking around mid-dec.

The hand tingling is pretty bad now. Its pretty much my whole right
hand. I realize what triggers it is abrasiveness on it. And it doesn't
have to be very abrasive. Like when I wash my hair my right hand will
tingle for hours. I also get random tingling sensations on my face,
left hand, inner left thigh, and left foot. I wouldn't say it goes numb
though. I can still feel fine with them.
Also, in the morning, my right pointer and thumb are tingling.. Lately this has been lasting nearly all day.

A few weeks ago my blind spot in my left eye got rather large. That
lasted about 10-15 min and then my vision returned to normal.

This last month I noticed when my hand is tingling and I put my chin
to chest it flares up the tingling in my hand. Also, when I get done
running the same action makes my inner left thigh tingle.

Got mri done of neck that came back fine.


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  • My 42 year old husband suffers from many of the same symptoms you do and he has been undiagnosed for 4 years. Hang in there....I know what you're going through. First of all you're not that old and even if you were these symptoms are NOT normal signs of aging. Unfortunetly, there are a lot of doctors who in my opinion have no right to be practicing medicine. Have you been told it's all in your head yet? We found that one to be funny - NOT. Sounds like your central nervous system is being attacked. Lyme disease can take many forms and test results are often false neg. Have you considered getting a spinal tap? This is good for ruling out many diseases and also can be a difinitive diagnostic tool when blood work is inconclusive.Have you ever been around chemicals - pesticides, etc. Have you had a heavy metals blood test yet?What were your first symptoms? Did anything unusual or stressful happen in your life at the onset of the first symptoms that may have brought out something lying dormant? What about family history of illness like arthritis, etc? Keep up with your journal- it is a useful when trying to organize your thoughts for doctor visits. As for doctor visits, is there someone who can go with you and fight for you as well as take notes? My husband can barely hold a conversation as he runs out of breath too easily so I have to speak for him. Furthermore we have found that more often than not you really have to be assertive when requesting tests or asking for a referral. There will be days you want to give up but don't. There is an answer so keep looking. Stay connected to friends and family as much as you can. Ask for help when you need it and when you are having a "good" day try and occupy your mind with something other than your health even if it's just for an hour. Meditation and biofeedback have been a bit helpful for my husband so you may want to look into those techniques. You will be in my prayers. Stay strong.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 19, 2007
    • 03:53 AM
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  • "Have you been told it's all in your head yet? We found that one to be funny"Yes. When i got that headache many years ago. The one that lasted 6 months they tried to put me on anti-depressents. Not because i was depressed about it because they implied it was in my head. The doctor even went as far to tell me that the anti-depressents would clear up the headache. My symyptoms have matched lyme disease rather accuratly. When i got tested for it the first test they gave me came up postive. I think it was for the borella antibody. Or something like that. Then they gave me the Western Blot and all 5 rings came up negative. I brought it up to two other docs and they assured me it wasnt lyme. I even brought it up again this last week when i saw a infectious disease doctor (this was a referel from my cardio doctor to make sure my pericarditis wasnt viral in nature) and she told me it wasnt lyme. "Have you ever been around chemicals - pesticides"When i was a kid i experimented with inhalents. I hate to admit. This was around 14 or so. Ive also dont my fair, more then fair, share of drugs in my day.Id assume, like that of skin cancer due to the sun, maybe this is the problem and it just took years for it to manifest. I also assume, if this is the case, there isnt much to be done about it. But im no doctor, obviously. If it is because of this it may be the worst case scenario. "Have you had a heavy metals blood test yet?"Not that I know of. "What were your first symptoms?" Its hard to say. I wasnt paying much attention. I know last summer (not this past one) was the fist time my pointer finger and thumb felt like they were getting numb.The rash im not sure about. I think i noticed it about a year ago but im not sure. The thing is i noticed it on my head but it was the first time i shaved my head so i wasnt sure if it was just razor burn. One time when i got it, the i knew it was somethign weird, i cant put a date on. Not sure if it was post or pre predisone. The reason i bring that up is i know prednisone affects the immune system so im not sure if that has something to do with it.Also, im not sure if that whole headache thing and the vertigo was the start of it or thats unrelated. I know i still get bouts of vertigo that leave me in a daze for a day or two but thankfully havent left me with a headache. "Did anything unusual or stressful happen in your life at the onset of the first symptoms that may have brought out something