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Teenager Sick for Two Years

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  • Posted By: J. Sparrow
  • April 5, 2007
  • 01:55 PM

Hi there,
I'm an 18 year old female with a mysterious illness that has lasted over two years and I really need help with a diagnosis! I'll try to make this short, since the last post erased because I took too long to type it!

- shortness of breath that usually goes away during exercise, and it's reoccuring
- rapid heartrate (90bpm resting, 180bpm doing light exercise)
- extreme fatigue and adrenal exhaustion

- tried Zoloft, Effexor, both didn't work and made me feel ill.
- taking beta-blockers (propranolol) 30mg per day which allows me to function.
- I'm also taking vitamines, such as vitamin E, COQ10, vitamin B's, and an adrenal complex thinger.

- I've had every test imaginable, including MRI's, EKG's, testing for blood clots, vitamin deficiencies, anemia, mono, hyperthyroidism (my mom has it, but tests showed I had slight hyPOthyroidism), chest xrays, pulmonary tests, stress tests, heart monitors, my blood has been examined under a microscope,

- I've been to naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, specialized hormone doctors, heart specialists, lung specialists, and I've even been to councilling for anxiety to make sure it wasn't all "in my head".

So far, the only results I've had were that I have a severe magnesium deficiency, mild hypothyroidism (even though I have always been very very thin), and mercury poisoning, all which have been taken care of. I cannot afford to miss any more school because of this illness. Although the beta blockers help the racing heart rate and the high blood pressure, they don't help the adrenal exhaustion or the shortness of breath. I'm planning on going to university next year but unless my health improves I will not be able to go! :( If anyone has suggestions, I would extremely grateful, as I've stumped every doctor I've come across.

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  • Wow. That is quite a list, and the first thing (shortness of breath that GOES AWAY with exercise) is really baffling.If there is more that would be useful, try writing on a word processor, and then pasting it into the posting window. With this, that you've written below, I just don't know. Please include what parts of your body have been MRI'd.I was on Propranalol once, and it made me feel stupid, I hated it. There are other beta-blockers, if you have this feeling. I'd definitely suggest one that is known to NOT pass the blood/brain barrier if you do go to school and must be on beta blockers.Please list exactly when and the numbers for the low magnesium, and the mercury poisoning, and how those were treated.Looking forward to seeing your answers...but may not be online much in the next two days, so don't be concerned if I don't get right back to you.Best,Shula
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  • I've been suffering from something similar for a few years also. I actually had to pull out of school, twice. Although my illness is different from yours, I've done a lot of research trying to find out what's wrong with me, and I've found many different illnesses with similar symptoms to what your describing. Since you've been to every doctor imaginable (by the way I wouldn't reccommend stopping), and you've had psychotherapy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome seems highly possible. Unfortunatley if that's the case, it's not good news. I'm sure you've heard of it since you've been sick for so long, but it's an illness diagnosed by exclusion of other illnesses, and there is no cure. I found this website: www.diagnose-me.com, and I actually just finished filling out the questionnaire today. It was 1000 questions long, so it is very thorough, and the reports are reviewed by doctors and analyzed by their software, and the end report is usually around 100 pages long. I can't say whether it worked or not because I haven't gotten my results back, but I am definitely looking forward to what they have to say. In your position it would definitely be worth a try, and it's not very expensive (by the way I'm not advertising) I hope that helped, and I wish you good luck with your illness Shane
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