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  • Posted By: Kaitlinn
  • June 1, 2011
  • 06:39 AM

I'm a 17 year old female, who has always been relatively healthy. I've had a past with getting awful migraines, but those have seemed to stop.

I've been in pain for about a month now. At first, the pain started in my abdomen. I'd describe it as somewhat bloated, perhaps swelling. That's when I noticed a sudden change in my bowel patterns. It became very watery, and mucus was also coming out. At first I thought maybe it would pass, and it would be no big deal. Well, it continued on for a week, before I finally went into the doctors. She ran a blood test for Celiac disease, and that came back normal. She ordered an ultrasound of my stomach, specifically my gallbladder and kidneys. Nothing was unusual or alarming about my visit, but I had higher blood pressure than I usually have. (Brushes off as nerves)

The ultrasound came back clear for gallbladder, but it did show kidney stones. I then took a urine sample, to see if I was passing/attempting to pass them, which came back negative. I'm not passing kidney stones, and my gallbladder is clear of anything..

I've pretty much lost my appetite, and I've lost a few pounds, because every time I eat, it hurts the entire right side of my stomach, and back. I'm a dancer as well, so everytime I dance, I am in extreme pain. I have recitals coming up this weekend, and next weekend, and I'm extremely worried. It's been a whole month, and no one can seem to pin point the pain.

Recently, I have become constipated, and the pain comes in bursts. I was given samples of Amitiza to see if that eases the strain, but it hasn't done much. I have Tylenol with Codeine, and it literally has done nothing for the pain.

As of right this moment, I have awful back pains, that started to occur today during dance. Its been 6 hours now, and it hurts to move even a little bit. I did take a Tylenol 3, but it hasn't helped at all. It's starting to worry me a lot. I can't breath in, get up, bend over, or do anything without pain shooting up my back. It feels very stiff, and I've never experienced pain like this before. I have not fallen or done anything strenuous that I know of.. I dance 3 times a week, for 4 hours, so my body is used to exercise.

If their is any additional information anyone needs to know, I will gladly provide. I'm just so frustrated, and sick of being in pain all of the time.

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  • What is your month of birth? I suppose August or September, am I right? "I have awful back pains" = you have disc herniation or protrusion in your spinal column, I'm sure. Check it by MRI scan.
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  • Kaitlinn,It sounds to me like a gastrointestinal infection with possible reactive arthritis in your back. Have they checked for GI infections like salmonella, shigella, campylobacter etc? Reactive arthritis can take some time, but it gets better after a while.Also, have they looked into possibility of Crohn's disease or ulcerous colitis?I am not by any means an expert, but don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.Good luck with everything!
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  • What is your month of birth? I suppose August or September, am I right? "I have awful back pains" = you have disc herniation or protrusion in your spinal column, I'm sure. Check it by MRI scan.My birth month is actually June. Does it have something to do with what it could be? Just out of curiosity.@ Felsen:I think Crohn's and any IBD's were immediately checked off of the list, but it's interesting that you bring up GI infections. I've also had kidney / bladder infections that have occurred occasionally since June of last year. Could that be a factor?
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  • I don't know about urinary tract infections, but GI infections are known to be able to cause reactive arthritis. Many times they will never be able to find out which bacterial infection that caused it. Another example of this process is Lyme disease where a bacterial infection, borreliosis, can cause arthritis and also a bunch of other symptoms.Good luck, Kaitleen. I hope you soon feel better :)
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  • OK. "The ultrasound came back clear for gallbladder" = you have biliary dyskinesia (hyper- or hypo tonus of the sphincter of Oddi); "but it did show kidney stones"+"I've also had kidney / bladder infections" = this is the reasons, -> "disc herniation or protrusion in your spinal column" = this is the consequence. Besides kidneys/urinary bladder, you also have problems with your stomach (gastritis or ulcer), may be duodenum (possible duodenitis), your pancreas (pancreatitis, possible hyper/hypoglycemia) and your bowels (colitis or ulcerative colitis) now. "ultrasound of my stomach" = ultrasound is not informative method for gastritis and duodenitis. Only gastroscopy can deliver full view of stomach and duodenum. You should pass endoscopy test called esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD or OGD in British spelling) with biopsy instead of ultrasound. "my gallbladder is clear of anything" = you can feel a pain in gallbladder because of dyskinesia even if you have no gallbladder stones at all. All your diseases can be cured except bowels problem (it's individually).
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  • "every time I eat, it hurts the entire right side of my stomach, and back." I dont know if you are aware of the following but constipation can cause back pain as impaction can be pressing onto nerves etc. (Im not saying that is the issue but it could well be). Eatting would make it worst and may give pains if one is very blocked up. Codeine has a very common side effect of causing constipation so taking that is likely to make your constipation issue much worst and may of done so. So whatever is causing your issues its best not taking anything with that in it. If one gets too constipated one can start getting like watery over flow.. where one is only passing liquid as it moves past the faecal impaction (thou if you were impacted they should of seen that on your ultrasound). I have a little concern over that medication your doctor has you on as it is contraindicated in " contraindicated in patients exhibiting chronic diarrhea,"So if you are getting issues with that (thou you are constipated right now)... im not sure if that medicine is the right one for you. There are three types of IBS.. predominately diarrhea, predominately constipation and with the third type the person swings both ways and is highly irregular. If you are in that third type and likely to be swinging into chronic diarrhea again.. that drug may swing you there faster and worst rather then help balance things out. I myself have got IBS of the kind which swings both ways.. for that fibre supplements (useful in both the diarrhea phase and also constipation phase) help balance things. You should be able to get fibre supplements from your supermarket or chemist. Also probotics may be of help. (I got a refer to a gastro specialist for it and that is what was recommended to me for this kind of IBS). Seeing you are getting weight loss and have all those issues going on.. having a stool sample tested for things would be a good idea. If your doctor is out of ideas.. ask for a referal to a gastroenterologist. (Fibre should of been the very first thing your doctor should of put you on for consitipation). best luck ps.. being a dancer there may also be a higher chance of developing back issues. I have two family members who were into competitive dancing and both developed back issues. Chiropractors will tell you that back issues may end up causing constipation due to the back being out affecting blood supply to digestive areas. So maybe consider seeing a Chiropractor for an opinion too.
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  • Thank you for the opinions everyone, they're starting to give me an idea as to what may be going on. I apologize if any of my information was unclear or worded incorrectly, I was trying to make it as simple as possible. @ taniaaust1: Thank you for the tip on the codeine bit, I knew it wasn't sitting right with me from the beginning.Thank you everyone again for your time and suggestions. I may be young, but I do care enough to educate myself, and seek opinions.
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  • I am curious what they say it is. Please let us know - it's nice with feedback :)Good luck with everything!
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  • Just a thought, but it could well be a kidney stone lodged in your ureter thats causing you pain. I had two stones that didnt show on xrays because they were hidden by bone.images. My urologist said I did not have stones, but when he went in to check, there they were. He blasted them out and it was instant relief. Good luck.
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