lying dormant?" Not that I know of. Im typically a very happy person. Or was atleast. "What about family history of illness like arthritis, etc?"My father had MS. Thats all I know of. Which worked against me with this last Neuro who said to me the other day "You dont have MS" in a way as if i was implying to her that i thought I had that or wanted it. Whch isnt the case. I mean, she really sounded relieved when i said "Thats good, I dont want that." All the MRI's ive had said I dont have MS so i havnt thought I had that. ANyhow, this is all getting too much for me to handle. I live alone. I really dont have anyone to talk to about this. Infact, as i write this im crying because, well, there is nobody whom i feel i can talk to about this. Ive got a bad combination of not wanting to burden anyone, or have anyone feel sorry for me, or look at me different. That in conjunction with how fast things are getting worse... Im scared to tell the doctors that im having a hard time dealing with this as i dont want them to try and put me on anti-depressents or something. Im so young to have this happen. Its really starting to affect my every day life. I dont want to go the gym anymore because then the tingling flairs up in my leg. Im scared to look down because sometimes that will flair it up. Im afraid to date. I really dont know what to do. I called my PCP today and requested to see another Neuro. But other then that im at a loss. I'd rather them treat me for something that might be far fetched then them not doing anything about it at all. Oh, and another symptom i forgot to list is sensitvity to light. I dont notice it during the day. The only time i notice it is when driving and i swear everyone has there high beams on.
    myalias101 20 Replies
    • January 19, 2007
    • 05:12 AM
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  • Me again. I would definitely get a heavy metal blood test to check for chemicals in the blood. Tell your doctor what you experimented with when you were younger. I'm sure you're not proud of this, but it may provide them with the clue to what's happening to you now. I would also pursue the Lyme issue. Sensitivity to light is a common symptom of this disease and the fact that you tested positive for this disease concerns me. It is true tht you can get a false positive test for this but I would not dismiss this possibility. Consider getting a spinal tap but not before fully understanding the procedure and what to expect. There are a number of support groups who can help you with what you are going through. If you do not have family or close friends living nearby, get hooked up with a support group. Ask your primary doctor for names/numbers of organizations in your area. There are "chronic pain" groups that I feel would be help you live day to day with your condition. It is important that you not go through this alone. You are not a burden. Believe me people want to help and they want to be there for you. Finally I would suggest seeing as many doctors as you have to until you find one that believes you, listens to you and is willing to try everything they can to help you. Don't settle for marginal medical care. If you don't like your current doctor, find another one.Good luck and hang in there.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 19, 2007
    • 02:51 PM
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  • I am 41 and you are almost describing my life the last 4 years.Headache-brain fog, vertigo not spinning, left leg weakness tingling numbness, GI bleed, heart paliptations, mild shortness of breath sometimes, profound fatigue, mucus in stool - sometimes, abdominal fullness discomfort above the umbilicus, rash sometimes-almost always itching left groin, irritated rear end, sometimes nausea, left eye blurs sometimes, lower back pain that chiropractic dosen't help, Had all the tests, mri, ct, found two small "simple cysts on liver, Dr's are clueless! My doc believes my symptoms. I feel like i'm dying. Any Ideas? Anyone?
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 20, 2007
    • 04:49 AM
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  • Get your blood tested for gland problems or diabetes.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 20, 2007
    • 05:02 AM
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  • All those symptoms can relate to heavy metals, i too have had those symptoms in the past without a diagnoses from any doctor and i saw a few of them.Mercury is the main culprit, if you have silver fillings, they are loaded with dangerous levels of mercury which is inhaled by you daily, also vaccines contain mercury, also eating alot of fish.I had all my silver fillings taken out and things are getting better.www.herballure.coAsk here for more info, these people are great.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 20, 2007
    • 02:16 PM
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  • This message is for the 41 year old who posted today. I actually had to read your messaage twice to make sure I didn't type it. My husband has your identicle symptoms plus many more. How long have you been sick? May I ask what part of the country you live in? We live in Minnesota and still feel that Lyme Disease may be the culprit although he has always tested negitive - which is not uncommon. I would like to discuss your condition at greater length. I'm new to this web site. Is there a way to contact someone via personal email?
