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Thyroid? The Syph? What?

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  • Posted By: ScaredShibess
  • July 9, 2009
  • 10:31 PM

Hi all. I’m a 23 yr. old male. Weighing in at 210lbs and am 5’9”. Not very physically active anymore because I’ve been sick as all get out. Pack a day smoker for the last 4 years. It’s weird, I was sitting at the computer one night finishing up some work and had the worst panic/anxiety attack I’ve ever felt in my life. Then a myriad of symptoms of have popped up and just continued to worsen over the last 4 months.

Symptoms include:
Loss of memory (Short term, forgetfulness)
Impaired cognitive function (crap reasoning, confused easily, inability to concentrate)
Sometimes Blurry Vision and I can’t focus my eyes. They just stare off into space. Floaters and fluid retention to. Right Eye Twitches.
Intermittent headaches localized on one side of face then the other
Shortness of breath, stuck in throat feeling at thyroid gland, pain there as well
Panic Attacks
Low grade Fevers (Nothing over 99.9)
Increased Metabolism (84-110 bpm depending on stimuli)
Swelling in Face and Neck, Neck Pain
Sometimes Swelling in Hands and Ankles
Slowness to heal from infection, bruises, and cuts
Tremors (All over, no consistent places, feels like my insides quiver, arms and legs)
Intermittent Nausea and Diarrhea
Muscle Weakness and Pain (Legs, Underarms, Triceps, Pectorals… All Intermittent)
Skin Burning and slight Redness (Everywhere, thighs and arms, intermittent)
Anorexia (I have to eat tons, but I have no appetite so I just force it down)
Extreme Fatigue

I don’t have tonsils, wisdom teeth, adenoids, or my appendix.
Been tested for AIDS, Hypothyroidism, Malnutrition, Diabetes, All Blood Panels etc.. (Negatives)
Complete stool culture done (Negative for parasites and C-diff)
Had 2 chest and abdomen X-rays. Had 2 Abdomen CT Scans. Came back clean.
Seen an allergist. Allergic to mold and pollen. Found that out.
Had a sonogram and RAI uptake scan of my thyroid. It came back as enlarged with a cyst on the right side of my thyroid. Took thyroid blood levels. Doc hasn’t interpreted uptake scan results yet, because she’s on vacation currently.
Free T4 came back at 1.7
Free T3 at 1.1
Slightly elevated liver enzyme around 47
White cells range from 11-16
Potassium is sometimes low
Currently waiting on test results for Syphilis and Hyperthyroidism.

Family History:
I have a huge family with tons of health related problems. My father died of pancreatic cancer at 53 and had type 2 diabetes. My mother has hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, Bi-polar disorder, Fibromyalgia, and asthma. I have an uncle and a cousin who have Crohn’s and another cousin who can’t absorb sodium from food. My grandparents both died of heart disease in their 70’s.
So, does anyone have any ideas on what this could be?

I think I have some Hashi’s with Hyperthyroidism and a B12 deficiency, or Tertiary Syphilis, or some type of lymphoma. None of my lymph nodes are enlarged and my lymph counts come back anywhere from 18-20.
I’ve had a little tenderness and burning in my groin area since I was about 15, but the doctors just kept testing for HIV and calling it jock itch. I’ve never had chancers or pus filled sores though. I am married and our 2 year old daughter received a full work up when she was born testing for STD’s and other things. She was clean thank god. My wife has been tested and is clean as well.
I just don’t know. I’m $20,000 in debt from medical bills, unable to work, and every time I go to the doctor they prescribe me Xanax, Aciphex, and Anti inflammatories. I’m worried I’m dieing a slow painful one and I might not get to play catch with my kid. I’m only 23 here and scared out of my mind.
Little Help?
I’m located in Bloomington, IN if anyone knows of a good doctor here who might actually give a darn for once.

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