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  • Posted By: sunshine2940
  • April 7, 2008
  • 02:07 PM

I started getting sick the summer of 2006. I would be outside and heat would make me sick to my stomach I could not stay outside longer than 10 min without feeling horrible. After this my lymph nodes swelled up in my neck and behind my ears they were not painful just large. The next day I had a rash all over my body and started to have night sweats and be freezing. The night sweats were so bad I had to get up and change cloths. My body hurt, dizzy, heart palpatations, couldn't eat, light headed, shakey, and gained weight, cronic fatigue. I went to the doctor who did blood work and showed my WBC was elavated. Was put on antibotics and loratabs for the pain. I was on pain killers for about 4 mts. I've been to an endo and everything checked out ok. I had a biopsy of my thyroid because of a lump but came back nothing. Was hospitalized due to a black out while driving and again they found nothing. Had a lymph node removed from my neck and came back fine. It is now 2008 and i'm still having a lot of the same symptoms but no one can tell me whats wrong. It is really hard for me to just wake up in the morning sometimes. My eyes are all puffy and I just have no energy. I have tightness in my stomach like i've eating a whole table of food. I can't eat very much because it makes me sick, but i haven't lost any weight. I'm cold alot and use an electric heater in my office but when I turn it on it makes me sick to my stomach so I have to turn it off. Just last week I had my thyroid levels tested again and they were elevated, but a week later they were fine. any help in this matter would be great.

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  • have they checked your thyroid antibodies? they usually don't check them unless hormones are off first, and are reluctant sometimes to check them, but it might be worthwhile looking into- you could be in the early stages of autoimmune thyroid disease- either grave's or hashimoto's (the very early stages of hashimoto's can look like grave's)...i went 8 years being told my thyroid was okay, only to find out later that my antibodies were elevated (and my gland was full of tiny nodules)best wishes
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  • I have had my thyroid levels check but I'm not sure if they checked the antibodies. What did they end up doing for you?
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  • did your doctors test you for an autoimmune disease called lupus. The sun sensitivity is a major sign. Are you having any type of aches and pains since it seems to be related to arthritis.
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  • Every once in awhile I do have random pain in my legs or hands. Last night my thumb went numb and my fingertips were tingly.
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  • Swollen lymph nodes, rash, night sweats sound like lymphoma, no? Maybe the biopsy of your lymph node was wrong. And maybe some of your symptoms, like the dizziness, coldness, lightheadedness, fatigue, and black out are from not being able to eat...? Some of your symptoms sound like some of mine ("I have tightness in my stomach like i've eating a whole table of food. I can't eat very much because it makes me sick"--see my thread) and lymphoma is something I'm getting checked for in a few days by a CT scan.
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  • I was checked for lymphoma in 2006 and it came back negative. They did a biopsy of my lymphnode.
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  • In response to your question above:I had a strange combination of symptoms- some of them thyroid and others neurological. I was eventually diagnosed with something called Hashimoto's Encephalopathy, after my thyroid antibodies were checked by a neurologist. My hormones were completely normal the whole time I spent undiagnosed...My experience taught me that to absolutely rule out thyroid disease, you probably need the antibodies checked- not just the hormones... at least that's what happened in my case, but I had different symptoms from yours.My doctors ended up treating the encephalopathy with steroids, and the thyroiditis with thyroid hormones.Best Wishes & hope you get some kind of an answer soon.
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