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 20, 2007
    • 05:24 PM
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  • I've suffered from a variety of symptoms over the past 20 years until I decided to cut off my insurance and go look for help. I started with a homopathic doctor and learned to cleanse the body's systems. First, parasite cleansing, colon cleansing, urinary track cleanse and liver cleansing. Blood tests for glands function would have been excellent if I'd thought of it in the first place. You can purchase a whole body cleanse formula over the counter. I found that a juice extractor is absolutely necessary to detoxifying the body. Using the juices I can tolerate well, first fruit juices then vegetable juices. I am now on a product which is super. After 3 days, I had no more fatigue in the morning at all, which I suffered from for years. I've been unable to work full-time due to constant tiredness, headaches and depression. These have been markedly improved. Toxicity in the body is probably making a lot of people sick. Some theorists say that all disease starts in the Colon. I found colon cleansing to effectively treat excess mucuous in the body as well as being extremely cautious with what you eat. If it's DEAD... well, you can imagine.... EAT more than 50% of LIVE food in the diet. Many health problems can be solved with the right food. This is not medical advice... it is my own experience. Lots of information is available in your health food store.Best of health to all.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 21, 2007
    • 00:48 AM
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  • Dear Minnesota,You must know my despair and frustration!!!I live in oregon, but did have a tick imbedded in me at about 14 years of age...I don't remember if I got sick. It was in Arkansas. I try despirately to act "normal" at work every day. I have had so many tests including for lymes. Just the one test...what ever it was. You may email me at helloandgoodbyenospam@comcast.netsorry the email address is so long.I am not sure if I mentioned all the symptoms there are so many. I'm to the point that I want to know what's wrong...EVEN if it isn't good. The not knowing is like a lost child...good or bad I just want to know!Mark
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 21, 2007
    • 01:05 AM
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  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) you are showing a lot of liver inbalance with stirring of liver wind. This can cause the vision problems, tremors, tingling sensations. I suggest finding a good acupuncturist who is a certified Chinese herbalist to help get you back in balance. To find one near you go to www.acufinder.com and type in your zip code. Also, I highly agree with last post on cleanses - they can be very helpful for detoxifying the body. My only caution is to go slowly as a cleanse can sometimes make you a bit batty and you may temporarily feel worse before you feel better. Try to perservere, and you should really feel much better. Your antibiotic use and steroid use tells me your gut is probably in bad shape, and you may have candida overload. Please visit www.candidasupport.org and www.wholeapproach.com for more info. hope this helps.Doctor of Oriental Medicine
    acuann 3,080 Replies
    • January 21, 2007
    • 01:07 AM
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  • Thanks for all the input.I asked for an outside referral for a doc that i know has delt with lyme and they denied me. I didnt put up much of a fight. They said they are giving me a referral to an infectious disease doctor. Even though ive already seen one. Although I wouldnt say that doc seemed too concerned about it because i was there for my heart issue.So.... I plan on going to see the new doc. And if that doesnt work out then ill kick and scream until they let me see a doc of my choosing.I did ask, when making the appointment, if they had any doc there who has dealt with Lyme. And i guess they do so im seeing him on the 1st of Feb.I also asked for a referral for another Neuro and they told me the referral is good for a year. So i have an appointment for that on the 8th of Feb. So, I guess what im looking to get tested for now is heavy metals and Lyme. If anyone has any other things i should throw into the mix to ask to be tested for, im all ears.
    myalias101 20 Replies
    • January 22, 2007
    • 11:53 PM
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  • Please ask for a stool test to specifically test for candida. This will tell you if you fall within a normal range or if you are outside of the norm and have candida overload. If they balk at this just tell them you want to rule it out.Doctor of Oriental Medicine
    acuann 3,080 Replies
    • January 23, 2007
    • 03:03 AM
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  • 01 - bilateral hernia operation repaired with mesh did all this happen after the operation and mesh put in your body? just thinking......
