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Teen with severe neurological impairment with NO answers

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 9, 2010
  • 10:45 PM

I am a 17 year old male who has been dealing with fatigue, blurry vision, dim vision, trouble focusing eyes, severe short term memory loss, cognitive impairment, declining intellect, low libido, excessive sleeping, tachycardia, brain fog, and I am barely able to even acknowledge that I am living and everything is not a dream. I have had this for two years now but about 11 weeks ago everything was exacerbated by about 5x. I missed 9 weeks of school and have been living in ***l ever since. No doctor has any idea what is going on. I suspect mercury poisoning from dental fillings, but this has yet to be confirmed. I believe there is some sort of hormonal inbalance but I do not know if this is the whole problem. My sex drive is almost nonexistent which is not at all normal for a 17 year old male. If I don't get any answers soon I may go to the Mayo Clinic or Philadelphia Children's Hospital because I can't deal with this any more. All of my blood work came back normal, except for my platelets were low at 99 and I had positive strep antibodies. If anyone at least has any idea of what may be causing this I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you all

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  • Make sure your testosterone levels have been tested as they may be low and that may be part of the issue............ Your symptoms/signs sound like chronic fatigue dysfunction syndrome also called CFIDS (or CFS or ME). CFIDS is 3 times more common in females but in children (those under 18) it appears equally in both sexes. If Im correct and you do have CFIDS (thou right now a minor case of it..if it worsens you will find yourself with far more symptoms), i know thou the mayo clinic may diagnose it (or they may not as i think your case is minor and hasnt got as bad as it may, its not currently quite bad enough to meet the current diagnostic criteria), mayo clinic themselves do not treat CFIDS patients as they dont have a specialist there to treat it. (i've heard this from ones with CFIDS who have been there). With them not having a CFIDS specialist there, i dont suggest going there unless you want to make sure to rule out other things. http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html is a good list of CFIDS symptoms thou not all its symptoms are on the list (thou most are). CFIDS patients common.y have some tachycardia.. in many of us with CFIDS it is caused by Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) which is an overlapping illness with CFIDS. So you need to find out if you have POTS with the CFIDS i think you may have. I very strongly suggest you do your own research on this illness and then approach your doctor about it as many doctors are very misinformed about this illness and some very biased (eg may think that males dont get it.. when it fact 25% with it are male. You may have a harder time than normal getting a diagnoses due to this). The CDC says that 80% with CFIDS remain undiagnosed. Once diagnosed.. you need to find a doctor who specialises in CFIDS or is willing to learn about it so you can be helped some. CFIDS is a very bad illness to have but being a child still you do currently have a better chance of making a full recovery. (full recovery in adults isnt common..so do all you can now to find a diagnoses and get some help.. i suggest not GET.. but there are supplements and other things which may help). Another good thing about your case if im correct and it is very minor CFIDS.. is that being minor (yeah i know to you your illness doesnt at all seem minor but im comparing it with how most CFIDS cases are).. if you deal with the illness well (eg get the right help.. supplements, learning to "pace" your activities both mental and physical so you arent worsening your condition etc).. you do have a MUCH better chance of RECOVERY. So stay hopeful. I suggest for you to contact your CFS or CFIDS organisation in the country you are in for advice on a doctor or specialist in it that you can see to rule out CFS or to diagnose you as probably having a minor case of it. please dont wait until you are worst and only then find out you do have CFIDS.. CFIDS can be rapid or "slow onset"... You could have slow onset CFIDS.......... i myself have CFIDS.. nowdays it's my brain function which for myself is one of my worst functions.. severe memory issues
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  • http://www.cfids.org/about-cfids/do-i-have-cfids.asp
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