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Teenage acne

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  • Posted By: Janette
  • March 2, 2008
  • 03:20 AM

What REALLY WORKS ??? My daughter is 15 & has tried alot of the major cure-all acne treatments. She drinks lots of water, follows a very healthy diet & still can't clear up her acne. Her chin & face hurt. Any useful help please ?

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  • To be honest, Janette, I think there comes a point when you literally just have to give it time. I'm 19 and throughout my teenage years I have had acne mildly. I often use clearasil, Witch and products like that. I use a face wash in the morning and evening and gels etc, but generally it doesn't ever work 100%. However, I have to say that the Witch gel is particularly effective... Well I think so. It's the most effective of everything I've used. It's just a clear gel that you rub on your face before bed. You don't wash it off or anything, it just dries in. Generally that is quick and effective, usually getting rid of the spots within a day or so (or at very least fading them over night). Though I can't guarantee it would always work of course.My best friend, however, used to have acne rather badly at the age of 14/15. Actually to the point where she now has scars on her body. Don't worry, I'm not suggesting your daughter would have but if that did occur you can actually get lazer treatment to remove them if you weren't aware. But the point I'm making here is, when she got to the age of 16/17 it stopped. She very rarely gets a single spot on her face now and her skin looks good. I think it's just a natural part of growing. It's inevitable that your daughter will get spots sometimes, maybe even daily, but she will grow out of it.However, if you're looking for a solution then I can only tell you what I know to be accurate... Firstly, if your daughter wears a lot of make up (like my little sister) that can actually make it worse. Foundation and things like that make your skin greasy and oily and therefore spots are more likely to develop. Obviously getting enough sleep, eating the right things and drinking lots of water help, but as you say, your daughter already does this. I've heard that actually putting chocolate on your face (a bit like a mud pack) is actually very good for you. Perhaps she could try using face packs every so often? If you use them enough they do tend to cleanse your skin.Hope this helps anyway!xxx
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  • Hey all, A little tip a dr gave me was to wash your face with warmish water, then use every day plain old salt, gently rub over affected area, allow to dry slightly on skin, then wash off with warm water, then cool water, pat dry with a clean towel each time. I had bad acne growing up and even now when I am stressed, it works a treat. From what I understand the salt basically draws the infection/pus out, and cleans the pores, the cool water helps the pores to close so dirt etc cant get in and create a pimple. The only thing to be aware of is you may need to use a face moisturiser once a week or as needed as the salt can dry the skin out. Hope it helps
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  • I'm 19 and literally just got over some horrible and ongoing acne. I did everything right for years, just as your daughter is, but nothing worked.My advice would be to continue to drink water and have a good skin care routine but also go see a doctor. They have countless creams and pills they can offer which will hopefully help but if they don't they may put her on roacutaine. It's a very strong drug with harsh side effects but within months I am spot free! It took me almost 4 years to get offered the medication which is why I suggest visiting the doctor now.I would also say to avoid clearasil and similar products, they work in the short term but will cause a larger and more persistant breakout overall. Tea Tree Oil worked well as a replacement for me.
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  • Put her on oral birth control -- tends to work the best for women.In women/girls, most acne is hormonally affected - more breakouts as hormones rise around ovulation. So if you level out the hormone levels, it tends to have significant effects on acne.
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  • Why don't you go and see a dermatologist? They specialise in treating skin things. If she is really suffering then there are lots of potential treatments. Benzyl peroxide is usually the first line, plus or minus a topical antibiotic such as clindamycin. If that fails to work after a few months then you can step up treatment to oral antibiotics or even roaccutane.There are lots of myths about acne, so she should know that over 95% of the population suffer from this condition at some stage of their lives. Even one spot still counts as acne to a doctor. It has nothing to do with washing your face or being unclean. In fact, over washing can make it worse. I would suggest that you either go to a dermatologist or speak to your local friendly pharmacist for some advice.Good luck!