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 23, 2007
    • 09:29 AM
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  • yep. That seems to be the case.
    myalias101 20 Replies
    • January 23, 2007
    • 03:03 PM
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  • An update of sorts.I went and saw an infectious disease doctor.He was horrible. He acted like i was wasting his time. I pretty much broke down.I insisted that they give me another test for lyme.And he did although I dont think he wanted to.He even said "well, if it tests postive for lyme we might treat you for that (pause), i mean, yea, we will treat you for it"What kind of statement is that?Anyhow, so i got online and get the results for it today...Im not sure what it means but it came back postive. But it came back postive last time also. So it says they are going to do some more lab work. I can only assume its the western blot which came back neg last time.The odd thing is that my 'count' has went up since the last time. Ill post the results here. Maybe someone knows what it means. (the A flag means im postive) 06/28/2006BORRELIA BURGDORFERI ANTIBODY Component________________________Value Flag Low High Unit B BURGDORFERI AB, EIA, QL Positive A B BURGDORFERI AB, EIA, QL 3.21 2/3/2007 Component_________________________Value Flag Low High UnitB BURGDORFERI AB, EIA, QL Positive A B BURGDORFERI AB, EIA, QL 3.90 Anyhow,so well see what happens with that. Again, i can only assume the western blot is going to come back negative and they wont treat me for anything.The only difference with me from last time is last time i had the test i was on a bunch of medication. None of which im on now.Oh, also, i had a list of symtpoms with me that ive been having that the doc didnt even want look at.I also pulled info for a lab the specializes in lyme testing and he told me he heard of them and there not to be trusted and even though i was willing to pay for the testing myself he wouldnt assist me in that.I normally wouldnt doubt that he heard of the place but since his attitude was that I was wasting his time.. im not so sure he wasnt just saying that. ANyhow, so i went to a rheumatologist today. And hes doing some more tests on me but im not sure what they are. Ill post the results here when i get them. But atleast he said he would give me some medication to see if i react to that. He says its really safe and they even give it to pregnant woman (he was just driving the point home on how safe it was) but he says if that doesnt work hes not going to give me anything else that may cause me any harm. Im ok with that. Im just happy someone is willing to try and do something for me. Its called Plaquenil. I not sure its going to help with allot of my symptoms. I think hes going off that fact that my joints hurt. And lastly. I do have an appt. with a Neuro this friday. So hopefully i can get some leads there but im not holding my breath.
    myalias101 20 Replies
    • February 6, 2007
    • 01:43 AM
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  • Please don't trust your doctors when it comes to medications!!!! I mean it - you must do the research on side effects yourself. Plaquenil is a very strong anti malarial drug used for lupus and RA...please visit www.drugs.com for info on this drug, and click on drug interactions checker if you are taking any other medications...no doctor is going to take the time to check this for you - that is just a fact...please be an educated consumer! I cannot stress this enough! I will guarantee if you visit an Oriental Medical practitioner, they will listen to all of your symptoms and not brush you off...that is just the way we work, or at least I do. DOM
    acuann 3,080 Replies
    • February 6, 2007
    • 03:18 AM
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  • Well, im back nearly a year later.And no good news.Things are actually worse.Not quite sure where i left off as far as symptoms go and im pressed for time as im about to leave for the doctor, again.But i believe since last visited my new symptoms are...One day i was playing basketball and my left eye got rather blurry in what seemed to be the main viewing area. When i cooled down, it would go away (the blurriness) about 80% normal but still had a weird 'whites were kinda florescent and other colors seemed to be inconsistent' type thing going on. When i say 'inconsistent ' i mean if i looked at a thick green line the line wouldn't maintain the same color all the way through and seemed to have streaks of different saturation of the same color mixed in . Weird. I know.Anyhow, went to the eye doctor. He confirmed the back of the eye was inflammed.Took 8 months for that to go away. Not only for the my eye sight to return to normal but that i could exersise without that flaring up.Now my eyesight is 'kinda' fine if you dont count the constant floaters and cobwebs that seem to appear as soon as some seem to disappear (in both eyes).Anyhow, all and all that wasnt so bad.My right hand still tingles for some time after i brush it up against things or hold something in it that vibrates.Not a big deal either.But.. this past month my whole lower body, well, parts of, including my right foot, pelivis and waste, and sometimes right leg seem to kinda vibrate/tingle after use. I think its the same thing as my hand it just feels a bit different.When it does flare up, if i do look down, it does flare up even worse. However looking down when it is not already flared up does not cause anything to happen.So, back