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Throat problems

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  • Posted By: kiss_charles
  • July 9, 2008
  • 01:45 AM

I just gave up smoking because the burning sensation from my throat.For 5 days I`m sick,bourning in my throat,like something is scratching my throat and is making me to cough.When I`m coughing most of the time some little pieces of mucus is comming out from my mouth.When I have to spit out the spit is like pinky.In the first couple of days I had temperature 37.My tongue colour is yellowish.I`m afraid is throat cancer!The doctor said is an infection and he gave me antibiotics Roxythromicyn.From this one, my liver hurts.I am a male of 49 years old.I`m living in Australia for 14 years and my body can`t accomodate with this tropical climate.For years I had many different medical problems,like leakage from my anus and burning sensation(like acid ),enlarged liver,the doctor said sliding double hernia and then said 6 month later,no more hernia but it still hurts and then reflux disease.For everything my doctor said is infection.What can I do?Can be related to the climate of this country?I can`t stand the heat and I like the cold weather.I made several times blood test,x rays,ct scans,ultrasound and almost everything is ok.

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  • If your liver was enlarged, it's probably a little dangerous to be on antibiotics. It sounds kind of like you need to find a new doctor if you are having symptoms as severe as you are describing and he is prescribing antibiotics. Do you always finish the antibiotics that he prescribes? You said almost everything was normal, what was abnormal in the blood work and other tests?I'm not sure the climate would be causing these problems, but there may be some other kind of environmental factor that is making you sick (an allergy, for instance). Also, it sounds like you are extremely unhappy living in Australia, which I'm sure is not helping your condition. So here's my advice. 1. Move. You only get one life, and there is absolutely no reason that is good enough to justify being miserable in a climate you hate. 2. Try to abstain from or limit foods that are very acidic (tomatoes, citrus fruit, etc) and take Prilosec OTC. This should help with the anal leakage, the burning, and . Is your anal leakage accompanied with diarrhea? And is this chronic? You may have IBS. 3. Get a new doctor. 4. Make sure you are eating VERY WELL! You have a sensitive digestive system. You may want to try a vegan diet, it usually works very well for people with digestive problems. You need to make sure you are getting plenty of fiber and a variety of plant-based foods. Try it and see how your stomach reacts.
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  • Perhaps it is not the climate but your diet in this country....my suggestions is to take special care there....candida is a possibility.....when I moved to Japan, try as I might, my diet DID change just because of the kinds of food that were and were not available....just a thought....Joan
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  • try homeopathy: type in your symptoms and it will bring up several remedies. You can order online. would be best to find a homeopathic doctor, but this is a self help site:http://abchomeopathy.com/go.php There's a lot of arsenic in smoking and homeopthic arsen alb 30X would be a good place to start.
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