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  • Mom had a cure for acne.Get up at 4am and squeeze a half lemon into a pint of warm water. Drink.Set alarm at 6am, get up, squeeze 8 ounces of orange juice. Drink.Don't eat anything for 20 minutes.The 14 year old teenager and her mother who came to live with us in the summer of 1956 tried this. The daughter, that is, who had horrible acne all over her face.It was spring. By summer's end the acne had cleared up. I saw her again in a distant city a couple of times in succeeding years. Never a trace of acne. The times aren't important. The hour or two spacing between drinks is, and the 20 minutes after the OJ before eating breakfast.Mom used to say that if you drink the lemon without the orange, it will make your acne worse, because the lemon loosens up the toxins, and they will start to come out thru the skin if you don't drink the orange juice.Never tried THAT, but now at age 68 I am still doing the lemon-orange cleansing routine every morning. It creates an alkaline/acid "tide" or tidal change in the bloodstream during the 2+ hour interval. A test of this is that (when sitting upright or laying on your back), the left nare (nostril) will open up after drinking the lemon. This is not the usual state of things in the body, and is a good condition to achieve at least once daily. Exercise might do the same thing.Upon drinking the OJ, the left nare will close and the right one will open up, indicating that the blood chemistry is switching from acid to alkaline -- or visa versa. Don't remember exactly which is which.But more data is available in the book(s) on acid-alkaline balance by Dr. Susan E. Brown and Larry Trivieri, Jr. The critical guide is the one entitled "The Acid Alkaline Food Guide." The research that must have gone into creating the extensive tables in this book is mind-boggling. So are the results that can be achieved by paying attention to this.A diabetic patient with severe neuropathic pain and leg cramps (my ladyfriend) who used to lie awake at night suffering by the hour, now drinks some apple cider vinegar before bedtime for near-immediate relief. She does a lot better too, if she eats some watermelon a little while before bedtime. These are both very helpful. But stay away from beans!See the book for details. I hope this helps.
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  • A number of treatments for acne, including mine (tea tree oil) are shown in section 13, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris
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  • Some use a surgical needle with rubbing alcohol to keep it sterile. You are suppose to wait until you see the white tip appear on a pimple, then poke that part with the needle, and then squeeze out the junk inside.They also have a blue and red laser they shine, which works.People originally thought the UV radiation in the sunlight was what cleared up pimples, but just using UV radiation alone had no affect on them. Turns out the light causes the skin to release something or another, that cures up the acne.Since the person is a teenager, you might want to check on the source of the acne also.I used to eat vast amounts of junk food, and even now, certain foods I notice cause a breakout. Did you know cows are given iodine to prevent infection, and thus causes acne breakouts in many people?I used to lean against my hand, it touching my face, whenever I was reading. Whenever you sweat, if anything is blocking the pores, you are going to get pimples.If you do what healthy/****y teenage do at night, then you may get acne all over. Make sure they know that under a sheet is fine, but not under a blanket if they are going to sweat a lot. The pores have to breath.Wearing some types of makeup can cause a blockage and thus pimples also.I hope that helps.
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  • www.acne.org has very good info on a good acne face regimen. Visit a good naturopath or other holistic doc to help you with this problem. As for Birth control and oral antibiotics - these have lots of potential horrible side effects, so be warned before having your daughter take these drugs. I would try the posters citrus regimen and see if it helps - couldn't hurt. Best wishesDOM
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  • Try giving up ALL sweets. Anything with sugar in it; including all fruits.It worked for my son. This took 2 weeks. Within days there were no new zits.Wise up. Your diet is your problem.
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  • Acutane. Took it when I was 15, cleared it *completely* within 3 months. I had severe acne, almost no exposed skin on my face, that bad. Covered my chest, shoulders and back as well. Acutane fixed it all... lot of side effects, but I experienced none of them.
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    • August 26, 2008
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  • And tell her not to touch her face. Lots of oils on the hands build up on the face and cause acne. That means not touching be it rubbing scratching picking. Hands Off!
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    • August 28, 2008
    • 02:48 PM
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  • use Stievamycin, Clindets, and take one minocyline once a day.
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  • I think from the age of acne problem, then it passes..
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  • As for Birth control and oral antibiotics - these have lots of potential horrible side effects, so be warned before having your daughter take these drugs. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing this will lead to rampant systemic yeast overgrowth. I know because I'm battling it now--30 years after being put on daily antibiotics for five years that only made me throw up. Antibiotics breed excessive yeast, and so does BC. PLEASE DO NOT do this to your child!!!!!! I have horrific insomnia, exhaustion, itching, food intolerances, and 150 lbs to lose because of the idiots who made me do this (and yeah...I'm quite upset about it). I have a severely restrictive diet to rid my body of this poison. Oh...and I still have acne at 43!!!!!!! LIZARD :(
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