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Thyroid Disorder

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  • Posted By: foxylovesred
  • March 12, 2008
  • 02:06 PM

I've had a thyroid disorder going on 3 years now. When it first started i had gradual numbness, tired, anxiety, loss of appetite, passing out, couldn't feel hot or cold, intolerant to heat, fast pulse rate. I went to see an Endocrinologist, i found out i had Thyroiditis and that one side of the thyroid was enlarged. Later on that year it turned to Hyperthyroid.

The last year it hasn't showed up in my blood at all but still had symptoms but it's gotten worse now my heart rate races if i even stand for a few minutes which makes me weak, dizzy, feel sick and i have to sit down before i pass out. Also have been having irregular periods throughout this whole time.

Finally a few months ago it showed up again in my blood as Hypothyroid. So i went to see a doctor he tried me on T3 it was awesome the first day then i couldn't tell anymore. I also did the Uptake test which came back normal again. The lobe is still enlarged.

All in all my thyroid has produced a nodule and now cysts. The docs say it's fine but i don't believe them. I've had a mental evaluation and passed, been to a Gyno for the irregular periods, that came back normal.

I've made an appointment with a cardiologist to see if my heart may be a factor in this. But if anyone else has any suggestions please, im all ears. Thank You.

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  • Did they tell you what kind of thyroiditis you have? It sounds like Hashimoto's. Initially, it can present with hyperthyroidism as the gland is destroyed and dumps out large quantities of thyroid hormone. Eventually, over many many years, the gland slowly gets killed off by your immune system and you gradually lose thyroid function and become hypothyroid. This isn't a smooth process, however, and your levels can fluctuate over time.I'd get the endocrinologist to pin down a diagnosis. They may need to check thyroid antibodies to see what kind of thyroiditis you have (Grave's disease is also a form of thyroiditis that causes hyperthyroidism- and after treatment for this, some people lose gland function and become hypothyroid). I'd ask them to give your disease a name and maybe follow your hormone levels more often so you get the correct treatment/dosage as needed.
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  • Elke presents words of wisdom and I second them. Also, what is your age? If you are in your late thrities and above (and a women) you may also be in the early stages of perimenopause...this may not show up on blood test for quite some time, but you can start having symptoms of it at the ages I mentioned. I did as well as thyroid....it was "great fun". anyway the symptms of peri are very similar to those of thryoid...sometimes hard to tell...get to the doctor and get some blood work done...good doct will help you sort it all out. Joan
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  • Thanks guys for all the advice i find it helpful. I am a 24 yr. old female. I have been tested for thyroid antibodies, it came back negative. I've been tested for peri-menopause the gyno said my fsh was normal. My mom however also has odd symptoms and she may have been diagnosed with Basilar Migranes. So if i can't find anything else i may search our genetics. But i do thank you guys so much and anymore advice is appreciated.
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