to the docotor today.They are going to do an MRI on my neck, again.Personally i dont think its going to show anything.What I think is the problem is that i have an autoimmune problem that is making things 'swell' up when they heat up, and thats whats causing these problems. It makes sense to me.My eye freaked out when it heated up playing basketballMy hand freaks out when I use it (probably heating up)My lower body freaks out when i walk around.And when i say freaks out i mean tingles.Although i have woken up with weird loss of senstations now and then it hasnt happened enough for me to attribute it to anything. However, as far as most all my other problem i wake up feeling great. Its not till i start 'heating' up does the tingling come on. And if i rest that part of my body it will go away, it may take an hour, but it will go away.Now, not sure whats this is symptoms of... wish i knew. Just seems to me it could all be related to 'heating' up parts of my body.Wish i could think of a scientific way to test this theory though.Anyhow, im also goint to an Allergen in the next couple of weeks. I requested this from my doc.I cant go through life like this. Although many people have it worse then I, things constantly get worse, and it really makes me feel as though life is miserable and continues to get worse.I still also get Percarditis from time to time. But pain that goes away (not going into what damage it could possibly be doing) is much better then constant tingling or not wanting to excersise (which makes me feel good) because ill be tingling for hours afterwords and that just depresses me.And i still think maybe its lyme. Even thought i failed the ELSA 2 times. I need to change insurnace but cant do so until i get a new job or until Jan at my current one.Other things i may not have mentiones is that i have a constant rash. That comes and goes with dif severity.And my fingernails started getting pale sometime last year. But that seems to change in severity also.So, probably an infection/disease? But what one?Well, gotta run. Time for another MRI.*oh yea, and the other weird thing about the tingling/vibrating (but not in my right hand) is that it pulsates. Sometimes. But not with my heart or my breathing. Just to its own 'rhythm' Kinda like 2 seconds on and 1 second off... weird.*
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  • I know it's been a long time since you posted this but I figured it's worth a shot. Have you seen a Cardiologist? A heart problem can cause Neurological symptoms that dont show up on Neurological tests. I also wonder if this is all caused by an infection from your hernia surgery. Although it's not real common, it's also not rare for Drs to leave things like clamps or sponges inside people when closing up after surgery. This can cause all kinds of infections and inflammations with surrounding systems. I've had a lot of Neurological symptoms and have had a bazillion test come back fine. I've had Drs tell me I must just be depressed and others just shrug and say good luck. Don't let them get you down. Change doctors if you need to. It might be that all of the symptoms are from some really rare disorder that most doctors have never even heard of or it might be a really complex set of more mundane things. I've started watching the show Mystery Diagnosis on the Discovery Channel. It helps me feel not so alone in my journey. It also helps me realize that plenty of people have been sicker for longer than me and eventually find someone to figure it out. Just be careful that you don't get hypochondriacal like med students do. Personally if I don't find some way to al least treat the symptoms consistently soon I will probably start seeing the Psychatrist (the one who told my PCP that my problem is definitely not from depression or from any other emotional or psychological source) just to talk about my frustration. I was really lucky to find one right away who is good at listening and counselling. He even looked at all of my tests and tried to figure out what might be wrong with me himself. I think state of mind is really important to healing too so if you can keep positive somehow it'll be helpful on other levels. Anyway, if you need support, you can always chat with me. Hope you're feeling better.
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  • Did you ever get checked for the heavy metals? Along with that, I would check for arsenic. They spray tobacco and you did quit, but usually with a smoker, my mentor would have to treat them for arsenic poisoning. So you are positive for lyme, right? Hope you found another doctor; that one was a ***k. I was also thinking shingles and don't know why you got antibiotics for a possible virus. The shingles pain in the top of your head and rash on face, going down arm, etc. What are these people thinking who you entrusted your care?
    Monsterlove 2,921 Replies Flag this Response
  • sounds like you do have lyme.. so keep searching for a doctor who specialises in that. There is lot's happening to do with lymes at the moment.. The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) are looking at changing things (it's all under review) and may end up recognising things which werent officially recognised in lyme previously.. http://blogs. wsj.com/health/ 2008/05/01/ guidelines- for-lyme- disease-treatmen t-go-back- for-review/ ?mod=WSJBloghttp://www.the- scientist. com/blog/ display/54627/ http://www.the- scientist. com/news/ display/49605/
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