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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 27, 2007
  • 05:35 PM

Over the past 5-7 years I've had a problem with hyperactive sweat glands. I am fit. I work out with weights, and I run 3-4 times/week 3-5 miles per run. I sweat profusely most workouts. I will also break a sweat occasionally from mild physical work at the office...or at home. Once it breaks, I must discontinue the activity immediately and sit in direct line of air or fan for 5-10 minutes...or it elevates to a noticeably embarrassing level quickly.

Recently...like over the past year...I've noticed a few other things. I don't know if they are each their own problem...or all related. 1) Recurring lower back pain: about 6" above my waistline on either side of my spine. 2) Gas, and lots of it. Painful gas...seems related to the back pain, because if I finally move my bowels...it alleviates some of the back pain. 3) Chest flutters - I don't call this heart flutters, because I have the understanding that what feels like heart problems can also be related to gastric disorders. I do however have heart problems in the family. So far, only known on the female side. 4) Syncopatic Episodes - I've had two times where I very nearly, or actually did pass out. Once, I was in the car...passenger seat fortunately...on the way to breakfast, passed out completely. Went to ER, and they ran a battery of tests, but nothing identified. Second time, working in the yard...cut a tree branch and was hit by it. It grazed my head, but didn't seem like much. Blood left my face, felt very nauseated, had to lie down to get back to feeling somewhat normal. Never completely lost consciousness. 5) Heartburn - can't eat and even get in the horizontal position for at least an hour. Often feel sleepy in the evening after eating, but if I fall asleep...I wake up feeling terrible.

I always workout to some degree. However, I go thru phases where I increase mileage and frequency. I'm just more disciplined. In the past when I've gone through the more disciplined cycles, I've noticed improving endurance, breathing, etc. I'm in one of those cycles now, and I just do not see any improvement. It's equally difficult, and I may even be losing ground...

I have had more emotional stress lately, and I'm sure that has had some affect. It has also started making my sleep a little more restless...

Any ideas?

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