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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 13, 2010
  • 07:11 PM

Hey everyone,
I recieved an unprotected handjob from a prostitiute 15 weeks ago. I experienced a generalized rash all over my body at 6 weeks, but test negative at 7.5 weeks. I now have rash on palms of hands, sweaty palms, constipation, fatigue, and firm bump on my penis, very dry skin, and the top of my finger nail beds look like red arches and the bottom of them are white. I am freaking out that i got syphilis from this *********e or even HIV. How accurate is my 7.5 week test for HIV and what are the chances i have syphilis from a handjob? thanks.

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  • If you were tested at 7.5 weeks then you should be ok. It seems you may have something eles going on. Maybe an allergic reaction to something you could have use for masturbation?
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  • Hello, I am very positive I have syphilis. There must have been a syphilis sore on the palm of her hand. I experienced all of the symtoms related to HIV except a fever and diahrea. However, these symptoms did not appear until 6 weeks after the incident which i was told was too late for HIV sypmtoms to appear. I also tested negative for HIV at 7.5 weeks while these symptoms were still present. Since i am pretty positive i have syphilis, what are the chances syphilis cause a delayed HIV seroconversion regarding the symptoms and negative test. can syphilis be caused by skin to skin contact? I did not see any lesions on my penis where the syphilis sores are now present which leads me to believe that the bacteria was on my penis skin and worked its way through my intact skin. Does this sound possible. However, if I did have a miniscule lesion on my penis and got syphilis that way, what are the chances that HIV traveled in with the syphilis bacteria. As you can see i am confused on how Syphilis is caught. I have heard that HIV is transmitted within its hosts rather than through a handjob and Syphilis can be caught by hands. Any advice is very much appreciated.
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  • Ok I have done some research for you....hmmm hope my husband doesn't find it and wonder...lolYes you most likely have syphilis. She most likely had touched someone else that had it and it was then transferred to her as it can spread from skin to skin contact. You did not have to have any kind of soar on you to contract syphilis.As for HIV, if she has HIV or you do and body fluids where exchanged via a cut or soar on you or both then it is possible to get or give it.
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  • Have you confirmed by a doctor yet?
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  • no. but I have researched my conditions for at least a month now and i am certain it is syphilis. Since i have high confidence in this could you please reply to my previous post? i appreciate any information and i plan on going to my doctor this next week. I just was informed that there have been no cases of this occuring, but it now seems that what was thoguht nonexistent is now possible in my case. thanks again.
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  • As you know, I definately caught syphilis from a handjob. I tested negative for HIV at 7.5 weeks but I am literally scared to death that I somehow caught Hepatitis, which would cause a delay in seroconversion. Can I catch syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis all from a handjob? The thing that upsets me the most is that I've been told by numerous doctors that this has never happened before, but now im convinced i will be the first one to aquire all of these from a simple "rub and tug". Who knew a touch of a hand could cause soo much damage. I was told by two STD doctors that my 7.5 week test is accurate and should not have to take it again. One even said that anything after six weeks is conclusive. And these doctors are top of the line. They also said that since my sypmtoms started to show up after six weeks it is evident that it is not HIV. I need some reassurance or any other information out there, even if its not good. Thanks.
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  • I would never take medical, or other advice from anyone who spells "sore" soar.Are you Catholic? You exhibit a guilty conscience in your posts, it seems to me.Please calm down and see a Dr. for some blood tests or you'll give yourself a gastric ulcer too!
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    • August 22, 2011
    • 09:34 PM
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