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Talking to ones self

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 25, 2007
  • 02:15 AM

My cousin began talking to herself around age 13. She doesn't talk aloud, but her mouth moves and she laughs and her eyes flicker when this spell comes over her, she also walks along in a world of her own making mannersisms and talking. When I ask her who she is talking to she either becomes aggressive or denies it. I don't believe she realises she is doing it. Her parents won't seek medical help and I am wondering if I am jumping to conclusions.

There is a history of mental illnesses in my family including depression and tourettes.

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  • That could be any number of disorders and it sounds like she needs to see a doctor ASAP. The first thing that comes to my mind is schizophrenia but I also know that there are some pretty strange seizure disorders out there that can cause these symptoms. Temporal lobe epilepsy for example. Her parents need to get their daughter some help.
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  • A lot of people talk or mutter to themselves (in fact I doubt that there is anyone who hasn't at some time). If it is not causing her any problems then I don't see why you want to interfere. If she is acting really odd so that other people are noticing (other than you), then she will soon be made aware of it and so will her parents. Tourette's Syndrome is a tic disorder and it doesn't sound like she has that. Depression has a million and one causes (not just mental) and she doesn't sound like she has that either. I can't see why you would want to recommend medical help for someone whose behaviour might seem a little eccentric to you. One thing is almost certain and that is if she gets medical 'treatment' when she doesn't want or need it, then she will end up having problems!
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  • But it does sound like a "tic" disorder or a petit mal. Tests can be run and a neurologist visit is in order.
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  • Tic disorders are expressed usually as sudden involuntary movements not rhythmical ones. It could be an absence seizure (petit mal), but if it is it should become clearly apparent to others (e.g. teachers or friends) when it happens (not just the poster). She is also a little old to develop this. The danger of jumping in and medically examining someone for such a condition is that you can psychologically damage them if nothing is wrong.
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  • What do her friends think about her behavior. Does she have any? Kids and siblings are merciless when they think someone is "different", and the mannerisms described in the first post make her seem a little odd to me also. If she is hearing voices and having internal conversations which make her laugh, she needs to see a professional for advice. Where are her parents in this? Walk down a street in New York and you will see MANY people with an internal dialog going on. They would tell you that these voices came on during their teens and no one did anything about it. Schizophrenia can evolve into problems with HORRIBLE consequences.
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