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thumb nail pain

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  • Posted By: smartbass
  • March 25, 2010
  • 02:33 AM

Both my thumb nails get painful to pressure for no apparent reason. This started when I was out in the weather for about 8 hours a day for 4 days while on antibiotics.I don't remember any trauma to my thumbs. It was very painful at first and I thought it may have been the result of sunburn to my hands due to the prolonged exposure and the antibiotics. It gradually subsided and went away. It's been about 3 weeks and it's suddenly returned;stopped the antibiotics about 2 weeks ago. The pain isn't as bad, but the fact that the same symptoms have resurfaced is a little disconcerting. I've no other symptoms that I can tell. I know there are people here with far worse problems and I hope they get the help they need!

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  • Hi,Did you find any more info about this problem? My daughter started experiencing the same problem after taking antibiotic.ThanksRh
    rhsquared 1 Replies
    • November 5, 2010
    • 10:22 AM
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  • Hi,Did you find any more info about this problem? My daughter started experiencing the same problem after taking antibiotic.ThanksRhEventually, my nails grew out with severe blackening with no adhesion to nail bed in the darkened area. They've just about grown out now 11 monts later, with no other ill effects. Best i can figure, the nail bed got severely sunburned. I hope this helps.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 10, 2010
    • 03:27 AM
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  • I have a similar symptom; I don't know if it is exactly the same or a different problem with similar symptom.The pain started at least 22 years ago---don't remember the first time it started to bother me. I only remember that on the lower left side of my thumb there was pain. I went to a doctor and she gave me some liquid to soak my thumb in it a few times a day. No help. It continued to hurt and bother me, but not to the point where I couldn't stand it.It has been like that for years till a few years ago I began to notice that the pain would be very severe when I got to a warm environment to a cold or chilly environment, such as finishing my night class and having to walk to my car, parked about 300 meters away. The throbbing pain would start and it hurt me like crazy. I had to turn the heat on and after about 15 minutes the pain would reduce. During warm days it was better. This lasted till recently, say about 2 months ago when my thumb nail started to hurt no matter cold or warm. Even as I am writing, my room is certainly warm and I don't feel cold at all, but thumb nail is hurting. It is hurting all the time now, almost 24x7, only a matter of degree. Sometimes it is more severe and sometimes it is less and sometimes it is intolerable.The puzzle is no one, no doctor can tell just by looking at my left thumb that there is anything wrong. By comparing my good right thumb, even I can't tell the difference. There is no sign of injuries, but the left thumb nail just hurts badly. It often keeps me awake or wakes me up at night due to the pain.Is anyone experiencing the same or similar symptoms? Any suggestions? Please help!Thanks for reading.
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  • I have this same situation that has just started today. I am currently on an antibiotic for acne. I was outdoors in the ocean in extremely cold water, though it was sunny. I was wearing a wetsuit, but I was still very, very cold. My thumbnails started hurting/throbbing about an hour into surfing, but I stayed out another hour or 1.5. Finally, I was too cold so I came in, took a hot shower, had lunch. Still could not shake the "cold" feeling from my body. My thumbs have been throbbing for the past 12 hours. I don't know what everyone's gender is, but I am female. Any correlation here? I'm trying to figure out if there is a pattern among us.
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  • I have the exact same problem as GratefulM.Not related to antibiotics but I don't recall exactly when the paid started.. but within the last 2 years. It's much more severe in cold temperatures but no physical sign of infection (no redness or swelling of the skin or discolouration of the nail).My pain is also in the left lower thumb nail area, on my leaft hand. I really must go to see my doctor and see if they can explain as it's sore all of the time lately and I'm having trouble picking things up in that hand as putting pressure on it is excutiating!I'll keep you posted with what my doctor says...
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  • hi! I am experiencing the same issues, I was on a high dose of antibiotics for lyme disease. I paint murals and during that time had a lot of sun exposure. Now both the nail beds underneath my thumbs are extremely sensitive, any time I put pressure on them or basically try and use them for anything i can't because they really hurt. It makes sense that they got extremely sunburned (because that was one of the side effects of the medication). I am just curious how long it took for the pain to go away? I have been off the medication for about a week but have been feeling the nail pain for about 2.5 weeks. Any feedback would be great!Thanks
    unklewalter 1 Replies
    • October 4, 2013
    • 01:38 PM
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  • Is you notice any redness or swelling of the thumb joint below the nail?
    amkayproducts 3 Replies
    • October 19, 2013
    • 07:13 AM
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  • No swelling.Light redness with wite spots are noticed.
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  • Hi, I have the same situation. My nail hurts, especially in cold. I'm from Poland and I visited a lot of doctors and I can't get diagnosis. My mother has the similar issue, but her finger got dark after about 15 years (here's photo of her thumb: http://wrzucaj.net/PQP ). When she hurts her thumb she kills the pain with cold water- so opposite situation. Any help would be great! Thanks
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  • Hi!

    I've the same issue. I'm from Poland and I visited many doctors. My thumb looks normal but hurts a lot, especially when it's cold. My mother also has this issue but about 15 years ago one doctor thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome. He made surgery but it didn't help. Now her nail is darker and she kills the pain with cold (I kill pain with warm, so opposite situation). Does anyone have any idea? Thanks!
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  • Mine is a glomus tumor. I had the same problem after being on minocycline for 7 weeks a year and a half ago. My thumb nail would hurt horribly if I bumped it even gently with another finger. Then 2 months ago, it became very sensitive to cold, and a thin vertical red line formed. I went to an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hands. He just removed a 5 mm glomus tumor. It is benign but very painful and sensitive to cold, whereas melanomas don't hurt unless they spread into your bone.
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  • I also have been experiencing the same pain under the left lower part of the thumb nail of my left hand for over 2 years off and on. It usually last from a few days to a week and then goes away with no apparent cause. In my case it is not related to antibiotics because I had not taken any. It is very interesting to know that other people have experiencing this same problem. I had mentioned this to a doctor once, but she had never heard of anything like this.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • January 7, 2015
    • 04:55 AM
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