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tingling in right pinky finger

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 1, 2007
  • 11:28 AM

What I have read indicates this is not due to CTS, which does not affect fingers 4 and 5. I don't believe I have a problem with compression of the Ulnar (elbow) nerve causing this. It only affects the right hand, never the left. Sometimes there is accompanying pain in the back of my right shoulder. Since I have osteoarthritis, could this be a problem with the braxial nerves radiating from the thorasic area to the arms?

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  • probably a prolapsed disc in your neck.it will probably get better slowly.was it of sudden or gradual onset?
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  • its subscapularis or teres major referral pains (muscles of the shoulder which are tight for some reason), radiates down to your pinkey (very common). sean
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  • I just noticed the tingling in the past 2 or 3 weeks. Anything I can do to narrow it down?
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  • The ulnar nerve is the one that affects the small finger and can go onto the ring finger. Mine was compressed at the elbow but they did the EMG study all the way from the neck area just to be sure the compression wasn't higher up since I had had previous surgery in the neck area several years ago. Mine began with just the tingling and after some time it became more of a dull feeling in it. Also, noticed when held my hand up, palm outward that my little finger drifted away from the others. I went on to my ortho doc and had the EMG which should some slight muscle wasting had begun so had to have surgery to stop the progression of that. Have the EMG study done and see where its compressed is my thoughts.
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  • generally this tingling is muscle referral from the internal rorators of the shoulder. What differs from ulner nerve or brachial nerve pain is that it is not burning or stabbing and there is no relateed numbness. Thus get trigger point work/deep massage done to the shoulder area and whwn your PHYSICAL THERAPIST is working on these musles you will become aware if the pain is getting worse/better. sean.
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  • OK, I think you guys and gals have really helped me. I have an exercise regimen (every other day) that has me doing lots of stomach crunches with my hands on the sides of my head. This is possibly causing me to inadvertantly pull on my head, straining my neck. I have changed to place my hands on my chest. Many of my strenthening exercises involve my shoulders with pretty heavy weights (for a 62-year old). For the next two weeks, I will lay off those exercises and see if the tingling subsides. Thanks!
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  • I have been symptom free for a month now. I am slowly working my strength exercises back into my workout, using stretch cords rather than weights. Thanks for your help.
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  • Great News. Sean(physical Therapist).
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